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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

great vacation

Urgh, I’ve been away from my computer for so long. Last Wednesday was the last time I used computer surfing net, forums and blogs. Then on Thursday morning I shut down. This morning, I turn it on and something weird happen. Darn! Windows changed to ice age mode -- Yeah, old classic mode. It doesn’t really matter if just the mode changed but I couldn’t connect to the internet. Now, it’s beyond my temper! Now, I'm running my stupid 2 anti virus -- Avast and Mech5. I do miss my Kasperky 6. I’ll ask from Bob Annes as soon as I could get online.

Ok, back to the topic… my great vacation in 2008. I didn’t expect it'd be a great vacation since I've been to Muar and also Malacca. I watched a program on TV called 360 degrees and it attracted my eyes regarding Morten Village -- it’s about Portuguese village full of culture, foods and life style which I like to know and interesting. So, ok… and the journey begun… [Remember we drove 2 cars]

7/2/2008 - Thursday morning, we woke up early. As early as we get up to work! Haha. I don’t mind… really. We moved around 8am. We stopped for late breakfast at Sungai Perak. It was almost noon, so we ate like 2 in 1 meal. We chose rice. What special about this Rest and Refreshment [R&R] stop? Hehe we could find 2 restaurants selling Ikan Patin. What is it? It’s a river fish. I didn’t like it that much, lol. Enough to say that I'm happy that I tried it once! Experience tells… =P

The journey was long and when we almost reach Malacca, the bad traffic started which annoyed me a lot! Imagine… we reached Malacca around 5.30pm! Scroll up and read what time we started journey. Reached there I ran to bed and take a nap. Around 8pm, mom woke me up. Parent and I drove to Muar to fetch my aunt. 2 hours drive to get there. So, go and back took us 4 hours. Aunt took us dinner at Muar. Nurul, Dayah, Hadi and Sharol didn’t go to Muar since Sharol was tired and fell asleep soundly. They ate dinner around the hotel then. I reached hotel around 2am, shower and food and slept around 3am!

8/2/2008 - Next day, woke up a little late… around 9am. Parent and aunt bought breakfast. So, I didn’t need to hurry for breakfast. We got ready as slow as snail and drove to town for Asam Pedas Melaka. Aunt took us to one of the best. But we were shock with the price though -- 2 Jenahak fish head curry [half only for each], 8 pieces of chicken, few slices of squids, white rice for 9 plates, some Cucur Udang and vegetables cost about RM96.00. Ouch! Then, we drove to find Morten Village [scroll up and read what it’s about]. 2 rounds in the jam city was really pain in the ass. We couldn’t find it and changed plan go to the seaside and eat mix fruit rojak. When we were driving to the hotel, friend told me Morten Village moved to another part of Malacca. Gees! As soon as we reach hotel, everybody were tired and took a rest. Nothing special at night but boring dinner that sisters and bro in law bought. Right after 12, mom was the 1st person wish me birthday when I went out of the shower followed by my aunt and daddy.

9/2/2008 – I got many sms and calls from friends and relatives regarding my birthday and yes kind of disappointed with some friends that didn’t even remember my birthday. Especially those who are close to me and I never miss their birthday. Nevermind… life never fair… =) We planned to go to hottest place in Malacca now call Famosa Resort. It has 3 nice spots like Water Theme Park, Safari and Cowboy Town. Since we don’t want to waste time in the water theme park [yes we don’t have enough time], we just simply chose safari. Never a wrong choice though, it was so cool! We had great time together with whole family. It has been so long we went for vacation together. We left safari around 7pm and drove to Muar. Yes, we had book tables at Pelangi Hotel restaurant. As soon as we reached our hotel [Muar Traders Center], we showered and got ready. We were late! Kak Ana, Jojie and nenek joined the dinner too. Haha! It was my birthday celebration. Yes no cake, but great foods. I ate some prawns and lovely bean curds. Burp! Was so full haha!

10/2/2008 – We suppose to go back today but we were all exhausted. So after we discussed, the result was we stay for 1 more night. We ate some puff at Secret Recipe and lunch at the place aunt took us on the 1st day we fetched her. It was the same menu -- Asam Pedas hehe my favourite. We went to Tomyam restaurant for dinner. One of the best in town -- that was what my aunt told me haha! But the foods were awesome, really. Oh yea, also… bad news on that night, Man Utd lose to Man City by 2-1. No mood to elaborate!

11/2/2008 – We got free breakfast. Buffet at the hotel. Yay~! This was the best part… the foods there were delicious. It was a fun breakfast full with laugh and joy. We packed and checked out at 1pm. We drove to my aunt place and ate lunch there. Then played Counter Strike at our cc. Hehe… first time I used my own pc that I put there for playing games. Thanks aunt for giving me opportunity involve in this cc biz. Around 4pm, we drove back to Penang. We reached home around 3am. Duh! I was so tired but it was a great start of 2008!


  1. what i know is kg mortem is alwiz there..not moving to any places..cume bus stand je dh berubah ke melaka central...

  2. i don't know. people around there told me so. but its ok, next time you take me there ok? :)


Thank you for the comment.

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