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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 1]

On 26th Dec at 10.30pm, my mom, sis and I took bus (Mayang Sari) to Muar. The bus moved at 10.45pm and reached Butterworth at 11.30pm. Can you imagine 1 hour journey we should reach somewhere else instead of Butterworth? Around 11.45pm continued the journey.

I just closed my eyes. Enjoyed the peace...

Reached Muar around 6pm. Still blur. Took our luggage and took taxi to my mama's house. Still fresh when reached there. Mama ordered few packs of coconut rice (nasi lemak) with delicious sambal. Sis fried ommelete for us. Yummy! Then after breakfast we fell asleep. But mom and mama didn't sleep long as they woke up early to open the internet cafe. I woke up around 12pm, took shower and had a look at the internet cafe. Kak Ana sent us lunch. Guess what? Plain rice with Asam Pedas Daging Johore and ommelete! OMG! I've been craving for Asam Pedas Johore for so long. I ate a lot. Then after lunch, I went to the internet cafe room and checking email and playing some games. Internet was quite slow. Internet in southern was down? I don't know. I couldn't change players for my fantasy football too :(


The beef (tulang part :P)

The delicious asam pedas!

Closed internet cafe around 4pm and my Kak Ana took us around Muar by car. We went to one of the recreation places in Muar called Tanjung Ketapang. It was like our Botanical Garden in Penang. Full of monkeys! We even feed some monkeys there with crackers.

Then we drove to Tanjung Mas for ice cream and rojak petis. I never try rojak petis and the name is unfamilar to me :P

Went to Seri Pelangi Hotel. My sis and I went to the shopping mall nearby and to buy some snacks and drinks. Some instant coffees too. I realized that my sandals is almost tear apart. The front side. We searched around but couldn't find any that I like. Sigh.

Went back to hotel and got ready for dinner.

Went down for dinner at the hotel and I took my laptop too. Dinner while surfing. I ordered lamb chop with kiwi juice.

Mom & Mama


Plain rice & bean curd

Sizzling steak

Lamb chop

Kiwi juice & coke float




Me & sis

In the elevator :P

After dinner we went back to the hotel. Pretty tired tho. Mom and mama fell asleep as soon as we reached to our room and only me and sis stayed awake for a while. Watching tv and eating noodle. After the supper, I watched tv for a while and started dreaming. Lol. Maybe because the chinese comedy on tv was crappy haha!


  1. Guess what? Plain rice with Asam Pedas Daging Johore and ommelete! OMG!

    --> I'm seriously "kecur liur" when reading this part. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha

    1 thing I noticed about u Admar, you knew what's the best for your "tummy". Seems like you enjoyed eating so much. Sedap2 pulak tu =(

    Eh, I got 1 question.

    Who's "Mama" . Your auntie? or? Since I read there kan, got "mom" and "mama" . I knew your mum but I don't know who's "mama"


    Great holidae dear !

  2. suituapui7:46 AM

    Ooo....another flogger (food blogger)in the making! Enjoy your trip, ya!

  3. nie blog ka friendster????

  4. Nasib I balik Muar last Raya, otherwise tgk your posting will makes me thinking about home..home sweet home!
    You pegi Tg Mas? Tu dkt rumah I le...

  5. heya so u took the bus there! :)

  6. ann - hehe memang sangat sedap ann! can't be described by words!

    mama is my auntie. i called her mama hehe. confusing kan? :P

    suituapui - hehe i don't want to be flogger but the more i resist, the more i become one ar? alamak!

    nurul - amboi²... nak kena ni :P

    ismail - ye. pegi tg mas tengok monyet dan ramai betol orang kat tempat rekreasi tu :) best betol! macam² makanan ada!

    quachee - the bus to muar? yes ;)

  7. Oh no wonder la, but mama's face ada sikit2 mcm Bob. @_@

    Honestly la.. wahahaha

  8. dh setahun lebih tglkan melaka & muar.. mesti byk perubahan kan.. have fun!

  9. nanti nak plan pi lah...tgk katil pun mcm memanggil-manggil..he he...apatah lagi food ....tak tahulah..kalaulah elle ade kat situ bersama sama tut... ????hu hu(x de lagi)...

  10. ann - haha... part mana tu?

    elle - uik tut mana ni elle? amboi tak story pun ye :P elle kena pi tau. best sangat!

  11. rn - hehe tak sure beza banyak ke tak. tapi memang best!

  12. Mom and mama - confusing lah! You took bus to Muar - that's a pretty long journey, no? If me, I prefer to drive or fly. Don't like sitting in a bus unless it's really comfortable and have seats that support the back properly. You seem to be eating the whole day, either that or your post gave me an impression of that : )

  13. foong - hehe mom is my real mom and mama is my auntie.

    yes the journey took us about 6 hours. drive is tiring and its not worth it when you only have 3 persons in the car. fly is way too expensive. i need to save tho ;)

    the seat was fine with me just that the people in front was a jerk. lower the seat as lowest as possible.

    hehe yes, most of the time we think about food in muar :P

  14. Anonymous9:24 PM

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