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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sad & Happy

Write the sad moment on the sand, so that it will be wiped by the wind.

Write the happy moment on a rock, so that it won’t be faded away.


  1. I really hope that I can write something about us on a rock!!! :) winkwink

  2. Someday... in a bright sunny day, under the shade of a tree :)

  3. So true. We shouldn't carry around all the depressing stuff.

  4. OMG!
    what is the main reason of this post?

  5. rozella - yes rozella. but sometimes we keep doing it even though unintentionally?

    abir - lol to teach you how to throw away your sorrow and put a smile on your face.

  6. wow, first it was a poem about persuasion then this one. Faisal, are you in love or something? LOL

    and I smiled reading the comment from love n hate- hehehe she wants a story abt you and her to be on a rock- wow! you better understand what she meant and don't act dumb now. LOL

  7. farah,

    lol. why did you say so farah?

    hehe about her comment... i guess i gave a good reply too :P

  8. wow....well said Faisal.. i love the quote...
    well... how about your own life.. more on the rocks or on the sand ??? he he.. i believe the earlier

  9. syukur,

    hehe mine is kinda balance... just that by doing this i've forgotten what i've written on the sand. so the words on rock still there till today :)

  10. Faisal,

    I don't see your reply here, so, what is it? LOL

  11. oh, you mean, under the tree in a sunny day? naa...that's not good enough, in Penang, almost everyday is a sunny day and everywhere there's huge shade trees! LOL

  12. faisal admar,
    Let the sadness wipe away, let the joy always appear.
    Good post, have a great day, best wishes from coolingstar9

  13. farah - haha i will bring her to you someday... i promise ;)

    coolingstar - agree with you coolingstar... life is too short to be sad :)

    you have a nice day too ;)

  14. FAISAL- really?? wow, now I am excited!

  15. farah,

    now I'm blushing :$

  16. Hi Faisal, I see you've joined the Magic Lamp of Luck meme but I can't seem to find the post anywhere on your blog. You can have the Magic Lamp post on all your blogs if you like, so long as you have the post up at your blog. Give me a buzz with your post URL and I’ll add you to the Master List, thanks a lot! :)

    Genie Princess

  17. Hi mariuca,

    I have posted the tag here. I choose not to mix award and tag in this main blog for some reasons :)

    All the best.


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