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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Choir (Tabung Haji)

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t update my blog for so long. Well I have been so multitasking these few days. I have tons of works on my office table and I have finance course to attend. Latest, I have to sing! Can you imagine how talented a clerk who works at Inland Revenue? :P

We handled an event at Tabung Haji Complex – Pidato Hasil (final stage among schools in Penang including mainland). There were 4 schools from island and 6 schools from mainland. Very talented I’d say…

Instead of Pidato Hasil, we had 3 shows which were choir from Inland Revenue Board, choral speaking and traditional Malay dance by Convent Green Lane School.

We went to Tabung Haji on Monday for rehearsal around 2pm. The rehearsal finished at 5pm. The rehearsal sucks I’d say…

On the stage... rehearsal

Choral speaking... rehearsal

On Tuesday, we went there by bus. Waited at the lobby at 7.30am and guess what? The bus reached at 8.15am with a reason “I thought I should fetch you guys in front of the school”. What the hell fetching us in front of the school? Felt like slapping that bloody driver. Lucky, I’m a patient guy ;)

This was how the stage looks like...

When we reached there we were so hungry. Yes, 7.30am at the lobby… what do you expect? No breakfast of course! Argh! After singing Negaraku and waited for our turn again at 12, we went to the café for our breakfast. I had toast with butter and marmalade. I wish they had half boiled egg. Nevermind…

Relaxing at the cafe...

Around 10am we had tea break. They served Bihun Putih (to those who don’t understand Malay at all it means white thin noodle… ring a bell?) with coffee. I ate just a little bit. The coffee was yummy.

At 12, it was our turn. While preparing ourselves behind the building, I saw a durian tree. So many fruits on it… and the tree wasn’t tall at all. You just could pluck them all (I’m 180cm tall) just that you can’t pluck durian like that; you have to wait until the fruit drop on the ground. Oh by the way, the teachers praise us and that made our director so proud. Even though, the rehearsal sucks but this time it was great I’d say ;)


Malay Traditional dance... the 3rd show after choir & choral speaking

When the event finished, we had lunch there. The lunch was so delicious. They served Nasi Bryani with spicy “sambal” prawn, soy sauce chicken and I got my favorite part which is drumstick, some vegetable, fruits and syrup. Yummy!

After lunch, it was photo shoot session with the directors and others. Went back around 2pm and reached office at 2.30pm. Couldn’t do any work… the aircond in the bus was terrible and my head was spinning! Still I checked some housing loans on my table and drove home at 4.30pm.

I won’t be in the office until Friday. Have 2 days course at IRB, Bukit Mertajam… SAGA Century.


  1. oh minggu bz2 malaysia eik...chills...have a nice weekend

  2. among all the pictures, im saying the durian is the highlight hohoh.
    in Sarawak eps MIRI, during the peak season of Durian, hell it costs a lot! for a kg it might reaches rm28 (those good durians). gile kan.

    and ure super bz now.
    happy working :))

  3. wahidah - ya minggu bz malaysia haha! best plak tema tuh...

    fara - guess you're durian's die hard fan? hehe... i'm not into durian tho... but if it really look tempting... i'll bite 1 or 2...

    yeah super bz... it's hard to be happy when you're too busy haha!

  4. faisal, bro masuk koir ke??
    (macam sedap je suare tu...)
    btw, me oso just join UTP choir team...
    so proud2..

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    apsal gambo aku tak der.....??????
    ampess tol....!!!!

  6. uncle faisal join koir erk..????

  7. abir - ye bro masuk koir... hehe paksa rela... sebab arahan pengarah cawangan. kalau takde alasan kukuh takleh keluar hehe. so layan je la... bukan boleh mati pun kan :P

    p/s: sore mmg tak sedap pon okek keke...

    anonymous - siapakah anda? hmm

    cry - ye uncle join koir :P

  8. ok la busy busy pun at least sempat gak nak update...

    mana pic makanan tengahari???

  9. hehe pic makan tgh hari tak ambik le... sebab bz makan hehe... tp mmg sedap le... lapar sgt... sampai lupa snap pic...

  10. Hey faisal admar...

    You look handsome in white, red-tie :)

    p/s: sabar sikit... namo marah2... nanti cepat tua!

  11. i just noticed that ur face resembles Azmin Ali, any connection???..:D

    Aku tengok gambar durian pun dah terbau aroma yang kurang menyenangkan. Sorry la ye, tapi durian is a NO-NO.

  12. love-n-hate - hehe thanks dear. tak marah le... i kan penyabar :P

    green apple - azmin ali org kuat pkr tuh ke? uik... keji kekeke....

    oh bukan kaki durian ke? sama la kite... tu ... love-n-hate pun anti durian kekeke....

  13. The first picture, the man with pink sleeve, I adore his tummy. So cute !! HAHA

  14. lol... do you really mean it? :P

  15. Hehehe Now since banyak already you practice, next season boleh join AF loh! :P

  16. lol... tak boleh... this choir paksa-rela punya... suara tak sedap pun boleh masuk hehe!

  17. Hasil pun ada anjur pidato ni erk..ok lah kan..kitaorang wat untuk student je..

  18. hehe ye... kami pun anjur utk student je.. dah dua kali dah... last time kita org buat tahun 2005 ;)

  19. no wonderla my fren kat Penang complain, asyik hujan je kat Penang..
    Now i know why..

  20. cis! sgt keji okeh... suara lhdn sgt merdu huhu


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