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Friday, December 19, 2008

Male circumcision lowers cervical cancer risk: Study

WASHINGTON: Three studies published on Wednesday add to evidence that circumcision can protect men from the deadly AIDS virus and the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

The reports in the Journal of Infectious Diseases are likely to add to the debate over whether men -- and newborn boys -- should be circumcised to protect their health and perhaps the health of their future sexual partners.

Dr. Bertran Auvert of the University of Versailles in France and colleagues in South Africa tested more than 1,200 men visiting a clinic in South Africa.

They found under 15% of the circumcised men and 22% of the uncircumcised men were infected with the human papilloma virus, or HPV, which is the main cause of cervical cancer and genital warts.

"This finding explains why women with circumcised partners are at a lower risk of cervical cancer than other women," they wrote in their report.

A second paper looking at US men had less clear-cut results, but Carrie Nielson of Oregon Health & Science University and colleagues said they found some indication that circumcision might protect men.

The circumcised men were about half as likely to have HPV as uncircumcised men, after adjustment for other differences between the two groups.

In the third report, Lee Warner of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and colleagues tested African-American men in Baltimore and found 10 percent of those at high risk of infection with HIV who were circumcised had the virus, compared to 22 percent of those who were not.

"Circumcision was associated with substantially reduced HIV risk in patients with known HIV exposure, suggesting that results of other studies demonstrating reduced HIV risk for circumcision among heterosexual men likely can be generalized to the US context," they wrote.
Studies supporting circumcision to reduce HIV transmission had all been done in Africa and US studies were less clear.

Dr. Ronald Gray of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and colleagues said they found the reports encouraging.

"In the United States, circumcision is less common among African American and Hispanic men, who are also the subgroups most at risk of HIV," they wrote in a commentary.

"Thus, circumcision may afford an additional means of protection from HIV in these at-risk minorities."

But they noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend routine circumcision for newborns.

"As a consequence of this AAP decision, Medicaid does not cover circumcision costs, and this is particularly disadvantageous for poorer African American and Hispanic boys who, as adults, may face high HIV exposure risk," Gray and colleagues wrote.

"It is also noteworthy that circumcision rates have been declining in the US, possibly because of lack of Medicaid coverage."

Medicaid is the state-federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

Thirty-three million people globally are infected with AIDS, which has no cure and no vaccine. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world, with 20 million people in the United States infected. It causes cervical cancer, which kills 300,000 women globally every year. - Reuters


I got this article from lelucon.
Are you ready guys? Lol!!!


  1. They used to do that here years ago, but not anymore.

  2. abg ni..
    jom sunat..

  3. erk! Faisal blom ke?

  4. here in Phil its always been a tradition that every men should be circumcised
    thanks for dropping by at my site faisal
    have a great weekend

  5. waaa... useful information on guys.. Lol..

  6. There's a lot of things in Islam which are done with reasons, only that we need to study why.

  7. Thanks God...hehehehe....i know u know...hehehehe...

    Bro...wish u have a bless friday!!!


  8. slamat hr jumaat :)
    rasanya banyak lg kot good effect die :)

  9. lets jom!
    and it start with you! *wink*

    psst, share la your story when you had yours cut! hahahhaahhaa!!!

  10. Is it hurt? @_@

  11. Circumcision started with ancient religion of Jews, thousands of years before Islam existed. Please get the fact right, guys.

  12. ade pengalaman jg adik..huhu..ngeri je...

  13. tammy - i know most americans are cut and most europeans are uncut :) but i don't know about canadian hehe

    abir - haha dah sunat le :P

    cahaya - dah lew :P

    blue - oh... that's good. prevention is always better than cure right? :)

    jard - hehe nak jadi doktor bedah plak ke?

    farah - yes. a lot of things found these days were written long time ago in al-quran :)

    mango - ops! explain :P

    wan - hehe. i don't know. explain please :P

    as - please elaborate :) nak tahu gak kelebihan yang lain.

    doll - haha start from me? i'm cut ok :P share experience? omg! you kidding right?

    ann - only sissy cries lol :P

    - i look at my post nothing related. i look at the comment, still nothing related. which fact joseph?

  14. ixora - ngeri? haha nampak je ngeri. takde apa pun.

  15. Faisal, syabil's party will be at berjaya hotel. starting at 5pm. level 6- see the invitation card in my blog for details. come over la?

  16. Good lah kalau betul. Jangan alasan org putih utk sunat aje ..he he You know lah, lepas sunat tu, apa jadi sama barang tu.. he he

  17. farah - will try to make it ok? :)

  18. ismail - er, apa jadi ek? :O

  19. Interesting! I know about the benefits of circumcision yet I'm uncut : )

  20. foong - you plan to cut or just prefer uncut? :)

  21. Faisal, I'm in reply to Farah's earlier statement.

  22. joseph - i already check her comment did she says jews were later? no. why being so aggressive/defensive when someone mentioning islam? respect is all what we need. thanks.

  23. Fact & truth are all we need before respect.

  24. joseph - i refer to my post and comment, still you are not referring to any :)

    thanks for showing some interest.

  25. Haha! At the moment it's uncut : )

  26. foongpc - oh ok :) some people prefer it that way i know.

  27. always say no to's not clean..


  28. axim - haha but still individual preference.

  29. Axim, why didn't God just cut it right away when He created men? Why did He leave foreskin for men? If you said it's not clean then you meant God is not clean?

  30. joseph - god gives us brain to think. same goes with good and bad thing. if you are saying that way, is that mean you are saying that god should make everybody good and there is no bad thing at all in the world?

    same goes like pork is unhealthy. remember even its written in your bible?

    being defensive eh? ;)

  31. the Bible says: 'we can do all things but not all are beneficial to us; we can try all things but not to the extent to be controlled by it.'

    That's what I call a universal teaching that is true across time and space. As it's our brains that we use to judge what is good and what is bad from time to time :)

    Btw, pork is not considered unclean after Jesus. Because He redeems all those who believe in Him :)

    Besides, food needs to be clean before we eat it. Just as your food poisoning was not due to pork right? We need wisdom and to use our brains in our daily lives.

  32. joseph - In the book of Leviticus, chapter 11, v. 7, it is recorded that God declares the pig to be unclean for believers. Then, in verse 8, God says: “You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.” This command is repeated in Deuteronomy 14:7-8. Then, in Isaiah 65:2-4, and 66:17, God issues a stern warning against those who eat pork.

  33. Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Isaiah are books of old testament. Now we live in era of New testament after the birth of man's savior, Jesus Christ. His birth cleanses all 'unclean' stuff in the old and makes the laws complete. Therefore we are now in the era of grace :o)


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