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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Around 6am mom woke me up. Yes that is my usual time waking up for work. This time it was different. Mom told me that we have a muddy floor. I was like "what??? oh not again!".

Yes it happen every time we have heavy rain. There is a big water tank in the army quarters (sorry did not get the chance to snap the tank because it is still raining here) and they will drain out the water in the tank if there is heavy rain here. No idea why they did so since 19 years ago. I guess this time should be the last time cleaning up this mess. We will call and write a letter for black and white proof to the army and others department involve with the drain.

As early as 6am I had to do some "morning exercise". Dad called me to have a look outside. It was still raining lightly. I was shock and speechless. Dad needed some help to clean some junks at the gate. Guess what? It was as tall as half of the gate! I knew, I was going to be late to work. After took like 20 minutes cleaning them which I did it carefully. Last time snake and monitor lizard from the army bush behind my house were in the garage! Not to mention some leech too! So, it was dark and I could not see a thing. Better be careful than regret it later. I knew dad was late but I won't harm myself too. After I've done with the junks at the gate, I went in with big sigh.

Look at the clock, it was 7am. Yes, it was late for me to get ready and go to work. Walked slowly to the kitchen to see how bad it was. Yes! As expected it was really bad. The mud from outside went in. If Michael Jackson could sing Blood on The Dance Floor, I could sing Mud on The Kitchen Floor! Look at the floor I murmured to myself "Lucky dad!". Now left me, the only guy in the house. Who else is going to do this cleaning junks and mud? I do not want to see mom to do it. My younger sister is not well, she has a sprain ankle. Oh yes, I remember... I have my youngest sister! But that does not sound any better still.

I want to keep as many leave as I could actually. So, taking leave today does not fancy me at all. A frown on my face, took my cell phone and called the boss told him what had happen. Told some friends too and some of them even laughed. They thought I gave stupid reason for not going to work. Damn. I could send MMS to them but they are not using fancy cell phone which could accept MMS. So, shut up!

Enjoy the pictures... (the pictures were taken when there was sun outside, I tried to snap picture before cleaning the junks at the gate, before my dad drove the car out which you would see how tall the junk was! but it was too dark... sorry)

Mud in the kitchen


Can you see the water drained out?

It was like a tsunami attack! Took all stuff from the outside store

Can you imagine the water even moved these two big things as well? Did I tell you that it even moved some bricks from the backyard?

I have eaten my breakfast -- wholegrain fibremeal toast with butter and I poured some sugar on it plus a cup of coffee. It's time for cleaning up the mess.

Till later.


  1. auwhhh... pity u...

    this kind of man made disaster need more explanation from respective person than just keep cleaning over n over again... writing formally might help it... you can ask the neighbor to do the same too... :)

    some people just do it and never taught of others... the consequences!

    happy cleaning :)

    p/s: u play our 'let it be' song :)

  2. It is so unpredictable sometimes. But thing just happen... sometimes without warning. Sigh.

    I will write a letter and send to them but I don't think neigbours will join as they are too coward. They just simply afraid of this and that with no reason. I don't mind.

    Thanks. Yes, will be playing "let it be" this whole day. No idea when I can get this cleaning done. I wish as soon as possible, so that I can read my book!

  3. I'm so surprise !

    Junks were everywhere !

  4. omg


    i hate when stuffs like these happens, malas nk work kemas etc

    anyway bro,

    thanks for ur advices


    thanks a lot

  5. forgot to say, im feeling much much much better now..

  6. Dayah - Yes and what time did you realize about this? Gosh! :P

    Artistic - Yes, we just cleaned some junks outside and we had to call maid which we hire for 4 hours and cost us about RM40 only. Too tired to clean the mess everywhere and it was disgusting :P

    About the advise, it was my pleasure to help. I understand how teen feels... as I was a teen too. A dumb teen I'd say who thought friend was his best asset and friend has priority than family. I was so wrong. Hopefully, some of my advises could help you.

    Take care for now.

  7. wargh!
    what a mess!

    leeches, snake, monitor lizard. hm hm. scary creatures lurking. ewness

  8. Yes. Help me! :P The monitor lizards behind my house are gigantic!

  9. mmg penat kalau banjirr ...
    banyak benda nak kena bersihkan balik ...

    tengok tuh mmg hujan lebat gila ..
    ribut taufan ..

  10. Betul tu Lily. Faisal hire maid je untuk bersihkan. Ambil 2 orang untuk 2 jam. Nanti ada Flood 2 pula... pasal gambar dah bersih dan tentang ADUN sini datang melawat.

    Ya, semalam kilat dan guruh kuat sangat. Terkejut... dan banyak kali blackout.

  11. I'm so sorry! What a horrible mess to have to clean up. :o(

  12. Alamak! Kesiannya!

    I used to remember our old house also used to always masuk air when it rained badly. One time it sampai the waist of my dad! We moved to a tempat berbukit liao so not problem anymore.

  13. I also did face the flood problems several times before in KL and JB. Now it's your turn! Hehe, just joking. Luckily it wasn't too bad. Hopefully everything will be fine for you.

  14. OH...gosh...that's horrible. I am so sorry for you and your family. Yeah, I did write a post abt the really bad rain and thunder too. Was it like 2 days back? Where do you live- Bayan Baru? That's flood prone area. Thank god nothing happened in my area. Anyway, are you guys done cleaning up? it must be horrible to do the cleaning up right?

  15. Ada gak banjir sana ke?banjir kilat..huhu...seme tersumbat tersekat ..tu jadi camtu...ish ish..
    sabo jer laa kan...tiap kali hujan lebat kena siap sedia dgn segala kelengkapan..hehe..

  16. eh, banjir kilat kah?

    Bila banjir, paling nak nangis time nak clear everything..pheww

  17. alamak!..tht was messy. i hope things are back in order..flash flood in Penang for me very rare news..

  18. "snake and monitor lizard from the army bush behind my house were in the garage! Not to mention some leech too!"

    waaa... damn scary...

    "Oh yes, I remember... I have my youngest sister! But that does not sound any better still."

    Hidayah still sleeping ek that tyme?
    btw, Call TV3 and report your case..
    maybe i'll be watching you in Buletin Utama..
    (famous Faisal)

  19. Tammy - Yes, it was horrible and end up I hired 2 maids to clean the mess. For some reasons I just couldn't do it.

    Rozella - Till your dad's waist? That was scary! Actually my house is on a little hill meaning that it is higher than others. It happen because of that bloody big tank at the army quarters! Not to mention what happen to whom house is lower.

    Sheng Loong
    - Yes, hardly called it flood but in my term I simply put it that way. It was flooded in the village but I was the victim of the big tank in army quarters (if you wonder how would I know there is a big tank there, it is because I can see the big tank clearly from my backyard :))

  20. Farah - I live in Bayan Lepas. Do you know Sungai Ara secondary school? There is a village behind the school (I wonder whether people still called it a village since I'm hardly see a wooden house anymore). Yes it was a hard work to move all junks just around the gate. I did not do whole house cleaning though :P I hired 2 maids for cleaning up the mess. I wasn't lazy, just it was disgusting haha! Actually we should get a police report and I should not took emergency leave right? I felt bad because I had to take leave which I want to keep for a reason :(

    Ad - Ya, banjir kilat sebab perparitan yang tak betul. Entahlah macam mana Jabatan Saliran or Perparitan buat sampai boleh jadi macam ni. Tapi baru ni ADUN PKR kawasan ni dah datang jenguk. Dulu masa ADUN BN takde pula jenguk macam ni since ni bukan first time jadi cuma dulu belum ada blog haha! Kelengkapan termasuk alat nak ketuk biawak, ular dan lintah ke? (tengah fikir macam mana nak ternak lintah kalau geli kan?)

    - Betul masa nak cuci paling tak tahan. Macam nak pitam... sure letih sangat lepas tu. Kucing-kucing pula macam dok senyum saja sambil kacau huwaa!

  21. Neomesuff - It happen before and it was long time ago. Hehe I guess it is very rare since there is no rain in Penang lately. Rain is good but when it comes together with storms and lightning... it is otherwise :( At first when I was awake by the loud thunder I thought it was an earth quake (ah come on what do you expect when my office building (that damn old building that we could not move out of it because of Pak Lah)always shaking exactly like an earth quake) and yes I felt like it was the end of the day! I always felt that way since I was a little kid :P Imagine how bad was the thunder that night?

    Abir - Yes she was still in bed grr! Erk, they are in KL and by the time they reach here water already drained out. Hehe I don't want to be famous :P

    The monitor lizards are gigantic... trust me! The leeches are big too! They make me feel like I live in the dinosaur era!

  22. owh really?
    i hate LIZARDS=CICAK..

    hurm, you can post the pics to ur MP's..
    kesian la kena banjir

  23. How to post to them? Actually what I want is a better drain and free leave so that I don't need to take my leave! I need them for vacation end of this year boo hoo!

  24. I can't believe that I missed out so many of your post... Dammit.. I need a broadband to cater my demand

    Wow, I can't believe it. Yes, there has been raining in these couples of days, but I don't know there is a flood. Pity you..

    Although when I was a kid, I always wanted my house to be flooded. But then, since I live at a high area, we don't have any. Thank God. I could not imagine how much this natural disaster will cost

  25. kesian kat bebeh kan....

  26. bluecrystaldude - yes, it was a disaster! and to clean the mess really pain in the ass :(

    my house located on a little hill too... but the flood caused by the small drain behind my house and the big tank at the army quarters involved :(

    cry - tu le kesian kan? nih nak nangis nih!


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