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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 3]

Woke up at 9am. Sit-ups as usual. Got my coffee. Editing pictures for blog. Gonna eat something for breakfast. Still got lots of foods from last night. Lol. Continue later...

Now its 12.12am. Just return to our room. Ok let me tell you what happen after the breakfast...

I rest in bed, watching House MD oon my lappy. After an hour or so battery went flat. No socket near the bed. Nevermind. I charged my lappy and filled the tub with hot water. Wait for a while, then took my book and enjoy hot tub.

After shower, we ordered asam pedas senangin and beancurd to be delivered to our room. They were yummy!

Rest in bed.

Around 8pm, everybody got ready for dinner. Haha we got surprise for my sister. Remember its her birthday? Her 18th.

Mom got plan with me.

Went down for dinner. Waited for few mins for Kak Ana and Nenek. Kak Ana bought cheese cake and put at the counter. Mom told them to arrange with me. I met one of the waiters (let me tell you, the waiters were so helpful and very friendly!) and told them the cake should be brought it after dinner and wait for my signal.

The dinner was great. I ordered sizzling mix grilled with coke float. Sis with sirloin and ice lemon tea. Mom sizzling chicken with ice chocolate. Mama with steak and kiwi juice (not the fresh kiwi tho). Nenek veggie tomyam with warm lychee. Kak Ana beancurd with plain rice and hot tea.

Sizzling chicken for mom

Sirloin steak for sis

Sizzling mix grilled



Kak Ana

After we have done with dinner, I gave signal to the waiter and they swtich off the light. Everybody were annoyed as its just 10.30pm even tho we know they close at 11pm! Lol. Only me and mom knew the plan. Sis was annoyed too! Then came the surprise! The cake and candle. Sis was so shock and she just cried. Too happy and speechless. I managed to snap some pictures :) We were so happy and sang the birthday song for her. Oh ya! The waiter sang together :) Thanks for the good hospitality. The cake was yummy. I love cheesecake and strawberry hehe.

Then we return to our room. Mom and mama slept as soon as we reached our room. Me here writing this on notepad as the insecure connection here in the room is unstable. I don't know whose wifi is this but big thank :) Me and sis still awake. Still lots of foods to eat and this is our last night in Muar. Pretty sad to leave... but we got to go. Tomorrow night at this time we will be on the bus. Great time in Muar really...

Will be writing about tomorrow when I reached home. Guess I can't post anything when I'm on vacation as the lobby has no socket to charge my lappy. Nevermind, at least I can write about what had happen on the exact day rather than go home and forgot everything :)



  1. suituapui7:43 AM

    Drool! Drool!...Now how do you stay so slim??? LOL!!!

  2. oh..mkn2 jgk d sini..nyum2..jeles nih...=)

  3. mak ai.

    terliur tgk gmbr.

  4. adoi... dapat tgk pic ja... sedey o0o0o....

  5. mak aii faisal..banyak nyer makanan..dah la akak tak lunch lagi..bekpes pun takdoo..

  6. I hope u enjoy u r holiday bro. 3 days trip tu Muar from Penang? Ayoo... sure penat gile!

  7. wahhh cheese cake!! best!! nak sikit

  8. alahai so sweet la faisal..:)

  9. Bro,

    you are very good at giving others a good surprise.

  10. hey nice to read yr hols post on the go too! :)

  11. That cake looks amazing!!!


  13. Ouch, foods and cake. Woah !!! :(

    Admar, your blog gonna kill me soon. Whahahaha.

    Anyway Happy Belated Birthday To Hidayah !! :)

  14. suituapui - haha come join me play badminton ;)

    ixora - hehe sedap wor!

    drsalam - hehe meh nak suap!

    nurul - takpa. next year plan lain. cuti simpan ye :P

    mummy - hehehe. akak meh nak tolong suapkan...

    ismail - keke tajuk telah ditukar harap maklum :P

    miza - hehe meh meh ambik... eh dah habis kot!

    wahidah - me sweet ke, cake yang sweet? haha!

    drsam - hehe your turn will come ;)

    - thanks bro. but your post about foods and places are much better! ;)

    - so does the taste hehe :)

    ad - hehe dah sampai penang dah pun lol.

    ann - dia cakap thank you hehe. alamak. nanti ada part 4. then abis... ni baru ja sampai rumah. sampai penang 4.45am huhu.

  15. Anonymous5:37 PM

    nak jugak cake tu ! :P

  16. huhu...
    dapat tgk pic je...
    so sad...

  17. oooo dayah's birthday!!!sayang dia kat abang dia....siap suap lagi ha...sedap tak kek tu...sangat delicious makanan yang u paparkan!!!!yummy!!!!nanti birthday elle nak mcm tu gak!!!

  18. berrykisses - hehe meh meh nak suap!

    green - hehe sabar dy. next time leh pi lagik.

    elle - nak faisal suapkan pula ke? hehehe.

  19. Happy belated birthday to your sis! It's nice when the hotel waiters are friendly and helpful - sure makes the celebration more enjoyable. Too bad internet connection wasn't good and what? No socket? That sucks! : )

  20. foong - will let her know later. yeah, the waiters there were so friendly and helpful. it was easy to deal with them and even complained about food :)

  21. love surprise (:
    thanks bro. thanks for those wishing me (:

  22. dayah - no problem. nanti surprise hantu lak! lol.


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