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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


His thoughts were slow
His words were few
And never made to glisten
But he was a joy
Wherever he went
You should have heard him listen


  1. Hi Faisal,

    Haven't been here for quite some times (4 days to be exact) and you already built up your blog with so many posts :)

    I hope you're fine. I saw your latest two posts, seems like you're fill up with emotions. Is everything okay? Will be back again for more (my internet connection is suck!)

  2. Hi Bluecrystaldude,

    Yes, everything is okay. But sometimes when everything is okay does not mean it is okay.

    I hate when I have slow connection. I'd rather sleep or read :)

  3. What a lovely poem!

  4. Nice... I wanna hear him... :)

  5. Tammy - Thanks :)

    Love-n-Hate - You should :)

  6. haha
    i had no idea.. ok i letak the same sort of pix okeh
    that pix is just CONTROVERSIAL (",)

  7. hmm was it the real pic? hmm hmm

  8. Salam Faisal. Erm! i understand ur feeling...apa2pun tabahkan hati dan tenangkan jiwa serta redha dengan segala ujian-Nya untuk kita demi mengajarkan kita menjadi lebih dewasa dan matang....

  9. salam luaq,

    terima kasih for your concern :) kepada-Nya kita berserah... di samping teruskan berusaha mencari kebahagiaan...

  10. be strong...
    hope everything goes well
    u take care k

  11. lily,

    thanks lily for your concern.
    you take care too... :)

  12. seronok baca ur blog.. especially part ur mom birthday. bertuah dia ada anak2 yg baik macam awak =)

    happy belated birthday to ur mother~ semoga beliau panjang umur dan murah rezeki hendaknya.amin.

    (i should comments on the previous entry. i know. sorry sbb komen kt sini plak)

  13. butterfly,

    hehe tq... takpe asalkan ada comment dah memadai... comment ni penting untuk kita bertukar pendapat :)

    saya akan sampaikan kepada umi saya... mesti dia happy :)

  14. komen utk bertukar pendapat? *gulp*

    sebenarnya saya suka komen yg tak munasabah je. haha. tapi saya tgk dulu la sape tuan punya blog tu. kang salah komen, kene halau plak. huuu..

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  16. be strong faisal..akak tahu faidal kuat!

  17. actually when we are not fine,we will say that we are fine!!

    in fact we are not..

    hope you are going to be really fine faisal!!!

  18. %$&^%*&&^(*^%*^&*)
    bla.. bla.. bla..
    Faisal bajet hawt..

    (inipun poem gak.. but my version la)

  19. ixora - hehe komen yang tak munasabah? mcm mana tu? @@"

    chizmosa - yes, that's great... will do it now ;)

    mummy - thanks akak kasi support. saya akan cuba sedaya upaya :)

    axim - yes, agree with you. there is something hidden beneath our feeling.

    abir - huhu abir jeles :P

  20. wow! never knew mr Faisal Admar is a poet too! nice one.

  21. farah,

    lol... no... i'm not!

  22. Hello, thanks for adding my link. See you around. I already add your link too.

  23. just smile ok! :)

  24. is alwiz like that..there is up and down....dare to must go on.....aja2 fighting kay faisal.....:)

  25. chizmosa - see you again soon :) thanks

    wan - yes, always do... even though sometimes when i'm sad :)

    - the down is always a nightmare :(

  26. I'm into poetry too but when it comes to English poem, i'm not good at all. But it is really a nice one. Nice to know the person like u.

  27. faizal,

    i'm not a poet and not good in poetry hehe... thanks for the compliment.

  28. Faizal, are you not? or maybe are you turning into one? :)

  29. farah,

    haha who knows? since i'm quite sensitive and love nature :P

  30. Laa wat happened?
    kena ulcer?
    took lots of fluid ok?
    take care or urself ok?

  31. thought provoking poetry..beautifully done :) you should have listened to my haiku for my dessert of the moment years ago..a haiku for brown sugar brownies..hahahhaha.

    but seriously, best ah your simple but evocative poem :)

  32. gossip - yeah kena ulcer. i drank lots of water but the ulcer still there. met doc 2 days ago and i got my favorite mouth ulcer gel. hope it will go away soon.

    bunkerangs - hehe does this poem show my true color? bunkerangs... give me link for that poem. i would like to read and understand it :)

  33. of course la the down alwiz a nightmare..btu thats life....

  34. wahidah,

    agree with you. that's life :)
    maybe... that's why i made this poem too.

  35. Money is not everything but everything need money ...most of problem coz we don't know to manage our money ..people always think that we only manage money when we are rich which is totally wrong...if we have USD100 and spend USD80 are rich compare to who earning USD1000 but spend USD1200.

  36. bonoriau,

    I think you comment at the wrong post. But it’s ok
    I agree with you… being rich is not about how much money you earn but how much money you save!


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