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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Heritage Site Celebrations

There are a lot of thing to see, to know and to listen. Welcome to Penang! This is a good opportunity for you to learn about Penang and learn about culture. Event like this should be organized often not only in Penang but some other states as well. This will attract more tourist especially foreigner. This is a good approach to show the beauty of Malaysia to the whole world.

Is there anyone joining? Let me know.

P/s: click on the picture to see the events


  1. oh, what a great way to promote Penang! :) i like.

  2. really is interesting!
    not sure if i can go, but yeah, other states should do this too

  3. Faisal Admar,
    Penang is an important tourist destination for Malaysia.
    During my school days, the text book had already highlighted it especially the cable car.
    Because of its unique culture, it attracts so many visitors. I had been there several years ago, I took the cable car to the mountain-top. Wow, I could see the majestic view, scenery.
    We can taste different types of food, so delicious I can say, people there are mostly friendly, I would visit again if the time come.
    Have a nice day, Faisal admar.

  4. nice event, moga ia berjaya tidak seperti kempen "melawat malaysia"...
    klau ada masa terluang, mungkin akan pergi.. :D

  5. herm. melawat penang ok gak tp. tp xtahan jem kat situ. huhuhuhu

  6. I hope Sabah hosts an event like that too. After all, Mount Kinabalu was the 1st Malaysian world heritage site. :P Hehehe Tidak kalah oh! Teruknya!

  7. Axim - Hehe sorry takleh nak reply comment. Modem rosak baru ni. Baru beli yang baru. Pegi tak? i aku baru balik kenduri.

    Farah - Yes Farah. This is good. But just now I parked my car at the office and went to the wedding with my friend's car. The wedding was in Kedah. On the way back from the office with my car, everywhere around my office was jam! I saw a stage in front of Restoran Kapitan.

    Adila - Yes Adila. This is the best way to promote our state. Penang and Malacca are famous with their historical places and beautiful places too. Not to forget their foods. Some states have great culture and traditional sports to introduce to foreigner :)

    Coolingstar - Yes. The cable car... going up to the Penang Hill. A good memory to keep. I went up to Penang Hill many times. Not only by cable car but also hiking through the hills and jungle. Tiring but love the green! No doubt that Penang is Food Heaven -- non other state can defeat us! :)

    SixtyOldMan - Dalam maksud tuh. Melawat or Melawak? But hopefully this event will be managed smoothly.

    Meo - Ya, jam adalah lumrah bagi warga Penang bukan sahaja warga KL. Highway pun dah jadi jalan biasa sebab jam.

    Rozella - I really want to go to Sabah. My friend canceled the plan for some reasons. Pretty upset... we planned to go in October. Nevermind, maybe next time.


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