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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 4]

Woke up around 10am. Mom and mama already wide awake. Urgh! Still sleepy. Sis still sleeping. Mom told me that the owner of one of the best Bryani Gam will send the food to our room. Can you believe this? Hahahaha. Around 11am, Pak Din came to our room with 2 big plastic bags full with foods and drinks. The price was very cheap! We got beef, chicken, dhal and penchok (Penangite simply called it kerabu or acar timun nenas) and the delicious Sirap Bandung (red syrup mixed with condensed milk)! What a breakfast! Hahaha I guess Suituapui was right, I'm going to be like him soon enough :P

Then after breakfast, I checked email and chat on ym and msn for a while (I wish I knew that we got internet connection days before :( ). Then everybody started to pack.

We called the hotel management Kak Fiza to check out late around 3pm.

We reached at the lobby at 3pm sharp ;)

Then called cab and went to mama's house. Mama asked Jumalri and Najib to buy us some keropok lekor and lychee kang. Jumal told mama that mouse at pc number 16 and 17 were not working. I went to the cc to take a look. Replaced pc 18 with mouse from pc 7 and unplug and plug pc 16 and 17. Actually pc 16 mouse was not working. We need to buy new mouse soon. Lol. I will sponsor ok? :P Its a relief to see Jumal and Najib are very responsible kids and smart too. I like Jumal very much... will buy him present next time I go there.

Spent some times at the cc playing some games and ym-ing. Till 7pm we closed the cc. At least we got some income for the day even tho we opened pretty late haha! Biz is always a biz... what is that suppose to mean? Ignore that part :P

Oh ya before that, while I was having fun in the cc and mom in charge at the server and counter my sis was busy cooking. She cooked bull-eyed eggs and sambal jawa! Sambal jawa is my favorite... a mix of bilis and cili padi (what else ar sis? kindly go to her blog ok? lol). Very delicious. A great appetizer let me tell you ;)

We ate the dinner hungrily and it was ass finger licking good! Then I took shower.

Then mama was kinda upset as we didn't manage to buy mee bandung. But around 8pm Kak Ana came with mee bandung at her hand! Muahahahahaha I was speechless! I was so happy! You know... its not complete if you don't eat mee bandung when you go to Muar! (psssst! I forgot otak-otak lah! Haiyo... rugi!). I ate lil bit as I'll be in the bus for 6 hours and the driver won't stop anywhere I want for shitting :P

Around 8.45pm we kissed and said goodbye to mama. Mama couldn't follow us to the bus station as her leg was in pain and I know how hard to walk with pain leg and worst one leg! I really pity her and wish I could help her... One day mama... sure one day. Saying goodbye wasn't easy...

Reached station around 9pm and we kissed and said goodbye to Kak Ana. She was being so helpful and great hospitality from her is appreciated. I like her cooking too! As the JPJ was bit or over react at the station chased all the cars, Kak Ana couldn't wait long and drove away. 9.15pm we could put stuff at the bus. While we were walking into the bus, Kak Ana ran to mom and passed some boiled peanuts! OMG! She was so pleasant! I told mom that if Kak Ana ever come to Penang, I will give my best hospitality to her! (mama, don't jealous ar :P).

9.30pm bus started to move.

I hate the guy who sat in front of me as he was so dumb and self-centered. He lowered his seat to my knee! I did told him about it. He moved the seat for a while and lowered it again. Lazy to quarrel, I chose to close my eyes.

We reached Penang around 4.45am (from Trolak around 1.45am, imagine how fast? remember no speed trap at night?). Sharol, my bro in law took us at the station.

Reached home round 5.30am. Sis make coffee and here I am at 6.55am. Off to eat some karipaps (curry puff, haha I know we Malay make it simpler :P).


p/s: Oh I got another post about vacation in Muar. Click here. ;)


  1. tue laa... bas kali nie balik laju jugak... kadang² dkt kul 6 atau 6 lebih baru smp...

  2. Dun forget to listen to Crush of David Asura /e2

  3. Wah !! That nasi briyani, one of my favourite food :D

    Pity you coz u don't realize the internet line ahahaha if not u can update ur blog regularly kan.

  4. hello
    just dropping by here to greet you a Happy New Year
    may you have the best year this coming 2009
    God bless you and your Family

  5. Glad you had an awesome vacay. I just put up my holiday pics today. Hehehe

    Happy 2009 dear! It's gonna be a blast!!!

  6. whoa finger licking good!
    u spending ur hols with eating and eating?

  7. mmm...reading about sambal jawa makes my mouth water..yum yum..
    xpe..blk umah nanti nak wat jugak..orang jawa kalau takde lauk, sambal tu je dah boleh habis nasi dua pinggan..heheheh...

  8. oh EVERYWHERE! i want more posts like this mr faisal, the pictures of food are so tak boleh belah-ly gorgeous! hehe. well, had a nice vacation huh? be happy!

  9. happy new year!!!! kalau ada peluang nak p juga jalan-jalan kat Muar... :D

  10. wow... Great holiday and delicious food huh? :) you must enjoy that holiday so much right? so cool...

    have a nice day Bro and hopefully 2009 will be better year for you and for all of us.

    Good luck and wish you all best for 2009 and the rest of your life.

  11. My thanks and appreciation for you is HERE

  12. errrm... is dis a fud blorg?

  13. Wow! So many posts of your Muar vacation and I haven't got the time to read even one yet! Well, I'll read them after you read this message...

    As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
    Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
    And we all switch to high gears,
    To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

    I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
    So much so that I’ve made myself your Follower,
    It does not matter whether you are far or near,
    You’ve brought me much laughters and tears.

    So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
    Waiting for 2009 to appear,
    Let me wish you now and here,
    A very happy & smashing new year!!

    : )

  14. ive always thought the bus journey up to penang was a bit far (from malacca). how i wish its nearer.

    btw, yr breakfast looks so sedap! :)

  15. delicious sangat!!!!especially bandung....eerm

  16. alhamdulillah...sampai dgn selamat...

    neway, samat taun br...=)
    hve a great year..from a sweet person...ermmm...=P

  17. nurul - laju jugak? bukan jugak okeh. laju gila! tau tak dekat station muar dia buat apa? lalu jalan opposite way. then kereta slow ja dia high beam terus nak langgar. gila betoi. siap hon marah2. trolak ke penang 1.45am sampai 4.45am okeh.

    joseph - old song :P

    ann - maybe there was a reason why i could not update hehe. fate... :P

    the bryani gam is different from usual bryani. eat with that soda bandung... omg! damn delicious.

    blue - happy new year blue ;) fruitful one ok?

    rosie - hope you got something for me from bkk! you better! hehe going to sneak your blog now :P happy new year...!

    - hehe most of the time yes :P we have no car to drive around... what else we could do? lol.

    kniedaz - hehe betol. ari tu goreng telur mata letak kicap dengan lada hitam sikit. then makan dengan sambal jawa! 2 pinggan confirm!

    hanna - i try not to be a flogger but the harder i avoid to be one, the closer it becomes :P mood involved... its like you tend to eat a lot when you are unhappy? haha!

    miza - hehe kalau pi jumpa mama la. ajil pun nak pi lepas tengok pic2 nih :P

    faizal - yeah. too much foods in my blog now lol. happy new year to you too... hopefully this year will be the best year ever! :)

    faizal - for me? omg! i'm flattered hehe. clicking on it now :)

    romie - hehe nope. er, perhaps?

    foong - hehe thats a great one! you made it yourself? so you can be a poet too instead of great pianist! happy new year foong... fruitful one!

    quachee - hehe yes its very sedap okeh! malacca to penang about 4 hours? not too far... get yourself a book if its in the daytime and enjoy the 4 hours sleep if its at night. hehe. you won't regret!

    elle - hehe why so many peoples suka bandung ni... bryani tak suka ke?

    xora - hehe... alhamdulillah. selamat tahun baru ye xora :) maintain cumel k.

  18. It's sad to say farewell especially when you had such a great time, yes? Well, all holidays must come to and end. There's always the next holiday! : )

  19. Oh yes, I composed the poem myself. Thanks! Glad you like it ; )

  20. foong - yes, its a hard time to say farewell. can't wait for the next trip to er... *surprise* :P

    hehe dedicate a song for me lar. by piano! :)

  21. good songs last even though they are only 10 months or more than 10 decades old..

  22. joseph - good songs? of course :P

  23. wah ..
    faisal gi muar makan makan makan x sudah kan

    janji enjoy !!


  24. lily - tu le kawan tanya. ko ni gi vacation ke gi program jalan² cari makan. lol.

  25. nasi bryani joho mmg sedap kan..menusuk gitew

  26. mummy - hehe ye akak. sangat sedap! :D kena lak dengan bandung. pergh!


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