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Monday, July 21, 2008

Get well soon

I reached home – tired. I got bullied in the office – learnt new thing. I don’t mind.

What about this post? Okay, let me explain. I had a blogger friend – Wahidah. I’m not sure why she keeps going in and out of hospital. I did ask her but she simply replied “Nothing serious”.

Today I got a sms from her:

Tq..Rndu ngan bloggers..Free tlg post dkt blog u bole? Dh 3 hr i admit..Hr ni nk wat investigation lg..Doakn i get well soon kay

So, here I post. She is now in PUSRAWI and I hope she will get well soon. Lets us pray!


  1. I hope your friend gets well soon!

  2. what is PUSRAWI anyway?

  3. get well soon Wahidah!!

    Firman Allah SWT: "Apa saja musibah yang menimpa kamu, maka disebabkan oleh perbuatan tanganmu sendiri, dan Allah memaafkan sebagian besar dari kesalahan-kesalahanmu." (As Syuara : 30).

  4. hope she's gonna be just fine!!

    let us pray to her..


  5. get well soon wahidah... hope semuanya berjalan dgn lancar... aminn..

  6. Tammy - Yes, I hope so. Let us pray (",)

    Ann - Last time it was called Klinik PUSRAWI then now it is called Hospital PUSRAWI. If I'm not mistaken, PUSRAWI stands for Pusat Rawatan Islam.

    Love-n-Hate - Let us pray for her to get well soon.

    Axim - Yes, let us pray... amin!

    PearlEj - Ya semoga semuanya ok... dan cepat sembuh.

  7. PUSRAWI dekat2 ngan IJN dan HKL :)

    So, how's ur fren now. Hope she get well soon, ameen.

  8. what's the diagnose says? is she OK? i know, we get worried when we don't know what's wrong with our health. My prayers for her.

  9. hope she'll get well soon... insyallh..

  10. get well soon bebe...!!

  11. Nurilahi - No news. I hope she is fine.

    Farah - Yes, there is no news about her and I pray for her everyday. Hope she will get well soon.

    Duniaku - Yes me too. Insyaallah...

    Cry - Lets pray for her.


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