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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hang out with best friend

I planned to go shopping shoes, shades and jeans with my best friend who is just coming back from Turkey with his lover ;) but the plan had been canceled because his lover insist to meet him right after a bad news occur.

What was the bad news? Ok, he had been going through an interview, a course and practical for teacher. He passed all of them and he was hoping to get posted somewhere in Peninsular. Not Borneo of course. Sadly, the result was not on his side. Instead of me being shock, his family and lover were absolutely in despair.

So, it is ok to cancel the shopping plan and let him meet his lover.

Around 7pm, he texted me asking whether I still want to go out for coffee. I replied "Ok. Make it 8.30pm and I fetch ya". He replied ok.

I haven't eaten dinner and nothing in my mind except Old Town (even though I hate their too spicy Asian Delights!).

Fetched him at 8.30pm and had to pass the wedding invitation cards to my 2 aunties. From relative who I don't really know... even pronounced their name wrongly to auntie lol.

Reached Old Town about 9pm and I ordered Hor Fun with cold white coffee and he ordered butter kaya toast with hot white coffee. It was windy and as usual I prefer to stay outside rather than inside eventhough I don't smoke.

While waiting for the foods and drinks he passed me 2 albums of him in Turkey. Turkey is such a beautiful country I'd say. So, he told me the whole experience while he was there... we had a good laugh.

Then came to the depressing part, posting.

Nothing best I could do was to calm him down. I just told him that he needs to take it easy and do not forget about Venice and Paris trip next year. Then he smiled.

Then the conversation changed to my boring work and his boring course.

I ordered another cup of coffee, hazelnut coffee. The name is sweet but the taste was so so. He just need sky juice as he said the coffee was too sweet. Neutralize so he said. Lol... I know the neutralize part just a good excuse for your brain to accept that it is ok to drink sweet thing but the fact is the amount of sugar still remain the same in your blood :P

Without we realized, time flied so fast. It was 3 hours of cit chatting and mom texted me to buy them nasi kandar with chicken and veggie.

I drove to Makbul nasi kandar in Bayan Baru and bought them what they want. Then drove him home. Surprisingly he gave me a sourvenier. Guess what? Yes it is a cute grey shirt written Istanbul at the front :) I was so happy and the word "thank you" had been repeated for thousand of times.

While driving home, I was thinking of overnight at "timun's" house but then I guess it was too late. Just simply wanna keep the romance out of dullness, boredum and lust. I don't know... don't even want to think about it. Let it be...



  1. ok lepas baca jadi speechless


    Allah knows best :)

  2. While I had the 7-Day program not very long ago, the nurses said the same thing as your friend have mentioned. About neutralize.

    My nurse example, if you eat 1 bowl of curry laksa, you have to take at least 4 glass of water to neutralize it. You know, all the toxin and 'air kotor' as she had mentioned. :) Betul kot. I don't how far this is right. :)

    About the posting thingy, I've had the same conversation with my friend as he will be sent to Sabah. I've heard the minimum years to serve there at least 3 years and above. Wah! Now kitorang semua suspen, kat ceruk mana la dia kene hantar. :(

    p/s: Lovely t-shirt. :) Who's timun? Jeng jeng jeng.

  3. salam...pengorbanan tu kena posting jauh2..but now semua dah dekat..air asia pun banyak dh

  4. Semuanya ada hikmahnya tu bro. always look at the brighter side.

    Sedap pula cerita pasal Old town roti bakar pagi-pagi ni.

  5. as - speechless? part mana tu :)

    - well, they have contract for 2 years. after 2 years they can quit if they want, but within 2 years they can't. if they do, they have to pay government back for RM85k. so, that's the deal.

    timun? someone i'm confuse about.

    arsaili - dia cerewet dalam makanan. sejak kecil lagi. ikan 100% dia tak makan. tu yang masalah. lover di penang, dah le setahun course di perlis dan perak untuk practical. then sambung di sarawak pula. kesian dia. nampak gayanya setahun sekali je la jumpa dia kot. dah le dia nak balik pun kena ikut cuti sekolah. nanti flight penuh lah etc. air asia tau je la... semua berebut nak naik sebab murah.

    drsam - i pun kasi advise dekat dia macam tu even though i tahu i pun tak mampu nak buat. that's why at the first place i tak nak jadi cikgu. yang i pelik, why should they post people this way? i mean inland revenue board used to post people like this too but after a while they come to a conclusion that posting people out of their hometown is not a good idea. wasting money and also giving a hard time for the new officers to adapt with the new environment. so, instead if giving them struggle, they give them comfy.

    post ke sarawak, what benefit can they get by the way?

    1st kena bayar elaun wilayah. takde cikgu di sarawak dah ke? tak logik sangat kan.

  6. omnia2:03 PM

    just curious. dont take it to heart. what's ur orientation?

  7. ohh 2 tahun ke? I thought 3 or more years. Wrong info maybe.

  8. ..ouucchh... he's not thinking of paying the rm85k?
    it's a big money, but it's his life
    rather that staying somewhere he doesn't want to, can he work well?

    on the other hand... if he thinks from a bright side, he might enjoy his time there :D
    -- quit after 2 yrs! :D

    p/s : pretty tee!!!

  9. omnia - i'm confuse. what orientation?

    cahaya - he told me 2 years. i don't know.

    - RM85k is really big amount of money. you can own a house with that amount of money (of course car too but i hate talking about liability).

    yes that is what he gonna do. but he still do the appealing stuff and the last result is tomorrow.

    p/s: thanks! :)

  10. nice t shirt! btw glad to know u had a good time with yr friend :)

  11. dat t-shirt was so nice!!

    it's even better if you put a pic with you in it..:)

    happy monday Blues!!


  12. quachee - yes. today (monday) is the last result for posting after the 2nd appeal. i hope he gets what he wants.

    axim - yes it is nice :) me with the shirt? haha it'd be a great disaster to the whole pic. not going to work... running in and out of toilet till 5am.

  13. the part of the story is nice because we always feel sad for the thing we didnt get but behind it, it might be something good for your friend and the best part is the shirt. LOL.. nice shirt dude..

    Hey Faisal, if you have time, I hope you can do some respond to this post - Why Become A Blogger?

  14. FYI, it is not only the amount of sugar that concerned. The density of the molecules also count. Like acid, the more concentrated the substance, the more effect it can make. so to reduce the effect is to 'neutralize' (lower density of molecules). And the normal way is by clear water (or pure water).

    Anyway, 2 cups for one outing? always like that ka? very rich ho! ... :)

  15. It's always great to spend time with best friend kan? Never mind lah if d topic is sad or whatever. I understand u r friend's feeling right now, but he must look it in positive manner or cari jalan alternative. Take it as blessing in disguise.

    Nice shirt btw. And oh yes, Turkey is such a beautiful country.

  16. Huhuh
    If he kena post at Borneo somewhere at KK / Kuching area. It should be great.
    Rather than those pendalaman areas like Pensiangan, Long Pasia and so on.
    He'll be a dead meat.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. freaky. im speechless, taktau ape nk respond. but i think it's kool that we still have frens with us, even tho we're deep in a mess. well. frens are the best. =)

  20. sabah?? hurm..mesti sedih kan..but pengorbanan tu...

    old town eik..
    i lurve the hor fun but certain time dpt plak udang yg tak best langsung..

  21. faizal - yes that is what he said. we are going to meet again in december i suppose for the plan.

    i will leave a comment there :)

  22. lelucon - oh so he was right then about neutralize the sugar content. next time i should do the same :)

    er, many things to talk. so the coffee make the conversation better :)

    ismail - yes it's a nice shirt. i hope he won't be sad and should i send him "leaving on a jet plane" mp3?

    yes, turkey is such a beautiful country. i wanna put my feet there someday :)

    ann - alamak. dead meat terus? not sure area mana. forgot to ask. my sis dapat offer mukah, sarawak. pendalaman ek?

    dayah - thanks sis.

    hanna - yes, the problem is i don't have many friends and this one is the one who knows me well and can get along as we have many things in common to share :)

    wahidah - old town pernah ke udang fresh? hehe selalu memang tak fresh jek. beli supermarket kot.

    dia kena posting ke sarawak :)

  23. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Sarawak not bad lah! Better than some Orang Asli settlement...especially if you get the towns - big or small. Got extra allowances, not in West. Many came and didn't want to go back - wat to do - in the end, had to go home! Which town specifically? Can give him my hp number if it's anywhere near Sibu... COMMENT FROM: Suituapui (who's having internet headaches and heartaches right now)

  24. suituapui - hehe ok will give him your number :) what is the problem with your internet?

  25. auwhhh... thank God that you finally get to see him and filled up your tummy =)

    i'm sure you have said what you need to say to him. well, tell him... everything happens for reason. plus, then you'll have a chance to go visit him, right? cheer up!

  26. doll - yeah, december next year i guess. hopefully thing goes well with the plan :)

  27. If Sarawak, Im not really sure but if in Sabah, I've heard "terrible" stories from my friends.

    I of my friend told me that she went through a jungle around 10 hours ++ to reach those rural areas. Duh.

    No internet and phone line at all.

    Astro only got 4 channels, Ria,Tv 1 ,2 and 3.


  28. ann - that is what he worries about. he told me his friend has no internet connection at all. worse, no cell phone signal!

    hopefully he will be teaching somewhere near town.


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