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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I took my friend home last night in Bayan Lepas. It was hard to drive until in front of his flat. Why? It was because of too many cars parking there, and some cars were not even in the car park lot! That’s the problem. I don’t blame them because where else you want to park your car if it’s not somewhere around your house? Who I should blame? I’d blame the developer.

In this modern era, developer should assume that those who buy the house would drive 1 car at least even though the average for a family in Malaysia now is 2 cars in a family. This thing happens again and again. It is the same problem over here and the same problem over there too.

From what I see, cheap house like flat will be provided with free car park which you can buy the house and need not to think about parking lot anymore. I won’t buy this kind of house not because it is cheap, but I know the consequences. Cheap house with cheap maintenance would give you a pain in the ass with the elevator. Normally they will provide 2 elevators and when both of the elevators are not working, do you think they will fix it as soon as possible? No, they won’t. I stayed in a flat before, so I know how it feels to live in a cheap house like that. Not to mention about the peoples around. They are so noisy and yet not helping at all. I say that because there was a theft in my house and the neighbor in front not even call when he saw the incident. When I reached home late after work, I was shock and I just ran to the nearest police station to make a report.

Let’s go back to the parking problem. This problem also happens to some apartments. When we buy a house, developer will only allow us to buy 1 car park. Maybe some would allow you to buy more than 1 but not many developers would do so. Again the same problem happen, a family normally has 2 cars and when they are only entitle to buy 1 parking lot another one need to park outside which is normally around the apartment at the both side of the road. Imagine how big is the road now when cars park at the both side of the road? Sometimes you have to give way to others who come from the opposite side just because the road is too small for both directions to go at once. Not to mention those like students and workers who share 1 house with 3 or more people. Let say all of them drive cars, where do they park their car? Normally the senior will conquer the parking lot and the rest need to park outside – same at the roadside around the apartment. No guard will look after your car and no CCTV to scare the thief too. It’s not safe at all.

What do you think we must do to make sure all cars get parking lot in the apartment? How to make sure all cars at the roadside safe, if the first question is impossible?

Till later.
26/7/2008 9:12am Saturday
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  1. I wish I know the answer.. :(

  2. Aisha - I wish I know the answer too.

    Gossip - Me either.

  3. Q1: What do you think we must do to make sure all cars get parking lot in the apartment?

    A1: It starts with imposing strict compliance to all the developers to build a multi-storey parking building adjacent to the apartment. This way, car users dont have to worry about their cars being scratched, vandalised or even 'hit-n-run' as compared to parking outside-at-your-own-risk. I believed that it may boost up the sales of this type of apartments/condos/flats. I dont think ppl will bargain with safety.

    Q2:How to make sure all cars at the roadside safe, if the first question is impossible?

    A2: I believe Q/A1 is possible. Assuming Q/A1 is impossible, every owners and tenants of the flats/apartments/condos to chip in some fees so that there gonna be someone patrolling the area. I know its hard to make everyone living in the same vicinity to be a good watchman and its quite hard to get a good Rukun Tetangga, so the possible way is to hire the security guards to take care of the cars parked outside the allocated parking area.

    If all seems failed...saman je!! ahahaha

  4. Ermm tak pernah rasa lak problem ni sbb Ad kat Kg banyak ruang nak park kete..hehe..but dalam kes ini pihak berwajib kenalah buat parking sekurang2nya 2 bagi tiap penduduk..kalo tak cukup tanah buat je bangunan parking..beli rumah bersama2 dengan beli parking lot..huhu..

  5. I never lived in a flat before.

    So I don't know how it feels.

    But yea, I agreed.

    Flat house = Less Parking

    Less Parking = Need to find somewhere else to park your car.

    After get a parking = Need to pay rent/Percentage of your car for being "raped" by thief is high.

    So what is the best solution?

    - Use public transport Teehee.

  6. Zackzara - Yes, I can see some multi-storey parking building but normally the developer build the lot based on units. That mean you can’t buy two lots and if you could buy more than one lot, other unit won’t have enough lot or worse no parking lot at all. I guess this matter can be solved still same as your answer but diversify. Let say the developer will build the parking lot at the last phase. So, people who buy the house will buy parking lot as many as they want and sign their Sales and Purchase Agreement (usually car park has another agreement apart from the house agreement). After that, they multi-storey parking building will be built. Problem will occur again when the owner sells the house to another person. Let say I buy a house, since I’m single… there is no use for me to buy 2 parking lots. After 2 or 3 years I sell my house (yes we don’t have RPGT anymore, hell to government bullshit… that’s why the house price rocket up like nobody business) to someone who has a wife. Both of them drive cars, so how could they park their two cars in 1 lot? Again we are facing the problem – same problem.

    Ok this one makes sense. Rukun Tetangga – a group of people in the apartment who will rotate everyday but all units in the apartment must be involved. What I can see people in apartment are self centered compared to people who live in single or double storey housing area. No idea why. The apartment itself shows its mighty height as arrogant maybe? To me, this plan is going to work. Still thinking of how busy some people in this modern era since not everybody has same hectic work schedule.

    The last opinion is good. But if you sign the agreement usually already written in the S&P about the parking unless there is nothing about parking, then you can sue the developer. Usually it’s hard since developer always a best friend of lawyer. They know the rules.

    I love your comment a lot. Changing ideas is what I like to do :)

  7. Ad - Rasanya agak susah untuk penuhi semua permintaan memandangkan pendapat Faisal seperti komen di atas. Seronok kan rumah di kampung, boleh parking dengan selesa :)

    Ann - Haha make sense Ann. So we buy the parking lot and sell it to those who needs? By doing this we are making money :)

    Car is necessity now, don't you think so? If it's not, I guess government won't built up so many tolls :)

  8. Aha!! Interesting topic.. :) mana ada boring.. lol

    Myself had the same problem earlier... and still :) ... as a resident and also as a person who uses the road...

    My condo luckily provides 2 parking spots for each unit... but for us (my 2 housemates and me).. we need 3 parking spots... alternatively, each week... one of us have to rotate the not-so-cool spot, which is at the side of the road...

    The issue here is... in my condo itself has lots of parking spots just yet to be rent to resident... But, with some not-so-cool reason... they said they have to wait for whatever-blablabla-I-don't-care thing before they can release it... :(

    I don't mind if they wanna charge extra for the spot... my safety and my life worth more than that... I just hope they don't need another year to decide...

    by then... I'm still have to park at the side of the road when my turns comes... :(

  9. Yes, that is not cool. I experienced this before during my college years. I was a junior. So the basic rule was junior respect senior in many things. Respect here means you have to look to the ground and never disagree with the senior – bullshit I didn’t even care. But still the same thing, I didn’t get parking lot for my car until one of them finish his study and I could use the parking lot.

    I never experience theft near the apartment but theft on my car yes. It happen at my cousin’s wedding and I’m paranoid until now to park at any public car park or even at the road side. Like love-n-hate said, we could pay more just for the sake of our safety and car.

    I hope you will get another parking lot as soon as possible.

  10. Hmm... senior junior thingy... ahh so not cool lor... :(

    Even though the house is mine... still, I think it would be fair if I rotate and be equal... :) it's just me...

    I really hope MK can do something about it too... since the crime rate around damansara perdana area are quite high nowadays... my house already broken up twice!! and with 24hr security guards... and suprisingly they do their rounds every 1 hr... pelik!!! (i've suspected an inside job lorr..)

    Hmmm... they even have guards at parking lots and also around the residential area... It's hard to believe... the safest place to be that we call home... not so safe anymore...

    Speaking of safety... the first break up was when I was sleeping, at home. I worked afternoon shift started at 1pm... suspected the 'satan' got thru' around 10-ish... my friends laptop and jewellery were stolen... My laptop is saved!! My life is save... thanks Allah!!

    p/s: so much of 'rumahku, syurgaku' mehh??

  11. Hmm, yes it happen when I stayed at Bukit Jambul Condo too. My car signal light always got stolen. Maybe because it’s crystal light and can be used on Wira and Satria too.

    I didn’t believe guards there. You see, you will need to give identification card every time you pass through the guard house. There were few guards for every floor and yet thefts were everywhere. If it’s not the guards then it must be the resident, but I doubt.

    If crimes increase, no doubt that oil price is one of the reasons.

  12. umah aku pun satu tempat parking jer provide tapi ok lah sebab aku duk sorang jer..kahkah..

    menyampah la kalau lalu tepi kondo kondo yang kereta bersepah sepah kat luar tuh...menyusahkan orang jer nak lalu sebab sempit...yang dekat area QB mall tu banyak cenggini,

    memang developer harus di persalahkan!!

  13. Ko bernasib baik sebab ko stay sorang jer, kalau ramai sure pening kepala kan? Btw, wow! Kayanye stay sorang je di Penang :)

    Bukan sahaja di area QBay Mall, malah di sekitar Bayan Lepas lagi teruk. Bukan setakat pening saja melihat, dah sampai muak!

    Jika developer salah, apa perlu kita buat untuk betulkan developer?

  14. Stick to the topic :P

  15. oh yeah, most flats and medium cost apartments are only giving 1 parking per unit. that's horrible as it causes a whole lane to be closed on the road for parking. I agree with you, nowadays there's at least 2 cars per household. developers should use their brains and allocate 2 parking spaces for each apartment units.

  16. Yes Farah. I guess developer just think about profit instead of how to solve this problem. As long as their units and blocks sold out, it’s already good to them. Yes, who don’t love money right? But this problem must be solved no matter what. Those apartment and condominium developers are lucky enough as our Prime Minister wiped out the RPGT which cause all houses price rocket up. I love Prime Minister a lot as I was one of the victims for this RPGT thingy. The house is expensive, way too expensive than before since we do not need to wait for 5 years to sell the house. Before, if we sell our house within 5 years or earlier we will be taxed and it’s not a small amount of money. Easy selling makes the house price increase drastically. It’s good to those who already have more than 5 houses but not good news to youth or anyone who just start to buy a house.

    As conclusion, we can only afford apartment or condominium rather than a single storey or other landed property. Big sigh to all developers who don’t care about parking at all. Can anyone send a letter to the ministers? This is also a topic that should be brought up to the parliament, not to show off who is smarter and who is better as they always do. Don’t you think so?

  17. kat KL nih payah kalau nak cari parking ..

    lagi2 kalau keje town area
    seksa !

  18. Lily,

    tu le pasal... penang pun sama gak. penang ni dah le kecik... pack lak... tak lama lagi jadi la sardin :(


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