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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

how to become a property millionaire

Haha, you must say that I'm craving for money or other way round -- I'm money maniac. To be honest at this moment, YES.

I have future plan but just keep yourself updated if you want to know the ending ;)

I borrow a book from a friend [Marzuki] titled How to Become A Property Millionaire. He got collection of Mahathir's books and Azizi Ali's business books. I really appreciate his kindness :)

Thanks mate!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

man utd lose

I always expect this when Rooney and C.Ronaldo not in the list.I never have high expectation on Saha, still I think Fergie should find a new striker.
Teves missed the chance on 2nd half when Evra crossed the ball beautifully in front of the goal [I swore non-stop..!]I could not blame Van Der Sar for the goal since nothing he could do to save it. It was wonderful but where was the defender?
Congrats to all the winners last night. Cahill [Everton] and Petrov [Manchester City] have shone brightly.

wedding & movie

Today I went to Pakya Cc daughter's wedding in Sungai Petani. Went with Firdaus, Takdir, Azali and Borhan. It was lunch buffet, the food was so so. Bad traffic on the bridge.

As soon as I reached home, ran to the bedroom and slept. Too tired with the hot weather today I suppose.

Woke up and got invitation from Joe for movie. Showered and fetch him. Went to Pak Husin for dinner and went to QueensBay Mall from there. We watched Beowulf. It was CGI animated with real actor/actress faces -- such as Angeline Jolie, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins. It was 4 out of 5 stars since the effect of the giant and dragon were cool.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

look down at me?

This morning a friend who I adore so much about how he became rich in properties trading upset me. All in sudden he said nasty words to me. Yes, I just know him from internet and I like somone who has interest talking about business.

Few things he said :
  1. He isn't a teacher to teach me how [which he always said he will guide me]
  2. The amount that I spent was peanut to him [which really insulting]

I'm going to prove that he is wrong. Look down to people never make you the best person and you'll be the sad one. I hope one day if it happen that I become rich, I won't be arrogant like him and keep myself low. So, today I have deleted him from the yahoo list :)

pigeon : ep 2

Today as soon as I reached home, sister told me that the pigeon has died. It's better that way than to see her suffering :(

counter strike

We usually play counter strike during lunch-break. It helps release stress and at the same time we have fun.

So, my friend decided to make a tournament. The fee was RM13 for cup and dinner. After we did overtime until 7pm, we ate dinner [Mc Donalds that we ordered earlier] and started to pick up pieces of paper randomly to divide into two groups -- terrorist and counter-terrorist.

Terrorist – Me, Takdir, Azali, Khairul and Mohsein
Counter-terrorist – Firdaus, Khushairi, Amin, Zakaria and Feiros.

The result : We managed to defeat them badly! Haha.

Enjoy the pics ;)

padang kota

Lunch break I went to Padang Kota -- well known as Esplanade to release tension. These are some pics that I snapped. Isn't it beautiful? Hmm...

Friday, November 23, 2007

farewell party : pensioner to be

Today we had a farewell party for the pensioner. I was kinda lazy to buy lunch, so I joined the party and pay RM8 for Hujan Panas rice, beef, rendang chicken, kerabu pineapple and cucumber, dhal and orange. The lunch was so yummy...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my car

I don't feel like writing about my 7 years old car [yes I bought when it first came out with price RM67k and the climax was when its price at RM74k] but since I've opened a new section for my properties, so I guess this is one of them. Now its value drop to RM40k. I will finish the loan until 2009.

Hopefully earlier ;)

bought a condo

Yesterday I bought a house at Seberang Jaya. I was so happy because this is my 1st step involve with property. My plan is to have more properties and do trade as my income ;)
The condo cost RM110,000. I know it's worth buying since it will be a hit in the mainland; theme park will built there, more companies around and there is two universities -- UITM and Polytechnic.
Today is the happiest day!

pigeon : ep 1

Few days ago, 2 pigeons were at the back of my car. They were injured. I have no idea if there fell down from the roof but Multi was with them, so I guess she hurt them. I didn't scold Multi as this is animal nature, but was quite sad. I put both of them at the corner side and took in Multi [I was late for work actually, so no much time to take care of them].
Return from home, rain poured heavily. One of them died; as it was the one injured badly. Another one was at the garage, found shelter I suppose. We took it and put in a cage with rice and some water. Hadi and dad put some medicine too on its' leg. The right leg bleed and I guess it was broken.

Until today the pigeon still in the cage and no good improvement :(

Thursday, November 15, 2007

irfan khairi -- internet business

Recently, my unit boss lend me her book [yes I told her that I've been looking for this book and if I couldn't borrow from anyone or library, I'll surely buy it]. It's about Internet Business.

I finished it in two days. I think Azizi Ali's books are better in sense of information. This book is good but it doesn't really reveal its' secret. He insist indirectly for readers to join his course. So, you can learn basic thing about internet business, but this book guide you like any other text book.

Thanks boss ;)

puteri balqis ibtisam 15.11.2007

This is how my niece looks like now. Cute isn't it? ;)

Monday, November 12, 2007

we defeated blackburn

We've defeated Blackburn with 2-0. Credit goes to Christiano Ronaldo for scoring 2 goals. 1st half was really fun to watch but it turned dull for 2nd half as Saha has been replaced by Ronaldo and Nani played as right-winger replaced Ronaldo. Great dribble skill by Giggs too, I've craving for his skill for so long :) Also big applause to Anderson and Brown for playing well last night. Not to forget solid defence by Vidic and Ferdinand. Hail Manchester United!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

saturday 10.11.2007

I went for a hair cut early at noon. Just cut it short, almost like a soldier haha! Don't comment about it please.. I know it looks terrible!

We went to Su Ail Kenari for lunch. Went with two cars, dad and me the drivers -- together with mom, aunt, Hadi and Dayah. We ordered Ikan Tiga Rasa, Kailan Goreng, Sotong Tepung, Sup Sayur and Sup Daging. It was delicious I'd say :) Not to mention the night before we went for Nasi Dalcha Rahim. My aunt really enjoyed the food.

On the way home, something interesting happen on the road. Can you see how they pushed the broken motorbike to the workshop? Don't you think it's dangerous? This is Malaysian road ethic ;)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

we defeated dynamo kylv

Yes, another victory to Man Utd. We defeated Dynamo Kylv with 4-0. Congrats to Rooney, Teves, Ronaldo and Pique.

Sorry to Arsenal for just a draw game early this morning. It was 0-0 with Slavia :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

disenggagement & big game

Woke up around 7am and checked email. Ate breakfast and ready to travel. Around 10am we were ready to move. There are 4 cars (1st car Mak Chak, Pak Chak and Kak Su, 2nd car Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah and Ayen, 3rd car Abang Izan, Kak Ilah, Aifal dan Arisya, 4th car mom, dad and me). We went to Sungai Siput, Perak for Kak Su’s disengagement. We finished roughly around 2pm. Then went to Ipoh and ate mee rebus there. It was just ok nothing special. We planned to go to Taiping Zoo but cancelled due to heavy rain. Plus, I have big game to watch tonight. We stopped at Sungai Perak for coffee [refer the picture below]. Drove back, rain still pour heavily. We stopped again at Semanggul for dinner and toilet. Right after that, we drove straight to Penang. I need to be at Perda (since no time to go home and come back) around 8.45pm. Reached there around 9pm. Lucky there was no goal yet. It was rain there, but not as heavy as in Perak. The fan for both were hunger for goal (Arsenal vs Man Utd), same went with my colleague. The goal started with Rooney netted the 1st goal for Man Utd at 45 minutes. The scream was impossible I’d say. 2nd half Fabregas scored for Arsenal. I just kept blaming Wes Brown for not marking Fabregas since that fella was soloing ran from the middle until in front of the goal and Brown did nothing but watch him like watching a movie until he netted the ball. Great pass by Evra gave Ronaldo big opportunity to score and it was 2-1, I was so happy… can you imagine it was an away game for us and we lead? Ah! Come on… I must be dreaming :) At injury time 90+ minutes Gallas scored. It was clumsy in front of Man Utd’s goal post and hardly sees the goal. Ah! It was just about bet and bookie but I enjoyed the game even though I was wet in the rain :)

Friday, November 02, 2007


Daddy brought home some strawberries! To tell you honestly, strawberry is my favorite fruit ever instead of kiwi! :)

raya party [admin]

The party was fun. It was sponsored by Kak Ana, Kak Zila, Kak Pah dan Kak Zaini. The menu was lontong, sambal sotong, rojak buah, pudding and caramel. Delicious I’d say! Our branch director didn’t allow us to celebrate but we made it anyhow. Nah! It won't really waste the time and we celebrate it once a year. So, why not?

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