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Saturday, July 05, 2008

How cruel human being can be?

What do you think?


  1. owhh...I can't bear to see all this cruelty if in real life...cause I'm an animal lover.pity to those animal :(

  2. Yes CM, human beings sometimes are unpredictable. They can be very cruel to the animal. I believe this quote can be used between human and animal too :

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"


    "Put yourself into people's shoes"

    I really want those cruel creature (hardly called them human names such as men or women) to be punished right by the law. What would they feel if those animals skinned them alive?

    Pay back time!

  3. I tak berani watch the video. :( I'm just looking at the still image of the video pun I dah takut and geli!

  4. Actually I was freak out when I watched the video alone. It's from PETA and shows how cruel a human being can be upon animals!

  5. Is this the video of people killing seals as a sport? I don't dare to watch the video lah.. But really.. I received an email i got about people clubbing the seals heads are considered a sport and it was totally gruesome!! Baby seals pulak tu!!

  6. Sort of. This video shows how people kills animal for business -- clothes/fashion.

  7. Oh my god!!! I couldn't even watch all that!!! That is horrible!!!!!!!

  8. Yes Tammy... we can't even watch but can you imagine how they do it?

  9. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Gosh!! Poor creature... :(

    Years ago, way back in the 1800's it was a matter of survival in the cold weather... But today there is no need to wear animal fur/skin when they make coats out of so many other materials, man-made one!!

    In the wild many animals will be killed and suffer a horrible death due to other animals that prey on them... it's a pyramid of life. Some of them not living in the wild which humans are breeding and keeping from going extinct... The animals in the video were kept for their fur/skin... They will extinct if the production of fur, leather and wool still going on... Animals were mistreated and killed inhumanly, which is not alright and should be stop ASAP!

    We are capable of producing just as good synthetics to make faux fur, leather or wool... It will never be OK to kill animals just for their fur/skin, just for the name of vanity...

    I against anyone who wears animal fur/skin... I wish they would stop killing innocent animals and make these items not available for people to wear and use...

    Say no to fur, leather and wool...
    Their fur/skin belongs to where it belongs...

  10. OMG !

    T'was so damn scary okay !


  11. that's horrible and disgusting. I am not an animal lover, i dont like pets, but I don't think animals deserve to be treated like this in any ways!

  12. aiyooooo... tak nak laa tgk video tuu... skarang pun dh nmpk menakutkan.. huhuuu....

  13. Love-n-Hate - Yes, say NO to fur, leather and wool. Wake up human!

    Dayah - Yes, we feel scary and the animal feel the pain and some even die because can't bear the pain caused by human.

    Farah - Yes Farah. Vengeance and Violence is a good blog to find out the root of violence. Cut the root!

    Ej - Ej kena tengok baru tak beli dah baju bulu-bulu tuh :)

  14. x nak tgk
    x sanggup

  15. hmm kalau tak tgk mcm mana nak tau kekejaman manusia hari ini? hehe ;)

  16. Don't tell me the video is real. Yuck! NO appetite for even pasta.

  17. yes it's real... by PETA.
    poor animals :(


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