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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mom's birthday

July 27 is my mom’s birthday. This year she will be celebrating her 50th birthday. We didn’t realize how fast time goes right? As I always mention, life is too short – same goes with time goes so fast. Time is gold, I couldn’t agree more.

Who don’t love their mother? Ok I assume no hand was raised. We do love our mother no matter what. To those who have no biological mother must appreciate their adopted mother too. Some mothers are strict and some are lovely. Some seem busy with work all the time and some seem never love you or has her chosen kid in the family. No matter what, mother will always love you and same to you love your mother. Who are we without mother? We’re nobody.

Mom lost her 2 watches when there was a theft on my car. She was upset because one of them was given by her department for excellence work after 25 years with Mine and Land Department. I was speechless when her precious thing got stolen by irresponsible person. My car window was broken. She was also upset with her cell phone lost. Again I was speechless. I will buy those things again as soon as I could do so. I will start with the watch.

I bought her a golden watch last Friday. I went to the mall with two colleagues – Linda and Zaki. I trusted their choice. After few considerations I bought mom a watch, gold platted with some tiny diamond around the surface. I knew she loves gold. I smiled. I know I would be happy to see she is happy.

I didn’t wrap the box. I made it plain and simple. Yesterday after the wedding I attended in the daytime, I drove home excitedly to do the countdown. I didn’t want to play Ragnarok at first but I was afraid I would fall asleep and wake up after 12. I played the game, so I killed 2 hours.

My sister and I planned to take my whole family somewhere near the sea for grilled fish. I knew she loves fish a lot. Daddy was outside. He called mom that he bought some prawn noodles. My sister and I both looked at each other face with an expression “Are we changing plan now?”

Yes, all of us were full after eating the prawn noodle. It was delicious – dad is always good at buying foods. The prawns were fresh.

Dang! My alarm rang set on my cell phone. With full of excitement, I called mom’s cell phone to come to my room to give her a surprise. When she entered my room, I wished her birthday, kissed her hand, kissed her both cheek and gave the present to her. She opened it and a big smile emerged on her face. “Thank you so much my lovely son” she said. I was happy, I smiled.

Everybody grouped in her room. With Body Shop set from my youngest sister and Hadi, perfume from dad, handbag from younger sister and bra from untie. She smiled and I could tell it was one of the happy moments she ever had. All in sudden blackout! She was shock and grumbled. My youngest sister appeared with Hadi. They brought in a cake with few candles on the top. We sang happy birthday to mom while Hadi switched on the main switch back. Mom fed all of us the cake not to forget to my lovely little niece too. She kept screaming seek for attention as all of us put our attention on mom. It was funny.

I walked slowly to my room, I felt exhausted. I wanted to stay up so I didn’t turn the light off. In a blink, I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 6am and my room was dark.

Now I’m waiting for mom to wake up and make sure she is happy for the whole day.

I love you so much mom. Happy birthday, long life and God bless…

1.38pm – right after my lunch


  1. happy birthday faisal's mama! x)

  2. Thanks on her behalf ;)

  3. so sweet..! :)

    happy birthday mom!

    erk.. ur mom.. :P

  4. happy birthday faisal's mum!!!

    semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sentiasa ada anak yang baik macam encik faisal admar ni... :) winkwink

    p/s: send my regards to herr... :) happy birthday...

  5. Lindosh - Thanks Lindosh :)

    Love-n-Hate - I will let her know. Thanks Love-n-Hate :)

  6. happy birthday...

  7. hepi befday umi...=p
    may god bless u....

    (hikhik..suka2 aku jer panggil umi)

  8. nice watch faisal!!what a very good son...your mum is lucky to have you..hehe..

    erkkkk bra as a present...ok lah tuh..hihi

    anyway,hepi besday to ur mum!!

    long life and God bless...


  9. Cry - Haha thanks on her behalf. Memang ramai staff panggil umi pun sebab semua budak-budak muda suka... mak aku sporting.

    - Thanks Axim, actually I'm lucky to have a mom like her :)

    Hehe yes my auntie is unpredictable person.

    Thanks on her behalf... :)

  10. happy birthday to ur mum (",)

  11. Thanks on her behalf ;)

  12. Happy bday mom !

    hehehe... she's so happy rite ?

    *psstt ! actually, the blackout-thing is last minute planning :D

    wink !

  13. Happy Birthday to your mum, Faisal. =)

  14. Happy birthday to your mom! She is really young and she looks beautiful!

  15. happy birthday mama faisal

    semoga panjang umo n dimurahkan rezeki..gembira disisi orang yang tersayang

  16. Happy Bday Umi! hehe. lama tak jumpa umi @_@ rindu la plak

  17. Happy birthday auntie... :)

  18. Happy 50th birthday aunty. So nice to see you in this blog, and muda lagi tu! :) I love the gift you bought Faisal, so pretty and even more glad to know that she loved it!

  19. Dayah - I was shock too. I thought it was a real blackout! Good idea.

    Yes I could see a big smile on her face. She was so happy, indeed.

    Skullsplitter - Thanks skulls :)

    Tammy - She is 50 years old now and yes I agree she is the most beautiful mother in the world :) Thanks Tammy.

    MummySyafie - Terima kasih mummy :)

    Sakura - Thanks Sakura. Hehe ye last year kan last jumpa?

    PearlEj - Thank you Ej... mana kek? :P

    Farah - Yes Farah. I was afraid that she wanted other shape but she always reminds me that the thought count. I’m happy that she loves it and always shows me the watch every time we are in the car.

    Hehe yes I told her that she is still muda but she refused by telling me “Dah banyak kedut…” I love her anyway.

  20. haha no no its not about me or anyone i know.
    just something i have on mind, how relationship goes (",)

  21. happy burfday mom....

    may Allah bless her... *wink*

  22. Thanks Riena for the wish :) I will let her know.

  23. hehe bawak la umi gi sunway skali. tu pon kalo admar nak datang =P

  24. hepi besday buat ibu anda :)

  25. awwww so sweet la!!

    happy birhtday auntie!! =D

    it has been ages since i last celebrate my mom's birthday with her
    i'm never home during the time
    so it's always a phone call at 12 sharp to wish her xD

  26. happy bufday auntie..ops..hehehe...bgsnya....rindu saat2 moms bufday on dec ..hope that kitorang aidk beradik free n bole berkumpul ramai2..hehehe

  27. Sakura - Tak berani janji Sakura sebab Admar lak sekarang ni baru tukar task kat ofis. Banyak benda baru kena belajar. Pengarah suruh datang buat overtime :(

    13May - Terima kasih May

    Adila - Oh guess in that case I'm luckier than you since I could celebrate her birthday every year with her :)

    It's ok Adila, the thought count remember?

    Wahidah - Mesti bolehnye. If kalau semua busy pun cari satu date yang tak busy dan buat party for your mom. Masa dia hidup je kita nak celebrate dengan dia pun kan :)

  28. Salam Faisal,

    I know its considered as late wish, but Happy Belated Birthday to ur mom anyway. May her life be blessed with all the beautiful things in this world and may you keep showering your love to her till hereafter.


  29. salam zara,

    never to late to wish hehe. yes i will keep showering her with my love as she did to me since i was born :)

  30. happy birthday to ur mom !!
    moga dia panjang umur dan murah rezeki

    sedapnyaaa tgk kek tuh

  31. lily,

    thanks for the wish... on her behalf hehe.

    kek tu mmg sedap... choc dia sampai ke otak wo!

  32. Awww, so sweet! :) Happy belated birthday Aunty! Sorry lambat! Hehehe

  33. hehe takpe. kalo dapat datang mai la datang. bawak umi skali k!

  34. rozella - thanks on her behalf. will let her know hehe :)

    sakura - hehe sure sakura... they miss you!

  35. Faisal, tell her, mana ada kedut? tak nampak pun. I think she looks beautiful too. :)

  36. farah,

    hehe will tell her later. guess a big smile will appear on her face when i tell her about this :)

    thanks farah...

  37. this post make me miss my moms very much.....:(

  38. wahidah,

    if you got time, go back to your hometown. hug your mom and kiss her on her cheek telling her how much you love her :)

  39. sejuk perut ibu mengandung kalau dapat anak macam faisal

  40. syukur,

    hehe tq tq... sejuk juga hati faisal dapat mak mcm mak faisal... ramai tau kawan2 yg rapat dgn mak.

    sebab tu ramai yg ambik mak faisal jd mak angkat :)

  41. AyUmi4:54 PM

    is it late to wish your mum happy birthday?

    better late than never aight...


  42. ayumi,

    hehe never too late ayumi :)
    i will let her know and thanks on her behalf... :)

  43. Happy belated birthday to ur mummy !!~~~

  44. hehe thanks ann on her behalf :)

  45. belated happy birthday to you mama, for sure she's very lucky having a son like you...

  46. nova,

    thanks nova on her behalf :)
    hehe thanks for the compliment too.

  47. wuaaaa! happy belated bday 2 ur umii! send my regards to her. =)

  48. ili - hehe ok will let her know. thanks on her behalf :)

  49. Happy Belated birthday, Aunty Mak Faisal!! hehe..

    The watch that you got for your mom was absolutely gorgeous! You're a great son.. I bet your mom is proud of you. I would be too. harap2 lah my son remembers me when I turn 50. hehehe..

    And tell maknye.. masih nampak muda lagi.. tak nampak 50 pun!! :)

    Semoga panjar umur murah rezeki to Aunty and also Faisal sekeluarga..

  50. Hehe thanks Shemah for this lovely comment. By this time she is already in bed, just me still awake :P

    I will let her know and read this comment tomorrow :)

    She will be happy of course.

  51. she looks like you....

  52. hehe that make me sound like a father :P


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