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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Man Utd interested in Berbatov


Manchester United have "expressed an interest" in signing Dimitar Berbatov, according to the Tottenham striker's agent.

The Bulgaria star's future has been the subject of speculation for some time, with United strongly linked with a move for the 27-year-old during the January transfer window.

There were reports on Saturday that they had made a £20million bid for Berbatov and agent Emil Danchev has revealed United are monitoring the player.

"I can tell with certainty that Manchester United have expressed an interest in Berbatov. I cannot comment on the issue further," Danchev told Bulgaria's Darik Radio.

(Source : Football Planet)


Welcome Berbatov! ;)

By the way, do you realize that I did not post about Euro2008 final? I was heartbroken. I wish I could watch Portugal in final... but... :(

I got my jersey after Portugal defeated by Germany in semi :(


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    ahaha... no im no warren buffet either. (".)
    eh i wish i wud love to love football. not that i do but i pernah teman my fren lepak subaidah tgk bola tau.
    im proud of myself *kembang idong.

  2. Haha! Just choose a team and you will get excited. Try lah, sure you akan jadi gila bola juga nanti hehe!

  3. well,no luck for portugal...but Chelsea with scolari as a new coach so intereting!!i coulnt wait the new season of EPL to appear later on!!

    *i'm big fan of CHELSEA..hehe..

  4. baguslah klau dapat berbatov..
    one more thing.. sell ronaldo
    as soon as possible, and the buy
    new player.. Ronaldo is just pathetic..

    masa euro pun hope for portugal to win, and spain second.. so fairlah sbb spain won..hehe

  5. Go Man U Go..glory2...huhuhu

  6. Is that soccer? I don't know too much about sports other then hockey.

  7. not understand about this not rlly like it..

  8. Anonymous10:01 AM

    haha, sik pande ku. oops klaka sarawak pulak.
    huhu x minat, lets just say im more to movies and entertainment huhu (",)
    jum shoppin g kat g2000 ada sale kot?

  9. aiyokk...bola mmg fail..

    minat ronaldo ke?

  10. axim - chelsea? ouch! we have new striker manucho... and will buy berbatov. huhu!

    sixtyoldman - lol. selling him is like killing him indirectly. who can survive in RM anyway? unless he is old and want to finish his career there. but if he is still insist to go, selling him is the best answer. man utd just love him as one of their child, guess he will listen to fergie's advise ;)

    i don't have second team in euro. how sad... :(

    wahidah - hehe yea! glory man utd! hopefully we win again!

    yling - hehe yeah man utd forever!

    tammy - hehe i don't know hockey... ice hockey looks cool hehe ;)

    wan wma - er, soccer is cool. you should enjoy the game hehe!

    thegossiplounge - hehe instead of soccer... i do movie too hehe. will post movie review for this month... lol. i've watched many movies recently...

    shopping g2000? takut lah... too classy! hehe.

    mummysyafie - hehe ya minat ronaldo... suka dari masa dia mula2 masuk man utd lagik... sebab mula2 minat man utd sejak eric cantona... lepas tu ikut lak beckham... then skrng ronaldo... suka dribble skill dia... superb! haha actually dribble skill tu basic je... kalau masuk rakan muda sukan dulu pun dia ajar benda yg sama... cuma dia buat dgn laju... hehe best!

  11. Anonymous6:38 PM

    u ass lover u!!!!

  12. lol... she is miss universe... what do you expect :P


Thank you for the comment.

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