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Monday, July 14, 2008


Ok guess what? Today wasn’t a good day for me. Why? Bad things happen of course! Grr!

Let’s start with morning. I was late to work actually… left house around 7.10am and I need to punch my card at 7.30am. How much time left? WTF! I drove like I was one of the F1 drivers. Life was my second priority… see… when you work with people/company this is what you need to do – punctuality. Doesn’t matter whether you have solid reason or not! Luckily I could make it on time. Fuhhh…!

I went out for breakfast with my colleague Firdaus. Ok he is the only buddy who comes to office early everyday. Others… they are not in time usually. I felt eating some toast this morning with half boiled egg. Ok to the stall near the Maybank we went… after some talk about work and soccer, our chief clerk (finance) came and join us. Best thing was he paid for our meal too. Yay! I guess it was a good start…

As soon as we finished our breakfast, went back to office. Guess what? Not even got time to put my cute ass on the chair and start my bloody tons of works on my table… the chief clerk (service) (did I mention we have 2 chief clerks which is one for finance and another one for service… finance CC is a male and the other is a female – I don’t like both… period!) told the finance CC that we need to clean up the mess at 10th floor, 11th floor and 8th floor. When I mentioned the mess… it means a lot of tables, chairs and so on! Argh! You see… we have office boy and they are like kings. If lifting tables and chairs are not their job, do you think its bloody clerk’s job? WTF! It wasn’t the first time ok! And I did this kind of work since 2004! Should I say thousand of times? Whatever!

A lot of chairs...

Tables too...

So, from 8am until 10am we busy with clearing and cleaning the mess. Sweats all over… it was not cool you know to sweat like you jog in the morning when you suppose to start your work with good attire and cool environment with not so good air conditioner. Even though I didn’t smell (what are you looking at? I know my body well ok?? Not just deodorant by Nivea but also some CK Eternity on me!) But still it took away my fresh look. Shit!

So I had little time to get everything done! Plus, I had to teach an auntie with her new job. It was not just teaching but spoon-feed session… damn! It was so great and I had to go out for lunch at 12 because at 1pm sharp a bus will come and take us to Gurney Hotel for choir rehearsal. After taught her this and that I went out for lunch. Had a plate of fried noodle with spicy chicken and ice coffee. I wasn’t 100% recover from flu? Hell with that… I was so tired and thirsty ok?? After I finished my lunch, Linda called me up. She couldn’t come back to office and need to stay at the hotel because our big boss flight delayed and wanted me to drive her car to the hotel. Fine with me… not going with bus and drive her car. Took her car from Zaki and went to the hotel. The road was busy… bad traffic as usual. What do you expect at 1pm on the road? Its lunch time!

When I reached there I had to park the car. Yes. Linda did give me coupon for the parking. When I reached at the parking entrance, an old man there asked for RM4 as parking fees. I showed him the coupon and he told me that I can’t use that coupon there but I can use that coupon to claim later at the front desk. So that means I had to pay RM4 anyway! Fine… grrr… I paid him RM4 and drove in angrily. After I parked the car, went to meet Linda and explained to her everything. I took the coupon and also her room key to the front desk to claim back my RM4 (hey I know it’s a peanut to you but to me it’s my money! And it was my right to claim). Guess what? She told me that I can only claim that bloody RM4 when I checked out! WTF??? I told her we rent your function room and some hotel rooms for 300 guests. You know what??? She said “sorry sir, the rule is you claim when you check out… if you come here for a function then you need to pay”. WTF??? Hello! Do you know how much we spent on you bloody hotel? And yet to claim RM4 is like 4 million dollar to you??? Want to know which hotel did this? GURNEY HOTEL. I won’t recommend this hotel to you for sure!

Make the matter worse, we didn’t even get tea or snack when we were there. We were like “workers” there without hospitality. They need our voice and other than that, who cares? WTF??? It was so much better rehearsal at Tabung Haji ok! Shit head management! Let me explain to you… I wouldn’t care much about the food. What I care is how much they appreciate us… we are human too! It was not a bad idea at all… some banana fritters bought at the stall at the roadside!

The stage

After done with choir we went back by bus. Again the road was stuck with many cars. I didn’t give a damn as I could rest in the best and enjoy the air conditioner. We reached office around 4.15pm. I worked on some medical bills until 4.30pm and I won’t wait any longer… punched my card and went home.

Ladies first?

When I reached at the parking I found out my car got some bird waste! WTF!!! Argh…!!! Do you realize that bird loves to shit on a silver car? Go and do your research. What a bad day for me!!! I didn’t get any Monday’s blues yes but it was such a bad day for me!

Grr...!! Bird waste

The only thing that made me smile is this :

I called it Pet Nga... it's actually a coconut pancake which you eat with dhal soup. Add some green pepper and onion. Not to forget some pepper powder! Dinner was superb!

Tuesday please come!!!


  1. WTF tu maksudnya what the fuck kan?

    awat ni bro,story la sket...ramai orang bleh make you relieve here..

  2. haha alamak... kantoi le plak.. sebenarnya... nak post... tgh nak upload pic.. lepas tu terpost le plak... adoi!

    nantikan post yg sebenar kekeke

  3. faisal..
    malangnya ur day...
    ujian dr Allah tu..
    (suddenly jd alim ni)

  4. hehe... tu la... nih tgh sabar le nih... fuhhh fuhhh

  5. honestly.. x bc sgt yg atas.. pnjg le..haha
    bc yg make ur smile tu je..
    apa tu pet nga? ada nama lain x..
    x pnh dgr pun..

  6. hehe ntah plak... tanya semua member kl sorang pun tak tahu kekeke... makanan penang kot?

  7. hihih hari senin semua org garang.. petnga tu org panggil penknga ke cemana tah sebutan. tapi awat nampa cam lain. byk camporan kah? cek tak paham. eh eh LHDN kerja kah?

  8. Anonymous11:34 PM

    i wish irene santiago reps malaysia, or.. daphne iking huhu *blushing

  9. lindosh - hehe ntah bunyik mcm pet nga ja... kekeke... nama lain tatau plak...

    lhdn? ya... er confuse sekejap... mcm mana nak jwb soklan tuh?

    thegossiplounge - i thought irene did represent Malaysia? no?

  10. Wah.. sounds like a bad day that went worst as it progressed.. I guess it's not called Manic Monday for nothing eh..

    Anyway..hope your Tuesday turns out better.. You're in the choir?? Awesome!!

  11. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better! :o)

  12. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Hey darl... :)

    Namo WTF lar... x elok!

    1stly, Pet Nga look delicious even though I dunno what it is...

    As soon as we finished our breakfast, went back to office. Guess what? Not even got time to put my cute ass on the chair and start my bloody tons of works on my table…

    I dunno your ass is cute! :) LOL.

    3rd, you had pretty emotional Monday... kesian! Hope Tuesday will be better... amin!

    Sometimes, hotels with the ridiculous-cum-***king procedures and all... always make me wanna scream in front of their 'front liners' face... dunno why, but... i feel like doing it every time I check-in in any hotels in Malaysia...(accompanied with not-so-cool event lorr...every time!)... they should be train properly. Have the managers or 'up liners' heard about CUSTOMER SERVICE??

    p/s: I tahu u wangi... but I tak tahu plak burung sker 'buat keje' kat kereta silver... so, tukar la kaler nampaknya!

  13. Anonymous7:13 AM

    One more thing....

    Earlier you've said about punctuality kan??

    For me... world would be a better place if everybody keep their time right!!!... Don't you think so??

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  15. hish menakutkan sungguh pos ini. hihi. x pernah makan pet nga tu...faisal, ada hadiah lampu ajaib dekat saya. datanglah ambil dan kongsi dengan kawan2,okay!

  16. ladyjava - haha yes i'm in a choir... but this choir isn't great.

    my tuesday was better than monday ;)

    tammy - yeah tammy. lucky i didn't have a nightmare! tuesday was much better!

    love-n-hate - yes customer service is very important... just i guess they have to obey what the manager told them instead of doing thing based on common sense. i was mad at her, but after consideration i think i shouldn't blame her.

    about punctuality, yes... it's good to be punctual. i must say it's a must. what i mean by that sentence is... you are glued to the fix schedule -- the company set your time to reach office, to go home and worse they set when is your lunch time! ok i know they pay you... but that's it. as i told you before... hehe to work forever at a company and be loyal is not my dream ;)

    birdfluman - thanks ;)

    mangosteenskin - sungguh menakutkan? haha why?

    btw, i've done that here.

  17. yeah...already done with content of this entri..semalam sempat baca tajuk sajork..haha..

    -normal thing if you've cum late to the office,
    -now i know u have a cute ass
    -Gurney hotel sucks
    -u have to pay RM4 because nowadays nothing come for free
    -does birds really love to shit on ur car?
    -lucky that you still have time to smile..

    Have a good tuesday!!

  18. lol... tuesday was better!

    1. so driving fast and risk your life is better than get scold by boss? er...

    2. lol, small ass consider cute? no?

    3. the hotel is good but i hate the parking rule!

    4. well, i agree that "there is no free lunch under the sun"... but hey! we paid for 300 peoples... foods for 5 meals, 3 days and even rent the function room okeh! and rm4 should be a peanut to the hotel management... no? damn it!

    5. bird love to shit on silver car!

    6. lol... i love foods, period!

  19. I just want to comment about the Pet Nga... Why u called it Pet Nga ?

    The real name is "Tempek Nyiur"

    Pet Nga ! Hahahaha... it sounds really damn funny okie !

  20. lol... mom called it pet nga ler... actually friend told me... in kl people called it lempeng lol...

  21. aiyok..masih ada ke yang buat "ladies first"..ngeh..ngeh..

  22. Oh ya, mom told me.. Seberang people called it Pet Nga... =)

  23. mummysyafie - ya hehe saya le tuh :P

    dayah - but i'm not "seberang people" blek :P

    i called it lempeng huhu

  24. betol ker awak panggil lempeng..??

  25. betol ler :P
    jgn nak keji okeh :P


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