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Friday, December 26, 2008

Outing on Christmas

Its almost 2am and I just finish packing. I like to write down the items list and tick those already in the bag. I hate to know that I forgot to bring this and that when I'm on vacation or away from home.

Why so late?

I went out with my best friend again. You know, we are counting days for him to go to Sarawak. So, since I have things to buy too we decided to go to QueensBay Mall. The plan was at 1pm but then I texted him to tell that we should make it later as Backstreetboys live on TV! Lol. He replied ok.

About 2pm drove to his house and fetch him.

As I assumed, it was crowded. Not only in the mall, but outside! Parking was full and we were lucky enough to get parking near the white building. We stuck in the traffic jam for about an hour. But luckily he got lots of jokes to tell!

First thing we did, went to Converse. It was just a small shop. I suppose the one in Gurney is bigger. But I still need to buy shoes today. So, took a look and walked away. Went to some other shops to check some other brands. Others sucks.

Went to Jean Station to find something nice. The brown faded jeans was cute. But the cutting from Lee was ugly. After fitting, I decided not to buy.

Went to Converse again. This time I bought the red stripe. The salesboy told me that the green one is the latest but I still prefer the red one. Green to match with jeans? Eww! Paid.

Went to shades shop. Looked for something similar like what Michael Scofield wears in Prison Break. Lol. Found exactly the same from the same brand. RM700+. After consideration, cancel the plan.

Went to Levi's. One of the 505 looks nice. Grab one. Fitting room. Paid. Then we were hungry.

Before that I need socks for my shoes. I want a short one. Went to House of Socks. But they were pretty expensive. Ajil suggested me to go to Jusco. Found some cute ones. Bought. The queue was damn long. Just to pay for the socks. Sigh.

Then went to TGI Friday. Lucky it was not packed yet. You know... Christmas. Everywhere were overloaded with peoples. We managed to get the booth seats. Yay! I ordered fish and chips and chocolate milkshake. Ajil ordered burger and strawberry milkshake. Damn, he didn't tell me that ice lemon tea and soft drink can be refilled forever! Lol.

Went to Borders Starbucks to get some info about countries. Only latte for the discussion.

Went to Jusco to grab toothbrush and some items for Ajil. Then took him to Bayan Lepas and drove home.

So, these are what I bought.

I'm still full now but I have to eat Nurul's cooking before go to bed. I love her foods and I don't want to upset her if she knows I don't eat.

Will be leaving tomorrow in the evening after work by bus. Off to Muar! Will find time if I can be online but if I don't, see you when I'm coming back on 31st.

Take care all!


  1. 1st time nk comment ni..:p mamat ni aku kenal zaman college dulu..dia ni mmg baik gila tanya ja favor from him sure he will help u as possible as he can..wah pujian tu
    amboi dahsyatnya shopping ah walaupun jam pun redah ja ah..perfectionist lah syg ni..:p x apa janji u happy with ur choices ni mesti brg2 yg nk dibawa bsama time vacation...betui x?sedapnya mknan tu..fnchips & burgey looks yummy...latte not my choice i prefer pure chocolate from coffee bean:p
    tumbs up to ajil..wah dh handsome ah now..k.x yah comments pjg2 satgi kwn aku ni takut pula nk baca & reply

  2. HUwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TGI FRIDAY !!!!! I really miss it, kenapa la xda d sabah =( =( =( =( =(
    Have a nice vaccay dear ;) ;)

  3. w00t! go hv lots of fun :D

    xmas means SALE SALE SALE SALE!!
    like super sale! 80% off! HARHAR
    no wonder the queue is like.. uber panjang =.=
    blew up the super best shopping mood, kan? =P

  4. bro,

    have a good holiday and a nice trip to Muar. Don't forget tickle your taste bud at that famous restaurant which sell Mee kari Muor.

  5. Wah wah wah banyaknya shopping! Since you bought so many cool stuff for yourself no need lah gift from me rite? :P Hehehehe

  6. Btw, hope you have fun in Muar!!!! Document the trip and take lots of pictures for us ya? Happy Holidays!

  7. Hey, it stated Bottomless Drinks in the Menu lor. :)

    Haven't tried the FishNChips yet but it look delicious. Burger pun sangat tempting!

    By the way, your friend is too handsome to be a teacher. Abis la kena ngorat ngan orang sana. Kalau i jadi anak murid, taknak balik sekolah, nak sekolah je. Huhu. Subject ape eh dia ajar?

    Bukan ke u nak shopping shades and shoes je? Ada tambahan plak. Hehe.

  8. Ops! Have fun in Muar yer. Jgn lupa ambil banyak gambar makanan. Hehe.

  9. wow Starbucks i love it hehe
    by the way faisal how's your Christmas now hope you had a great one

  10. suituapui3:39 PM

    That one ur friend coming to Sarawak? U never mentioned which part leh? If other part, maybe I've got friend...can help also!

    P.S. U like Backside...oops, I mean Backstreet Boys? Eyew!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  11. Wow! A day of shopping and eating? I like that except can't stand the crowds! Have a nice holiday in Muar. I guess by now, no more back pain?

  12. hi dear...errmm nice vacation ya...elle sendiri pun tak decide..then till now still at penang-SP..ha ha..bukan nak ajak hu...anyway..have a nice holiday...don't forget to buy me something...he he...take care..

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. haha, suituapui is kinda cunning. How on earth he wana laugh his ass out?..

  15. Btw, my buddy friend also a Converse fan.

  16. happy holiday faisal !!!
    love ur new shoes
    smart !

  17. erm.. happy holidae..

  18. Enjoy u r holiday.
    Salam Maál Hijrah 1430.

  19. Wow, you stayed back an hour for Backstreet Boys, huh? LOL!

    Anyways, hope you enjoy your holidays, Faisal and I hope next year will be a better year for all of us! :) Take care, ya?

    Oh, btw.. it's Rozie's birthday today. Still haven't gotten her a gift. She's gonna kill me. LOL!

  20. Salam Maal Hijrah, May Allah crown us with the best of iman, health, wealth and peace of mind in the New Year.

    enjoy ur hols

  21. Hey Dear...
    Green with jeans is ok la...
    My fav colour tu!
    Shioknyer shopping sakan =)

    Have a great time at Muar ya?
    Have fun and be noti!

  22. achik - haha! agak panjang nih. boleh kena saman wor!

    ala kisah lama tu. tolong menolong tu biase la. achik pun ada tolong faisal gak kan :P ingat lagik masa kolej dulu kan. siap ada badminton lah, theater lah, bola lah... macam2 lagik. paling best... time computer la! programming!

    ye barang2 tu utk di bawa ke muar :P dah abis pakai pun.

    ajil dapat mukah, sarawak. malam ni nak lepak2 dengan dia kat mc d airport. layan new year kat situ hehe. lepak mana new year?

    ann - next time nak try rib eye kat tgi hehe! sedap kot.

    adila - alamak cakap sale baru teringat lupa nak beli kasut aldo... sale 70% adoi! ni gara-gara layan tido masa balik muar le ni. letih apa tah.

    drsam - eh mee kari? or mee bandung? *confuse*

    rosie - nak tuntut xmas gift dari bkk! muahahaha

    rosie - i did. but where's the gift? muahahahaha.

    cahaya - hehe tu le. shade tengok price 700+ terus cancel lol. dia memang handsome. nak kenal ke? hehe. dia dapat mukah, sarawak. tak best kan? :P

    cahaya - hehe i did :P enjoy k...

    blue - yes hehe i love starbucks too. xmas here pretty dull. people are busy with shopping instead of celebrating it. lol. you know... sales are everywhere! merry xmas blue!

    suituapui - he will be posted to mukah. any friend there?

    backside? omg! hahahahahahahah

    foong - hehe no more. thank god! i really had a great time there... lots of foods too! i hate traffic jam and a crowded mall! :P

    elle - hehe ikut zaza jumpa bf dia ke? or bf elle sekali? har!

    joseph - go and get his ass instead! lol.

    joseph - buddy? colleague? converse is pretty cool. simple! :)

    lily - happy new year lily :) hehe thanks... biase2 je.

    abir - happy new year budak nakal :P

    ismail - salam maal hijrah :)

    shemah - omg! i thought you bought it days ago? haha! she got bkk trip so she won't get so mad i guess :P

    yes i hope we will have a better year in 2009 :)

    yes i love bsb a lot. you know... they are my idol since i were... 14? kevin is my idol. his coolness...!

    - salam maal hijrah bro! :)

    doll - green hard to match le kekek. tak le sakan mana pun. sikit je tu.

    noti? i ni kan pemalu mana leh noti :P


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