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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nurul & Daddy's birthdays

Grandpa = Dec 11.
Sister (Nurul) = Dec 12.
Daddy = Dec 13.

What say you?

Yes. They were born in a row. Nobody is going to miss any of these birthdays.

So, early in the morning of Dec 13 (we planned to go before midnight of Dec 12, they are not good in planning lol) we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC - I know to us Malaysian we would know what is KFC about... I just explain to those who ain't Malaysian :)) to celebrate 2 birthdays at once. There is once KFC which is very near to our house and opened 24 hours. Cool isn't it? :)

When I reached home from work I was too tired. Reached home, lock my door and went naked, jumped onto bed and passed out.

Woke up at 9pm and I felt fresh. My head not so heavy as earlier. Head was full with craps -- works and my own little love story. Love story? Craps.

Then mom told me that we need to go to sister's house as none of them were awake including my bro in law and niece. Oh sleeping beauty and the sleeping parents :P

I was still blur. Went to shower. Get some cold water (my heater was kaput since ages ago!) onto my smooth athletic body :P and my mind starts thinking. Thinking about things that happen lately. Why love someone who can't love you back 100% and have to divide the love to 2 persons? No. This is me. I will try my best to get what I want, but if the thing keep running away from me or resist to make it happens then I will get fed up. Enough is enough.

Ok, enough with what I was thinking in the shower.

Done with shower. Drove family to sis's house and Dayah and Dy went up to knock the door till they get up. Not that hard though.

Then we drove to petrol station. I need to get some cash. Petrol station was closed. Went to Maybank in Bayan Baru, the machine was out of service.

Then I just drove to KFC and hoping that they accept Visa as my Maybank debit card (don't you know the latest Maybank ATM card?) can work as Visa credit card too (nice trick yo to clean up the mess in our account? lol). When reach there, I saw there's a sign at the counter saying they accept MasterCard. Damn. Went to the cashier and asked her... ok fine Visa can be used. Fuh...! (while I'm writing this it rains all in sudden... replace my tears eh?).

I ordered some foods (mom wanted more, told you mom that we are tend to buy more than we needed when we are hungry... so girls please eat before you buy groceries or even shopping!). Then we waited for sleeping family to come. About 20 mins they reached and we started the party.

I got myself 2 drumsticks (hey! I know you don't eat drumstick lol... remember we went to KFC at 4am? there you go again) and ate some cheesy wedges, fries, whipped potato and some coleslow. The party was fun and followed by giving out presents.

I was busy playing with my niece. She loves me a lot... (does she knows she is going to get anything she wants when she grows up? haha).

We went home at 3am.

Reached home, got my toothbrush and facial wash and then jumped onto bed again.

Happy birthday sis and daddy! (we should go to steamboat restaurant, but who is gonna open till that late?)


  1. lols. sleeping family. *isk3*

    finally we have the latest photo of our family, aite ? (:

    nway, thanks bro for the foods.

  2. yeps. it was like long time ago we had the last great frame.

    no problem.

    steamboat next? ;)

  3. lols. steamboat ?
    who's gonna treat ? (:


    or maybe we make steamboat using yours 'steamboat thingy' ?

  4. haha both also can. i pay ler :P long time didn't use this cooker la... bila nak buat?

  5. tomorrow maybe ?

    jom2. later we buy all the things (:


  6. err, you both duduk serumah, sebumbung kan?

  7. eh? nak comment post, bukan nak comment comments! ahakz!!!

    i like this post... rasa warm sikit =)

  8. my sis yang dah kawin tu duduk asing :) hmm... warm ek? maybe kot.

  9. i mean, you and Hidayah Admar?

  10. yes. bawah 1 bumbung :)
    lucky me she loves to cook haha.

  11. hadoi! kat comments ada post.
    kat shout out pon ada...
    macam jauh je korang ni.
    sabar je la *buek*

  12. hehe tahu tak... dalam 1 rumah my sis and my mom even text messaging via cell ok! haha

    an since we are using wifi at home msn and ym pun jadi :P

  13. hehehhehheee...
    macam dalam katun kalau pening and then pengsan tu?

  14. haha. boleh ke macam tu :P
    hmm off to shower. nak bawa parent to balik pulau. makan masakan kampung ;) nak ikut?

    tapi tak sempat la.
    you go ahead, nanti balik cerita ok?
    makan for me tau!
    take care Dear! *muah*

  16. hehe ok :) balik i cerita nanti... tengok lah kalau rajin i snap some pics. tapi selalu memang i malas giler snap pic! :)

  17. hehehheheee...
    snap please!
    nak jugak tengok some pic on atas bukit balik pulau tu camana rupa?!

    but then again, kalau malas.
    no worries.
    the most pon, i will ajak you to go when i'm in penang nanti =)

  18. hehe ok i will try for you :) keadaan atas bukit or lauk?

  19. sis cook. so cancel the plan. we are heading to her house then keke.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. wow...nice to see your family's photo, begitu bahagia!!! :)
    Happy B'day to ur daddy and sister ya.
    i will buy you steamboat on ur b'day :)

  22. Happy birthday sis and daddy. Huhu. :) May they live happily years come.

    About your love life, I thought you already over it? You dont, dont you? Erk.

    Most people don't like drumstick, me included. I love cheesy wedges and KFC's salad.

    p/s: so you sleep naked, huh? haha.

  23. wah..besday dekat2..teja n ayah pun dekat2 gak..tpi xpernah celebrate..apa rasanya celebrate besday ye? :)

    works and my own little love story. Love story? Craps.
    -buat keje lek lok..jgn nak motivate/bebel lagi skali... ;p..ur little love story tu pun, sbg pengajaran..apa ygh patut di buat..n apa yg patut dijauhi..

    Enough is enough
    -good..bukak buku baru..

    **happy family..harap berkekalan ur happiness... :)

  24. oh mai~

    KFC!!! i'm craving for it!!! grrrr xD
    i lurve drumsticks! haha

    anyway, happy birhday to them both :D

  25. Dear u looks so tired! Hahahah
    WOW ! I loved ur family members birthday combination, 11,12,13

    me n my siblings almost same also..

    Its 28(my bro) , 29 (me) , my sister (30)

    But not like u leh, all in december

    my siblings all different month.

    Bro (28 january)
    Me (29 october)
    Sister (30 june)

  26. hej!, three days in a row! happy birthday to them and have a blast celebration!...;-)

  27. keith - hehe thank you :) now i smile after the whole day with a serious looking face.

    - thanks for the greeting.

    about my love life? i wonder if it was love at the first place. i don't know whether the person really love me. nevermind... just forget it.

    i love the salad too with chicken popcorn.

    p/s: yes i sleep naked, feel like a baby who just born.

    teja - celebrate birthday best sangat. at least boleh tenangkan fikiran yang dah macam nak gila ni. sekejap pun jadi lah kan.

    entah... masih confuse dengan love life yang ada ni.

    nak buka chapter baru pun tak tahu chapter apa yang nak dibuka.

    - will let them know. i love drumstick too... but someone loves chicken breast :)

    ann - oh hehe different month cannot count ler :P yes i was tired of struggling and fighting my own emotion. dying inside you know?

    danial - thanks bro. i will let them know.

  28. ke..maybe sbb leh kumpul ramai2, tu yg tenang fikiran sket..lupa jap masalah kot..

    :) xtau nak bukak ngn chpter apa?biasala tu..semua benda kena take time sket...berdoa je la ye..heee

  29. hmm malas nak buka chapter baru... jom terjun bangunan jadi superman?

  30. chapter baru kna sentiasa bukak...

    haha..malangnya, kita bukan superman..xpsl2 kang mati katak...

  31. hmm. malas nak buka. malas nak fikir. malas nak senyum. nak sembunyi dalam selimut.

  32. up to u...
    ur life,ur heart,ur feeling..
    buatlah apa yg patut.. :)

  33. eating pudding now. with strawberry and passion fruit. look at the sky... the stars are shining

  34. lols.
    to porcelain : we all suka save tenaga jalan. hahaha ! alang2 dah on9, msg sajer (:

  35. Eh ! Where is bobo?? And ur Grandpa?

    Hmm struggling with ur emotion and dying inside? wah, what happened?

  36. dayah - yeah right. that is what we called lazy :P

    - bobo busy in kl. grandpa passed away years ago.

    hmm. its too complicated to tell :)

  37. I have two brothers like that with their birthdays really close together.

  38. thats one big happy family! happy birthday to everyone and I think it's wonderdul to have close birthdays. the only 2 people who share about the same birthday are my sis and Daryn. Daryn's birthday is on the 6th april while my sis on the 3rd april!

  39. oh...another! do we need to know that you sleep naked?!!! DUH! LOL LOL LOL

  40. tammy - oh that is cool hehe and you can celebrate your hubby and his bro's birthday on the same date!

    farah - haha thanks farah. yes you guys need to know me first! lol.

  41. Wah 3 in a row is an awesome coincidence kan? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ur grandpa, ur sis and ur Dad! :):):)

  42. I had KFC yesterday he he! Prefer hot n spicy to the original. :)

  43. Also, thanks for the MPG bear name! Don't forget to have ur post here if u like to make ur entry official okay? Happy Monday! :):):)

  44. mariuca - yes what a coincidence eh? i like hot and spicy too better than the original recipe :)

    i will make an official entry regarding it ok? my life is kinda mess up now lol.

  45. 10Q so much lanje aritue... bila nk lanje the ship lak??

  46. tunggu ada 10 pc. then the ship anytime :P

    kalau setakat steamboat anytime le haha.

  47. Wah.. so cute while holding the kid :) Happy belated birthday for all of you :):)

  48. the kid is cute or me? haha. thanks for the greeting :)


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