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Saturday, July 05, 2008


If you read my previous post you will know that I love this book a lot. If you have no idea about the title, then click on the link given. If that is still too much to do, the "red X" on the right top of the browser is available and you can click on it. This post is about a book that I read -- Why We Want You To Be Rich. If you know me well, yes I'm a die hard fan of finance books. Started since they helped me with my own financial crisis and my family too.

This book is a must to those who want to retire soon, those who want to have financial freedom, those who want to start a business and those who want to involve with real estate. I know, I bought this book long time ago but managed to finish it months after. Not that I'm lazy or a slow reader, but my schedule did not help. Killed all my times, but as long as I read them and understand all the content it does not matter how long I took to finish it. Remember the quote of the day I put on the right side of this blog?

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them" -Mark Twain-

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get plethora of books to read. Ehem, not only love-books okay?

There are some good quotes in this book and those attract my attention are :

"The first and best victory is to conquer self" -Plato-

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to focus" -Alexander Graham Bells

"You cannot learn to swim from a text book; You cannot learn business from a text book" -Robert T. Kiyosaki-

"If you are in business you need to learn how to sell" -Robert T. Kiyosaki-

In this book you will learn a lot of thing from Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald J. Trump. It is based on both experience from the beginning until they are rich. This include what they learned from their father, mother, school, sport, business and philosophies. Comparing both authors I'd say Robert Kiyosaki still the best. I asked 3 of my friends who love finance and these are the comments about Trump :

Engineer : If he has no finance education and a dumb, even if he got billions of money the money will fly away. But he managed to use the money to make more money and become richer.

Doctor : I hate him!

Businessman : He is a liar. He started his business by selling rotten bonds. I just hate him!

No matter who he is, we just need to learn the good things from him instead of cursing him.

Same like Azizi Ali, both of them choose real estate as the best investment. I'm happy that I have started even though I'm still new and not yet succeed. Please do not ask me about the countable house that I own.

Do you know :

The defination of rich is you earn 1 million in a year and poor is you do not have 100k cash to invest.

This is a good way to remind me that I'm so poor and I must work hard! Work in this context does not mean I have to work overtime and so on but work here means I have to be creative and know how to make money from the salary I get every month.

"Laziness is the assasin of genius" -Robert T. Kiyosaki-

If you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad you should know about the quadrants. Actually I'm in the E and S and struggling hard to be in B and I. I know if I keep my mindset right, I will be in B and I soon.

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who seek security and those who seek freedom.

I need to get back on the track and stay focus. I'm abit out of the track and blinded with some problems I'm facing lately. Focus!


  1. I heard that this book is really good as well.

  2. Yes very good.

    To those who want to change your life from average ("they" called us poor) to rich and want to have financial freedom. Financial freedom means that you do not have to worry if you are fired by your boss tomorrow because you have sources that will give you money.

    But to those who are happy with their financial status now, guess you should just get other book ;)

  3. My late dad has a lot of "financial freedom" books.. Rich Dad Poor Dad is among one of them. It's really good, isn't it?

  4. Yes, Shemah it's very good indeed. Have you read any of them?

  5. I would love to be rich, but given the choice of being happy or rich, I would take happy any day!

  6. yeah now i know im poor!!!

  7. hi faisal, need bookmark? email me ur address.

    thanks for sharing what u read. good luck on your online business. am trying to venture into one too.


  8. Tammy - There is nothing wrong for being rich. Warren Buffett is happy with his family. Bill Gates is happy with his family. Same goes to Trump and Kiyosaki. Many peoples have a mindset that rich is the root of evil. That is not true. Do you think we can be happy when we are poor and debt is all around? My answer is NO. Life is too short to be ordinary... we are all perfect, we could walk, see, breath and many more. So, what else could be an excuse for us seeking to get a better life? :) If I ask 10 peoples, who wants to be rich? I guess all 10 will raise their hand... but what would they do in order to get what do they want? Kiyosaki taught a simple formula : Thought - Action - Result

    Have a nice day Tammy ;)

    Azra - If we have the right mindset, we can get a better life for sure. As I said, there are 2 kind of peoples in the world. Those who are seeking security and those who are seeking freedom. What are you?

    - Yes! I'd love a beautiful bookmark from you :) No problem. When we share information that we know, we actually teaching and learning at the same time. Actually I'd say I'm more into offline business than online business :)

  9. Aku minat Sial donald trump....

  10. Minat je ke? Taknak jadi macam dia? Bacalah buku ni bagus tau :)

  11. bla... bla... bla...

  12. Hi faisal admar,

    So, E and S rite?? Next, B and I...

    Good luck!!! Hope you can reach B and I in no time... :)

    E | B
    ------- <---the quadrants...hehehe
    S | I

  13. dush..dush..bila lah leh baca buku ni..takde masa arr..

    nway..really admire, wife dier lawoo erkk

  14. Slm bro, bagus betullah ko minat baca buku2 camni..:) dulu aku minat gak tapi sekarang dah jaranglah baca buku2 camni..mmg bleh buat kita jadi bersemangat nak dapatkan duit..tapi sbnrnya bagi aku dari satu sudut, kalau kita terlalu kejar benda tu kita akan mula abaikan benda yg lebih penting seperti agama dan institusi keluarga kalau kita tak pandai manage masa..:)

    Allah maha adil, kalau kita diberi bahagian ini dia mungkin akan kurangkan kita dibahagian kita yang lain..err, aku sblm ni sanggup terima gaji kurang RM1200 dari kerja sblm ni sbb aku takde kehidupan langsung dlm kerja tu..nak solatpun susah,hehe..aku bukan jenis camtu..:)

  15. nice review faisal..i read that book too...can i suggest u to read "the Secret" as well? or maybe u already did!

  16. Abir - Haha! Ko busy baca buku-buku USM ke?

    Love-n-Hate - Yes, you got the quadrant right ;) I hope soon... pray for me.

    MummySyafie - Hehe Faisal pun baca slow-slow gak sebab takde masa, janji abis baca hehe. Sekarang ni tengah baca Buffettology ;)

    Dia kaya, selalunya apa yang dia nak sure dapat termasuk isteri Miss Universe -- Melania.

    Faisal - Sebenarnya buku-buku macam ni memang bagus untuk buatkan kita focus apa yang kita mahu dalam kehidupan kita.

    Tapi aku memang respect ko. Walaupun gaji tak besar pun ko dapat perlbagaikan income ko contohnya pertanian dan ternakan. Best kan ada tanah :)

    Waliz - The Scret by Rhonda Byrne? Is it something regarding persuasion? I read Persuasion by Jame Borg. Not sure they have the same "formula".

  17. bla... bla... bla...

  18. is this book also applicable to those who are in trading bussiness?

  19. "Laziness is the assasin of genius"

    really like those wordss..!!!

  20. I love great motivational books like this too.It gives you a new spirit to achieve what you've been dreaming of.

  21. Abir - That's all you can say? :P

    Green Apple
    - This book is not focusing on trading business but it is just a general book on how to change your mindset and move from E and S to B and I. I'd recommend this book if you are struggling to get a better life and financial freedom.

    Axim - Yes, I like it too :)

    Farah - Yes Farah. I agree with you. Now, I'm reading Buffettology ;)

  22. My dad has Rich Dad Poor Dad book. But I never read it. Hehe. I prefer something more relaxing. Financing book is never been my first reading material, but I love economics. I not sure if I make any sense, but, the truth is, I never actually read any of these books. I hope I will read it one day :D

  23. Is your dad a businessman? ;)

  24. to tammny:

    Why choose between happy or money?
    Wise people take both because they understand that everyone deserves the best in this life :)

  25. yes i couldn't agree more. life is about choices... we choose to be wealthy and we choose to be happy. :)

  26. Btw, according to latest estimation of Forbes, net worth of Donald Trump is US$3.0bil (i.e. US$3,000,000,000), ranked 368th in the latest world's billionaire list.

    Well, apparently Robert Kiyosaki needs to work harder to be put on the list. But he won't be too upset if he knows that even Tiger Woods is not on that list.

    Anyway, let's all work smarter and invest so as to secure a place on the list. Cheers!

  27. i don't know how forbes calculate the net worth but they are expert in this so i guess this figure might be correct. i know trumph has a lot of sky crappers but not sure how much he is worth. kiyosaki is still far away from trump... not to mention giant like buffett and gates.

    many malaysian need to learn how to save before learn how to invest. they are struggling badly in debts now... how to invest? i'm the lucky one... i suppose.

  28. Rich Dad Poor Dad? I know this book..! Teringin nak baca, tapi haritu just skimming and scanning jek kat MPH Bookstore.. masa tu blum ade hi-intend utk beli.. huhu.
    Nnt la, kalau ade rezeki insyaAllah saya dapatkan buku ni..

  29. You should get a copy. I bet you won't regret :)


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