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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bottom Top

BOTTOM TOP is a story on Bertha, a 52-year-old mother, who is about to re-marry. Secretly, Bertha is trying to find a seating partner and ultimately a partner for her single gay son Melvin, and suggests men in her life. Starring Dato’ Faridah Merican & Mark Beau De Silva.

Who wanna go with me?

Dates & Times
12 - 13 Dec @ 8.30pm
RM25 / RM15 ONLY (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)
The Actors Studio @ Greenhall, Penang
04 263 5400


  1. Teater? I never seen any teaters ever in my life lolz.
    U know la, hidup terpencil at Sabah.
    But story seems nice, old mum and gay son ! Wahaha !

  2. I would love to, but Penang is too far away! : ) Are they showing this in KL too?

  3. I heard about this too. It's reminds me the time when I was in Paris. Love the theater there. Hey, don't forget to post about this later taw! I want to hear all about it :)

  4. Looks like a funny one! I wish!

  5. Bestke ek?..Funny?..

  6. Nak ikut! Boleh? Tapi jauhnye!

  7. Wahh.. mesti hebat ceritanya ni kan
    :( malangnya jauh huhuhu...
    need to swim from Sabah to go there

  8. nk ikootttt...=)

  9. Don't know that u into Teater? Memang suka or the NEW you? Ha ha ...

  10. nice! i want to! but is far =_=... want to go there and come! but already agree on something else. u know what xD

  11. I wish I could, but I bet either Syabil or Daryn would yell half way! LOL

  12. alah..awal sgt dia buat..kalo x leh join.. :)

  13. anda ditag..
    maaf lama x contact..

  14. Oooo! This sounds real fun! I wish they had stuff like this in KK :( So boring oh here...

  15. sounds interesting for me i wish we could have something like that here in phil

  16. go and watch it FAISAL!!!

    u wont regret! believe me~ i've been living with theaters for almost 7 years~ [i can say i prefer theaters more than movies~]

    spend a lil bit more on tickets but; its WORTH it! believe me:P

    and F.M is the best in this field in our country:)

    p/s:did i manage to make u go and buy urself a ticket now?:P

  17. Bestnya ...... nak sangat g tengok teater ni tapi jauhnya.....

  18. yepp ruginya ....

    aku kat k.l ....

    kalau tak, leh soh hang belanja ...

    wakakaka ....

  19. tak penah layan teater lagi nih...hehhe hehhe

    Salam Aidil Adha

  20. sounds interesting!

    i'd love to go watch theater!!!

  21. hej! faisal...just to wish you happy eid udha al mubarak...have a great celebration...

  22. Alakazam!

    Hola Faisal! You’re invited to join us on a BEARY-special meme, have fun! :)

  23. Sorry Faisal, the link is this one!

    Hola! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)

  24. Sure I'll go, but you have to explain it to my husband. LOL!

  25. Ann – I have involved with Italian play once. It was years ago before I start working with Inland Revenue Board. It was “Turandot” a piece by Giacomo Pacuni (not sure if I got his name correct). Such a very musical play :) You know Italian.

    Yes, I wonder how they make it interesting with the old mom who want to re-marry and at the same time seeking for his gay son a spouse. That is very open minded indeed. I heard that the actor aka director is gay. I am not being discriminative just that was what I have been told. Friend who watched it in KL last week told me it was a dull one. But if there is still someone who is willing to go with me then I will definitely go :)

    Foongpc – Sorry to tell you that they showed this play last week in KL. In case you want to catch the play in Penang, it will be showing on 12th and 13th.

    BCD – Was the Paris one good? I know nothing beats the Italian opera but not sure if there is any to compete. I am not sure to go as I got negative reply from friends via email and text messages on cell phone. If it happens that I go, surely I will write my own review :)

    Aisha – I bet so. Maybe someday Aisha… who knows? ;)

    Ad – Tak sure. Synopsis pun macam terlalu simple je. So, susah nak expect how the movie goes based on our own interpretation. Should be humorous kot but sad ending? Maybe.

    Cahaya – Nak ikut? Boleh je. Tak la jauh sangat kan. 4 jam je :)

    Etavasi – Haha Air Asia kan dah murah? Naik je Air Asia.

    Ixora – Be my guest :)

    Ismail – Hehe are you trying to figure out something beneath? :P

    Sakura – You mean the gathering? :) But it is on end of the month. No? I could not make it as I have to be in Muar from 26th to 30th :)

    Farah – Haha yes it is not a good idea to bring along little kids for a play :)

    Teja – Awal? Kenapa pula?

    Abir – Tag? Adus! :P

    – KK boring? I doubt. I love the seafood there. Beautiful place and scenery are everywhere! I bet if you are in Penang we could go together! :)

    Blue – Is there any Blue? Fly to Penang then hehe.

    MsRahah – Imagine you go for a play alone. It is fine I know but it would be so boring if I watch alone don’t you think? I know how good a play can be compared to movie in the cinema :)

    Sayang_Liedz – Ida datang je dengan Mie :)

    Razifembi – Haha Kul – Pen hanya 4 jam :)

    13May – Hehe turun Penang jom gi sama-sama ;) Salam Aidiladha!

    Adila – Poor thing is you are so far away hehe.

    – Thanks Danial for the wish :) Want some beef?

    – Hola dear. Hehe ok, I will join the meme.

    – Haha why don’t you bring your husband along?

  26. I heard that the actor aka director is gay --> No wonder he willing to act as a gay man. Huh !

    But if I'm in Kl now, definitely will ask you to watch this teater ! Wahah :D

  27. Haha yes Ann we should go watch together. Who knows someday in the future? :)

  28. iranienaz5:23 PM

    hmm... which date? i choose sat. with my partner =) c u there

  29. Iranienaz - I don't have partner or even friend to go with :(

  30. Iranienaz7:46 PM

    lol... y? hmm.. cry kan der? xpun pokcik azali..huhuh...sorg pun ok wat.. p ar sabtu..k?

  31. Dorang bukan suka tengok theater pun :(

  32. Iranienaz9:52 PM

    so u're going or not?

  33. no friend to go with. guess its a no :(

  34. Anonymous10:07 PM

    rugi beb.... p la.. sorang pun.. p sana ada ramai pa..hehe.

  35. adoi la. kalau pi sorang² sangat boring le pulak. dah beli tiket ke?

  36. Anonymous10:12 PM

    dh booking.. =) sabtu baru amik. dia ckp b4 start tu pun leh amik..
    kak linda xmau p ka?

  37. oh. tolong la booking lagi 2 tiket hehe. kalau linda tak nak pergi pun leh ajak adik ke :) eh btw, green hall tu kat mana? :P

  38. Anonymous11:02 PM

    ni mail org yg incharge tu.. klau xdpt cl nk booked, just mail dia pun ok.

  39. oh ok :) thanks. kalau jadi akan dimaklumkan ok? harap² tu jadi la :(

  40. Anonymous11:23 PM

    mmg kena p berteman ka? =) klau nzrh la, bila dh mmg nk p sgt 1 place tu, kalau xdak partner pun p gak.. tkut nyesal lak klau xp.. hmm. tp xtau lak bro camna.. mmg la kalau p sorg2 cm xdak sapa kta share story. tp just enjoy urself.. sometimes, single is the best thing.. But ONLY SUM TIMES.. not alwayz.. huhu..

  41. haha. sekarang ni pun memang tengah single dan pi mana pun sorang saja. malas nak pikir lah sejak break up years ago. kalau tanya orang lama di lhdn tu sure tahu cerita kot :)

    tapi theater nak pi tengok sorang rasa macam tak best. kalau naz gi tengok sorang² ke theater?

  42. Anonymous11:33 PM

    ada la masa kat kl dlu, membe smua xminat n bz. so nk xnak dh kta nk p, p gak arr.. skang kat png ni dah der org nk teman, so on jer.. =) sorang pun dh biasa so xksh sgt pon.. huhu..

  43. hehe. tolong book leh tak? plssss hehe.

  44. Anonymous11:46 PM

    pokcik ni...alahai.. maleh tol.. cl jer la bro.. bkn ssh pun.. just gtau nk ari apa n brapa org. thats all.. pastu bro leh tanya skali direction tu.. n leh stori mori kt org lak.. hehehe..

  45. hehe ok ok. nanti saya call :) tu pun kalau jadi gi la...

  46. Anonymous12:03 AM

    hmm... apo2 jo la pokcik..

    yg penting...ep n smilez alwayzzzzz (ayat ABZ =) hihi

  47. haha suka pakai ayat dia ka? :) try la pula ayat mfah... "manusia berpegang pada janji" :)

  48. Anonymous12:15 AM

    =) bknnya apa kekdg kn cm busan ja kat opis tu. sb tu dia slalu ckp cmtu. dia kan happily ever after..huhu..

    manusia berpegang pada janji... hmmmm.. cm der maksud yg mendalam ja..bkn sekadar tersurat.. tapi ada tersirat ek..

    mcm ayat abz tu direct ja.. so simple.. ni comlicated.. hmmm.......

    bkn semua org berpegang pada jnji..

  49. betul tu. sebab tu kalau sekali tak tepati janji, susah dah nak percaya kan? :) sekali tu je percaya. kadang² susah kita nak tahu siapa boleh kita percaya dan siapa tidak. life is unfair kadang²... :)

  50. Anonymous12:36 AM

    bkn unfair.. dugaan n cabaran hidup nama nya.. kena ada air mata, ketawa, kalau x bukan life kn..

    bkn semua org perfect. mungkin dia xsengaja nk mungkiri.. atau dia terpaksa atas sb2 yg xdpt dia nk elak..

    kdg2 kta pun pernah mungkiri cuma perkataan yg cover 'sorila terlupa'.

    bkn soal siapa yg leh pcy n x, soalnya dri kta sdri.. adakah kta cuba menerima kekurangan org lain?

  51. hmm. let say... ada orang cakap "saya akan bla bla bla next week"

    kita tunggu next week tak dapat.

    then "sorry, 3 bulan ni tak dapat"

    kita tunggu lepas 3 bulan.

    "sorry nanti next week dapat"

    tunggu next week.

    "lagi dua minggu confirm dapat, aku janji"

    takde juga.

    sampai hari ni :)

    best kan? macam boleh buat cerpen lak. tapi kang ada orang terasa :)

  52. Anonymous12:56 AM

    hmm... ok rr tu.. xsmp setahun.. org penah kena smp setahun. then,
    just 4get it cmtu ja. sb dh tau xkan dpt so terpaksa r abaikan.. cr inisiatif lain..

    slalunya org yg bertangguh ni dia xdpt nk bg apa yg diminta sbnrnya. sb tu dia 'mintak masa'.

    berdasarkan pengalaman, dia akan bg tp lmbt.. tp xtaula dlm kes bro cmner. sb xdetails..

    moral: jangan terlalu mengharap pada sesuatu yg kta xpasti.
    50-50 =)

    last, jgn benci org. nt org akn benci kta sb yg sama..

    bro kan suka bc buku, so mesti penah baca tentang human attitude..

  53. lately baca tentang financial freedom/problem. agak sedih la kalau dia tak dapat kotakan janji :)

    boleh beli motor baru tau :)

    tak pernah benci orang pun... cuma tak akan percaya lagi pada dia. tak percaya dan benci adalah dasar yang berbeza :) even dalam kamus pun tak sama maknanya kan?

  54. Anonymous1:13 AM

    yup.. bagusla klau cmtu.. apa pun slmt berkorban.. =) klau jd p nt habaqla.. k bro?

  55. ya. salam aidiladha :)

    kalau jadi sure roger awal.

  56. Oh myyyy, this must be interesting. Unfortunately I am not back before the 14th, missing it by a day.oh well, have fun if you're going.

  57. i guess i am not going riz. all in sudden my life turns into depression. i know it sounds weird.

  58. rugi lol... best bangat...huhuhu...

  59. hmm maybe takde rezeki kot. some more otak kusut tengok pun tak enjoy.

  60. Naz_zR5:03 PM

    o yoko? orait..

  61. nAz_zR6:47 PM

    bro, nk tanya skit.. faridah merican tu buddhist ka? husband dia joe hafsham? their religion?

  62. tak sure about her tapi my friend's auntie kawan dengan aussie. dia islam, her 2 sons 1 islam 1 christian. her hubby christian.

    kalau dia kawin di luar negara dia tak perlu masuk islam.

  63. nAz_zR7:05 PM

    islam? i dont think so.. sb smlm dia mention about church, n she trust in bible. tokojut den.. sb memulo igt islm.. fuhh.. best mmg best.. tp lawak dia agak keterlaluan. kalau couple p mmg malu gak arr. kalau husband n wife xksh.. byk dia sentuh isu sexual.. kebanyakan yg p chinese n mat saleh. indian sorg 2. n mlyu, only both of us..


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