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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cooking Paste

I'm selling some cooking paste and I can guarantee they are delicious. In this modern world, we want everything simple, easy and fast. So this is the best thing that could help you -- cooking paste. If you are interested to know about it more, you can simply click here.

Till later...! ;)


  1. it looks like it taste so good eh...

    i'm sorry of what accident happen to your friend...

    don't feel bad about it, i'm sure its not you and don't blame yourself about it..

    the important is that they are safe now...

    thanks for the visit... hope everything will goes okay.

  2. That looks good! I checked out your other blog, very nice. I hope you do well with selling your products. :o)

  3. so this is ur business??


    hey hey

    how to start a produk? ive no idea


    is that ur company? double Z?

    and whats with pak ya?


  4. hmm... sedapnyer... teringin ayam masak merah!!!

  5. nova - yes, they are delicious, indeed. you should try hehe.

    about my friend, she is out of the hospital today. i'm happy ;)

    tammy - hehe maybe someday i will cook for you this instant cooking. you will like it for sure... someday... who knows :)

    thanks for visiting my other blog, hopefully i can sell my product.

    "if you want to be entrepreneur, you must know how to sell" - robert kiyosaki

    artistic - lol, nope this is not my business and i choose not to list up my business :P

    this is just another side income. i won't survive till today and pay my car and house if i don't have side income hehe. my salary is too low :(

    love-n-hate - welcome back! hehe glad that you are back in blogsphere.

    hehe sedap ke? hehe nak satu? nanti i pos ok?

  6. Wah jadi business man sudah ya! Hehehe Don't forgot me when you become kaya raya! :P

    Btw, I have another award for you.

  7. nak join venture bleh?kita kan sama sama penang,haha

  8. looks great ! yummy =)

  9. hidayah... ask him to cook some, save your mum a day from cooking... :)

  10. rozella - lol not kaya raya la. kecil-kecilan saja :P

    yay! thanks for the award... love it. i put the award here.

    axim - haha leh. add ym : chanija. leh discuss panjang...

    dayah - oy! help me sell them too :P

    love-n-hate - lol i'm not a good cook! :P they will puke for sure.

  11. tips mr faisal admar...

    use the cooking paste!!! sure best!!

  12. haha okay. i will cook some ;)

  13. for me please... :) *wink*wink*

  14. Sure thing! :)

    p/s: Continue listening to "Let it be..." Hmmph.

  15. sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    lapo laa

  16. that looks yummy! Checking out the link in a while...never knew you are a businessman too :)

  17. Lily - Hehe meh Faisal masakkan ok?

    Farah - Haha I can't live depending on my tiny salary. Our living cost rocket up since the oil price increase.

  18. love-n-hate

    Ask him to cook some ? Oh my ! I dunno when =)

  19. dayah - bla bla bla :P


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