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Monday, June 30, 2008

Cell phone is dangerous!

GEORGE TOWN: Handphones can be more damaging to health than smoking, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) said.

CAP president SM Mohamed Idris said research by award-winning neurosurgeon Professor Dr Vini Gautam Khurana from the United States had indicated that using mobile phones for more than 10 years could double the risk of brain cancer.

Prof Khurana, who has received 14 awards over the past 16 years and has published more than three dozen scientific papers, had conducted a 15-month "critical review" of the link between mobile phones and malignant brain tumours.

The subject in the study were heavy mobile phone users who had relied on handphones for at least 10 years. "Previous studies which found no evidence of a link between mobile use and an increased risk of cancer often did not include enough long-term mobile phone users in their study samples," Mohamed Idris said.

Prof Khurana found that cancer takes at least a decade to develop.

"The incidence of malignant brain tumours and associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now, by which time it may be far too late to intervene medically," Prof Khurana said in his report.

Prof Khurana said smoking kills some five million people worldwide each year, but three billion people now use mobile phones worldwide and the number is growing daily.

Mohamed Idris said children who used mobile phones were at greater risk because they were more susceptible to the radiation than adults.

"Parents should not allow their children to use mobile phones and consumers should use the speakerphone function, so that the phone is held more than 20cm away from the head. Use landlines whenever possible," he said.

CAP also urged the Government to take appropriate measures to address the fact that mobile phones could represent a public health time bomb.

"Government should use the mass media and run campaigns to educate and warn the public of the dangers of radiation exposure from mobile phones," Mohamed Idris said.

Prof Khurana has posted the results of his findings on and his research paper is currently being peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal.


  1. psssttt, I heard ur giving me ur handphone for free right...ahaks

  2. Did you read the Stephen King book Cell? Ever since I read the book it freaks me out to use a cell phone.

  3. I have read this news before and it's quite daunting. That's why nowadays I try using handsfree accessory to call with my cell phone.

  4. texting messages xpe kan?

    i seldom call using phone, but texting, its like 24 hours..

    speedmaster dh my hand


  5. oh yeah, this is true- radiation from mobile phones. Great reminder Faisal. I dont think a lot of people are aware of this currently.

    anyway, to be safe, dont smoke and use the mobile phone accordingly. right? :)

  6. @Dan,
    dont always chat chat by using h/p, hehe^^

    @tammy, which title of the Stephen King novel? called "Cell"? i love Stephen King's Movie~ but seldom read the book >< my English too poor.

  7. cm - whoa! for free? haha no way! but sound scary right after reading this article?

    tammy - never. i should get a copy of it soon then. how scary tammy?

    sheng loong - yes that is the best way at the moment i suppose :) brb, going to get my hands free in the car :P

    artistic - hehe texting message is fine. its for sure 20cm away from your brain hehe.

    farah - luckily i don't smoke! fuuhh! relief :)

    joo - hehe i will use hands free. you like to watch stephen king's movie? hehe normally a horror movie right?

  8. wohoooooo... takut dgr benda nehh...

  9. hehe ej selalu ka gayut dgn hp?

  10. hmm... alamak u, tak dapat la nak gayut... :) *think of solutions*

    these what i can come out with in less than a mins:

    2)handsfree- if u don't want ur mum to hear our conversation :)
    3)we can use the cup phone... using cup... less radiation... but our distance :(
    4)we can write emails...
    5)we can use this blog comment box :)
    6)we can use YM voice chat :)
    7)can't think of any...too tired!

    other suggestions friends??

  11. lol. my bloody compaq has problem with its microphone. grr..!

    suggestion : use landlines!


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