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Thursday, March 20, 2008

why we want you to be rich

I went to Borders today. Searched for Abandoned by Anya Peter. Sadly the book wasn't in the store. I need to order if I want it. Actually, if they got it just now... I'd buy it of course.

So, as usual -- I went to the investment and finance section. A book attract my eyes -- "Why we want you to be rich" by Donald J. Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. I killed times before the movie by reading this book [yes I'd like to buy a book by Azizi Ali for sister and mom -- much better if it's in Malay... but i couldn't find the Malay Biz section, in fact I was too obsessed about this book until I had lil time to find :P].

What I like about it :

1. They are my favorite.
2. They write good books [business & investment of course]
3. They are rich!

Enough said.

I got this good picture to share with you.

Found a quote in the book

"The first and best victory is to conquer self" - Plato

What do you think?


  1. berapa harga buku tu?? mcm menarik ja :P

  2. RM30+ kalau beli ada discount. Buku tu dengan lagi dua buku Kiyosaki = beli 3 buku yang paling murah dapat free. Jadi bayar untuk 2 buku saja.

  3. Faisal, I just found out that you actually wrote a review on this book. This is one of the most fantastic book written by two business giants.

    Never ignore the fact that the middle class is shrinking even today. It definitely will worsen in the future. That is why Trump and Kiyosaki want you to be RICH!


  4. Yes, totally agree. I'm pretty happy that I have circle of friends who into business as well.

    Together we heading to the best of our world.

    Thanks for dropping by.


Thank you for the comment.

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