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Sunday, December 07, 2008

DVD ROM is not working!

The device manager. Can you see some items that are not installed properly?

DiVX problem.

Real Player...

Kindly click on the pictures for bigger image.

Great! My friend do not have much time to go shopping and he has limited time until 4pm. I don't like to choose thing in hurry and to run here and there for stuff that I need not really my cup of tea. So, I cancel the shopping plan and told him maybe we can go some other days. I know he needs to entertain his fussy grandma (even though he is just arrive home from Kangar) decorate the house with his grandma style (eww, I hate when someone tells me what to do!). Not to mention she love nagging and yelling. Typical. Plus, I understand he is kinda hurry to pack things for his honeymoon in Turkey! Enjoy the honeymoon mate.

Instead of going out shopping all by myself, which I plan to hang out at Starbucks after shopping (nothing much to shop just some shoes -- Yonex badminton shoes, Power jogging shoes and Converse casual white shoes to match with my jeans). I can't imagine me alone in Starbucks drink while talking to myself (miss the blueberry cheese cake). Crap.

I choose to stay at home. Ok, DVD time! But my plan gets stuck. Why? The DVD all in sudden could not be played! Can you imagine that? Told you before that I borrowed Prison Break 3 seasons and almost done with the season 1. Yes, the 6th DVD ending for Season 1 the two last episodes when he pointed the gun to the warden. Last week the DVD ROM was fine. Weird... very weird! Sigh. I start to hate Compaq laptop. Let me know if anyone wanna buy it... gonna change to Mac Book. Grr...

I hope someone could help me solving this problem. I have sent question to forum and asked around in YM but seems like I didn't find any answer yet.

P/s: Off... continue reading after cold shower. It's pretty hot here!


  1. actually im not expert in pc software,.. but i recently having a same prob wif this..

    mine,.. due to reformating pc,
    occur when not properly installed the drivers,.

    failure in compatible the drivers wif d'window type also might contribute to this problem,.

    i suggest to reinstalled both software and driver related.
    u cn get them at hp website for free.

  2. Anies - Do you know anything about Coprocessor or SM Bus controller? I think the problem start from here. But last time if I am not mistaken the problem already there just that I don't understand why all in sudden it react now.

    You are using Vista? I am using XP and so many drivers are not compatible with Compaq Presario V3000. I try to find buyer for Compaq now. Kinda fed up :(

    Let me know if there is anything you know Anies. I really need some solutions :(

  3. now i guess u hv better understanding on pc than me,..thehe

    am convertd vista to WindowXP..

    doing fultime research,..

    n you, department?

  4. anies - hehe nah, i am not good in hardware thingy if it happen that the problem involve with hardware. as long as it is involve with software then i will try to figure it out.

    vista is very annoying eh? :) lots of peoples said so.

    full time research? wow! hehe i know post graduate course is very expensive :P usually people needs sponsorship :)

    i'm working with income tax... inland revenue board sounds weird eh? hehe.

  5. I hope someone could help me solving this problem

    -beli baru..
    :) skang kan pc fair kat penang...

    xpun, try tnya kat sni..adam ni pandai bab2 pc2 ne..

  6. adoi ni baru beli je bulan may tak silap. kalau ada orang nak beli ok la jugak kalau beli baru. ada tak member² nak beli compaq presario v3713au? :)

    thanks for the link :)

  7. Haii..neddy tak teror bab2 software hardware nih...

    Neddy juz drop by here to wish u Selamat Hari raya Aidilfitri tuk faisal...:) *wink2*

  8. selamat hari raya aidiladha :) aidilfitri dah lepas le hehe.

  9. owh..baru beli..sja ja kot lptop tu nak uji tuan dia..wah..bestnya if ada org nak tolong beli..hehe..

    erm..stakat skang..xtau la ada mmber nak beli ke x..y not try jual kat internet..mna tau..ada tgh mencari ke..

    u r most welkem..harap adam leh tolong..

  10. hmm nanti nak advertise dalam blog lah hehe :P nak beli mac book kalau ada rezeki.

  11. good idea! :)
    try advertise kat ebay sama..pasaran dia lagi meluas kot..kui3..uih~~semenjak blaja marketing nie.haha...

    Insyaallah...kumpul je duit..Insyaallah leh beli..hehe..

  12. hehe. better kot kalau pasaran malaysia? sebab ebay orang malaysia tak ramai kan kat sana?

    doakan ye ;)

  13. try ebay malaysia..apa pun..selamat menjual..hehe

    ye..teja doakan untuk semua2nya la..

  14. why don't you try lowyat forum?u know how popular lowyat is for IT stuff.
    the exact reason i didn't buy compaq is bcuz of the incompatibility of the drivers if we choose to use XP.
    though all the chinese prefer compaq compared to acer..i guess it depends on the compaq version that suits xp.
    though i really tried HARD not to buy acer, under tight budget that was all i could being an anti-vista doesn't really help.
    since the motherboard of laptops nowadays mcm semuanya made for vista, it gets annoying because they won't let u install xp.
    kalau tak i wanted to buy toshiba instead.
    ugh.mac seems soo like far away for me now.
    tp, whatever it is, greatful my acer is being helpful.alhamdulillah.
    hehe.sorry for barging in like this.
    tech makes u crazy.

  15. ya id, kinda agree with you. compaq looks classy but then its made for vista even though you can choose either free dos (which mean xp or others) and vista. vista eats lots of memory which i don't like and also hate the silly security alerts.

    mac book is pretty simple and easy to deal. i suppose.

    oh ya another thing is the built in cam for compaq. i realize that it keeps hanging whenever you use it. at first i thought i should blame the connection but then friend told me (the one who bought exactly the same like mine) its the webcam fault! ah ok. another damn thing. but who to blame?

    i really think of selling it... even though i just use it for a while and i know the price is going to drop like there is nobody business :(

    in case you got friend who wanna buy compaq. maybe you can let me know ok? everything seems fine just unless he/she wanna use the mic!

  16. will let u know for sure.
    am no tech geek tp my acer is behaving weird with the built-in webcam.
    and when i googled the problem..all they suggested was installing vista.
    again..the minimum memory i need is like 2gig.
    and tu pun vista will run normally i supposed???
    i wonder nnt kalau windows 7 keluar mcm mana.

  17. vista need 4G ram for running smoothly. if you are using 2G please don't. that is why i don't use vista. troublesome. i'm kinda perfectionist and to know that my laptop is running wild with no mic and silly webcam, its hard to bear. now its worse when the dvd rom acting funny! :)

    do you know before they launch vista it was called long horn. do you know how long they took to launch beta version then all in sudden change to vista. hehe ages!

  18. erkkk ..
    i dont have the answer

    sorry babe !!

    kenapa x try gi hantar kedai comp and ask them to check ..

    or maybe ur frens yg pakar bab2 nih

  19. hehe lily, sorry lupa buat post yang problem solved. kawan game dulu pakar laptop rupanya... dia tolong solve kan. semua dah kembali ke asal :)

  20. good to hear it. I am not sure I will be offering any help :)

  21. bcd, hehe the good thing is previous post about computer stuff has helped some bloggers. i got some "thank you" emails from them. glad that i could help them hehe.

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