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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All service staff absent

I went to work today. Eventhough I was still in pain, I need to go to work to get things done. I want to make sure everything is done and I can have a good holiday in Muar start on 26th.

Before I go any further, in administration there are 2 sections. One is service and another one is finance. Service staff are the one who in charge for report duty documents, leave, staff data, punch card and guarantee letter. Finance staff are the one who in charge for medical billing, salary, asset, mileage claim, allowance, overtime claim, purchasing and store. Guess what? None of the service staff come to work and left one in the mailing room. There was no operator too! I was so shock. Its closing account, as its end of the year. People called asking for leave, punch card and even to submit different kind of forms and we were kinda confused. Lol. Why not? We are only specialist in finance. We know lil bit of service thingy but not in detail. Plus we don't have ID to log in to help them! Then aunties around mumbling, nagging, murmuring around about who was behind this and who was the one approve the leave. I laughed out loud in my heart. Lol. Who cares?

Luckily, I was busy with the claims. All in sudden staff want to claim December's claim in December. Yes, pretty confusing. It works like this, you can submit the claim for this month before or on the 5th next month. In other word, you submit claim for this month on 5th next month. Got it? Lol. I will finish them all by Friday. No problem.

My lucky day, our board director bought us lunch. Guess what? Kari Ikan semilang (saltwater catfish curry)! Haha. Its my favorite! Together with bean sprout cooks with coconut milk, crunchy dried fish, some ulam (raw veggie) with sambal belacan (shrimp paste with chilies)! Finger licking good let me tell you!

After eating lunch, no mood for reading today. Shooting some enemies on LAN (Counter Strikes) with not-so-sweet sirap (syrup with red preservative) till 2pm.

Oh btw, we had blood donation today in the office. This time I didn't donate. My condition didn't allow. I really wish I can donate but with some advises from family and friends, I didn't do it. What I like instead of helping people, we can go home 2 hours earlier. So, I won't be stucked in the traffic jam as its not a good idea stuck in the jam with my backache.

5.30pm mom called. She needed to stay till 5.30pm. Need to get done things by today. Great. Stayed till 5.30pm and drove to KOMTAR to fetch her. Luckily the traffic wasn't bad.

Reached home cit chat with mom (I tried not to think about the heartache) and off for shower. Mom went out with sis and on their way, they bought dinner. Char koey teow for me.

Was too tired. As usual, when too tired. I fell asleep right after YMing and SMSing with some friends. Awake at 4am. Switched off light and continue sleeping.

Now its 7am and my mind not 100% concious.


  1. Hope and peace for this holiday season and for a fantastic 2009!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. mike - hope you will have a wonderful new year mike! :)

  3. How was ur back pain? Still aching?

  4. cahaya - my back is getting better :)

  5. =)same with us...

  6. nazr - same with you? er?

  7. ye arr.. collection pun sama gak, tapi xla smp 0 cm admin tu.. huhuh... dasat tol..

  8. nazr - ya. ni sampai service sorang pun takdak. tinggal finance saja haha! lawak pulak rasa.

  9. cmna leh jadik cmtu? bkn ada planning cuti ka? at least kena ada sorg dua yg leh cover, kn?..

  10. nazr - tu le. masalahnye semua org pelik sapa yg approve haha. sekali dengan cc pun cuti. tapi prob kecik je tuh. biase je.

  11. Happy holidae admar !!

  12. dear - ikan sembilang ler. awat cummel sangat semilang ni? *buek*

    Donate blood - seumur idup i, i donated once and 15minutes after that, i can't walk already. terbaring da.

    FYI - even until today, i tak pernah miss to try but tak pernah jugak berjaya. last attempt was in august - failed! kali yang ke-11 =(

  13. ann - happy holiday ann!

    doll - eh silap eja lak hehe. nak jadi cikgu BM ek? keke.

    best wor leh donate blood. rasa happy sangat! ;) i ab+ you?

    fail sebab weight ke?


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