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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Lately, I have been busy studying about claim. Why? Start from Monday I have new work list. I won’t deal with clinics and medical bills, insurance, medical claim, money refund from staff, purchasing, flight fright, medical system, guarantee letter and collector statement. Start from Monday I can focus. I can focus only on claim, allowance and loans (including housing, vehicle – car, motorcycle and boat & computer). I feel relief.

At least I can get my focus back. Does not matter claim will give me a headache dealing with bunch of idiots sometimes at least I can learn new things. This is what I love to do… learn new thing. How I wish I can learn new thing everyday! I’m considered lucky as some of us can’t change their work (I don’t mean change job okay?) which they have been doing the same thing since 4 years ago. Some even had been doing the same work for more than 10 years! Imagine that?

I can’t wait for Monday to come… eh its Monday’s blues! Whatever!


  1. chaiyokk²!!

    happy monday dear... :) winkwink

  2. Thanks. Happy Monday to you too... lets go through the barricade (Monday's blues) okay?

  3. I can't believe I missed out your post this much! HUhuu.. I will try to comment some of it okay..

    Monday's blues? I just hope I could wake up tomorrow. It has been raining since 3pm until now. hehe. tido bes nih :D

  4. That is nice that you get to learn new stuff on your work. It does get boring doing the same work over and over for years.

  5. Hope you had a great Monday! :o)

  6. Good luck on yer claims! :) Learning something new is always fun. I can't imagine doing the same boring thing over and over again.

  7. monday doomsday and i hope u enjoy it..


    hepi monday buddy!!!

  8. Bluecrystaldude - Yes, it had been raining the whole day yesterday but today we had a bright sunny day -- lucky I'm in the office. No air conditioner in my room, hot like an oven :P

    Aisha - Yes Aisha, the same routine, the same environment, the same work for years will get you bored. Haha I hope not with lover!

    Tammy - Yes, you too Tammy. Regards to John, Aidan and Aurora :)

    Rozella - It happen sometimes at work Rozella. You just can't help it... can't change it. Now I'm thinking of what Kiyosaki said "There are two type of peoples; those who are looking for security and those who are looking for freedom". Man... only God knows how much I want my freedom!

    - Thanks Axim. Hopefully your Monday's blues wasn't as bad as mine :)

  9. ish..mesti terror bab claim nanti nih..

    kekadang kiter ni kena berhijrah wat benda baru..itu nama nya kemajuan kan

  10. Betul tu mummy... tapi geng2 senior di ofis semua takmo tukar kerja lain, semua nak buat benda yang sama bertahun-tahun :(

  11. haha...good luck with new job? hehe..

  12. Same job but different task ;)


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