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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yahoo Maintenance

I simply hate this -- Yahoo Maintenance (click on the picture above for larger image).

I wonder why Hotmail or Gmail never have this kind of situation. What if you need to use email urgently? What if you need to check some old emails to refer on something urgently? I wonder.

You have to tell the person who needed the information that your Yahoo is down due to server maintenance? If I am that person, this is such a lame excuse. I do not accept excuse :)

So, here we go. I need to check some important emails everyday and when this happen nothing else I could do rather than smiling (remember I have changed and there is no more anger or stress?).

Have you ever experienced this before? Share with me :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Woah never!
    since checking my yahoo & hotmail e-mail is not my daily routine
    so I don't bother this kind of situation so much
    my yahoo/hotmail mail is for YM and MSN only.
    I prefer to use gmail as well. :)
    So I have 3 mails to contact with everyone, but for personal use is this -->

    I think you shouldn't rely on yahoo mail so much. Scared if something important has been sent to your mail, and you cannot check it out immediately. That's bad @_@

  3. hey dude!
    thanks for d compliment~
    i don't bother this kind of situation..
    cuz i'm very sure such emails (my emails only kowt) do not contain any important stuffs sampai nk runsing2..
    just emails from friendster and myspace for those updates..
    maybe you should rely on other mails too just in case kalo jadi lagi kan..~

  4. it's always a matter of preferences.
    i have been using yahoo since i was in school days..been nearly 10 years or so.
    u can say i'm getting too comfy with yahoo even though people always prefer hotmail or gmail instead.
    but at times when i needed my email the most, for sure i'll get grumpy and all la.
    looking on the brighter's time to take things off your shoulder for a while, and relax.
    (sound way too cliche.haha.)
    salam aidiladha :)

  5. This was last month? I never experienced this problem before. I sure hope I won't ever. I have to check my email regularly, school related, notification, my scholarship announcements of activities and family and friends matter.

    P/s: maybe you should use Outlook :)

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Omigawd! I hope I don;t have any important emails coming around that time! Chesh!!!

  7. Try pos malaysia. Ha ha.. Biasaklah Yahoo ramai pengguna fren. Server pun sakit kepala. But still one of the best webmail around.

  8. Btw, salam aidil adha. Enjoy your holiday.

  9. Hi Faisal!! I got ur msg, did u do the contest post at your blog here???? I can't seem to find it anywhere, so do let me know the URL if the Bear contest post is up. I remember u mentioned the Bear name, but there was no accompanying URL to the post. Let me know kay?!!!

    The meme is a different thingy btw and we'd love u to join us there as well. :):):)

  10. Ann – I hate to have so many accounts for email. I rather stick to the best one. I know Gmail is better than yahoo. Maybe I should think of changing to Gmail just that my friends and colleagues know only this one.

    SherielAizan – You are welcome. That is the problem. You cannot have more than one account for business purpose. It’s annoying when this thing happen.

    *just now in the afternoon everything was back to normal :)

    – Yes. I need to be more relaxed rather than going ballistic hehe. I prefer Yahoo than others too! :)

    Salam Aidiladha to you too ya.

    BCD – I am use to Yahoo and I like Yahoo a lot. Hehe do you remember last time got Waumail? Since that Waumail gone, I don’t trust other than Yahoo :)

    Suituapui – Lucky you ;) Miss your post about foods!

    Ismail – Betul tu. Agree… Yahoo the best hehe.

    Salam Aidiladha to you and family too.

    Mariuca – Ok will get it done hehe.

  11. hee..teja cuma guna yahoo untuk YM dan fcebook je..untuk kegunaan lain..tambah2 yg penting, teja akan gunakan hotmail..lebih cepat kot..sebab nak bukak emel yahoo..alahai..lambat...

  12. oh yeah, I sure have experienced this, not only with yahoo but also with gmail. Well, I think it's OK for their system to close just for a few hours for maintenance. :) Maybe, to be safe, you can use a different email ID and not web based for your important emails?

  13. Teja - Dah used to dengan Yahoo, jadi Hotmail rasa confusing lak :)

    Farah - I agree Farah. I have to look at it at the bright side :) Positive! Hehe.

  14. Change to Gmail today ! Wahahaha ! Yeah actually I don't like having so much e-mails too. But what to do, I've registered that two mails since I was in form 1-2 .

    But seriously, gmail is very good u know. I love gmail :D

  15. Gmail is good I know as my colleague told me. But it is kinda of troublesome to check 2 email accounts a day don't you think?

  16. haha.. seb baik aku pakai surat panas (hotmail).

  17. aha..da lama2 guna ok kot..but if ramai org yg dah tau emel yg sedia ada..better xyah tukar kan..
    apa yg leh wat ialah...BERSABAR..kui3..

  18. Kamal - Hotmail spam dia tak berkesan macam Yahoo :P

    Teja - Betul tu. Kena banyak bersabar :) Teja pakai Yahoo gak ke?

  19. it happened to my college email before haha
    good thing i checked my email the night before; so pretty much i know what the info i enquire
    it's only that i couldn't reconfirm the info lol

    anyway, that's not the worst scenario
    worst to happen, cannot get connected at all :P

  20. Adila - Haha if cannot get connected at all, you can't blame Yahoo. You need to call your internet provider :P

    I will just take it at the bright side based on the comments here :)

  21. yahoo n hotmail.. :)

  22. teja - hmm. sama la :) tapi yahoo still the best :P

  23. x penah pulak i counter that situation or problem

    is it coz ure using yahoo uk ???

  24. nope. i'm using .com for email. it happen twice :)


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