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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Choir (Gurney Hotel)

This morning we grouped at our office lobby at 7.30am as the bus will move at 7.30am sharp. Lucky me as my working hour is from 7.30am – 4.30pm. Our choir conductor prepared us breakfast. It was simple but delicious. He packed altogether in a plastic bag. They were cheese sandwich, cupcake with chocolate chips and tuna roll. Mineral water was the only water we drank on the bus, better than sugary drink? I didn’t mind.

Reached there around 8am and we got ready around 8.20am. Dato’ Hasmah reached there around 8.30am. Same songs like we sing at Tabung Haji – 5 songs. After done with the singing, we were seated at the back of the function room. Listened to Dato’ Hasmah speech and watched some of the officers got their award (did I mention about this function was for Investigation Department for all branches in Malaysia?). At 10am the function was over and we ate breakfast. Guess what? There were only 2 tables for the same food – noodle and crispy fried chicken. Imagine… 300 peoples not include the management teams and our choir team (we have 35 members!) and the food was not enough of course! Finished in a blink and some of us didn’t get food at all. No food added by the hotel too! Damn.

Dato' Hasmah with her speech...

At the back of the function room... (ignore the nose! lol)

Around 11am we walked to the bus as they said the bus will be there at 11am. The driver wasn’t there. While we were waiting for the driver, we enjoyed the sea and scenery there (remember I live in an island? How lucky? ;)). Hmm really gave me a peace of mind.

Cooling... mmm

We reached office at 12. Time to finish works! *fainted*


  1. Ohh...what a pity. How come the hotel did not cater for all the participants? But I am sure you had a great time with your friends and a great experience as well.

  2. yeah we had fun... no idea why the hotel did not cater for us. i even got some response from the participants, hotel in penang sucks :(

  3. lubang idong pojaan *wink

  4. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U.....I have supervised my students in gurney hotel and a few in Feringgi area..and guess what??? The kitchen suckss!!! Kotor ya rabbii..and the way the chefs handling food were so yucks!Even my students did say that they dont really bother about cleanliness and hygiene.They only think on the food presentation.This is tru my own experience. I know that, I cant generalize all the hotels but to be frank GURNEY is the worst in my list. Even the management team have no proper PR!say NO to gurney!

  5. thegossiplounge - haha! ignore it lah :P

    farah - yeah say NO to Gurney Hotel! i wonder why Farah... 4 stars hotels in Penang are much better than 5 stars hotels. let see... their service?

  6. owhhh...the sea...the sea... i miss the sea!

  7. hehe yea neome... come home!


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