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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Mighty Heart

I have finished this book last week. I am glad that I have bought this book from Rozella. It is such a wonderful true story. Thanks Rozella for the great price :)

This book is about a man named Daniel Pearl or well known as Danny Pearl a Wall Street Journal reporter who went to Karachi with his pregnant wife Mariane Pearl. He was kidnapped by terrorist in Karachi and then found beheaded days after the kidnapping. The reason was because he is a Jewish! It was so tragic :(

When I think about Mariane and her son I cry. I really salute Mariane as she was so brave, strong and never give up till the end. I do not think I would have that strength if I was her.

To those who do not know anything about this you can simply google or surf about it in youtube. I did not know there is “A Mighty Heart” movie acted by Angelina Jolie as Mariane! I will get a copy of it for sure!

Here are the interesting excerpts:
Don’t lose your smile okay? We’re going to get bald and fat and old, but you can’t lose that smile –Danny Pearl-
This excerpt really touches me. Someone has said this to me before. When I reached this part, I just couldn’t help but having watery eyes.
How can anyone live without hope? – Mariane Pearl-
Objects inanimés, aves-vous donc une âme
Qui s’ attache à notre âme et la force d’aimer?
Inanimate objects, do you possess a soul
That comes to our soul, and demands to be loved?

-Alphonse de Lamartie-
Words of farewell to the house that Danny and Mariane stayed when there were in Karachi.
My love life needs a double-click. Sometimes in the process called life, my document titled ‘love life’ has been lost. And, like a cyber-crime investigator, I am trying to recover the lost file from the formatted hard disk of my heart – Dost-
I like this excerpt the most. Feel like it is just about me.

Thanks again Rozella!


  1. Oh Faisal! I am so glad that you like the book! :)

    It is the most amazing story isn't it? I mean... I cannot imagine being in such a situation and to love like that... wow... that is just the most beautiful thing in the world.

    I just hope that one day I'll be able to find my own Danny too. He was just an amazing man and this book is the perfect tribute.

  2. Rosie - Yes I live the book a lot! I seldom read a true story book but this one if absolutely different :)

    When I look at the pictures when they were together I just could not imagine the hard time Mariane had gone through :(

  3. it sounds like a tragic story yet very interesting .

  4. Berrykisses - You should get yourself a copy since you are so free with the school holiday ;)

  5. really ?
    well , okay .
    i'll try to get one . :D

  6. Berrykisses - You should! ;)

  7. kesian mariane...kisah menyayat hati kn..da la tgh pregnant...
    aduh..kalo teja la..xtau la apa nak wat..dah la kat tmpat org...

  8. Teja - Yep. Kesian Mariane. Siap kena ugut tau! Macam mana le besarkan anak tanpa ayah ye? :(

  9. owh I love the last one :)

    thanks for sharing!


    "Don’t lose your smile okay? We’re going to get bald and fat and old, but you can’t lose that smile –Danny Pearl-"

    u shud smile too, no matter what
    be tough

  10. As - Sigh. Someone said that to me before :(

  11. Insyaalah boleh besarkan anak tanpa ayahnya...
    cuma anak tu mungkin akan rasa kurang sket..xda kasih-sayang dari ayah kandungnya...

    aiseh~~sebak tetiba lak...

  12. Teja - Hmm bayangkan bila dia tahu ayah dia kena pancung kepala. Mati dalam keadaan ngeri. Apa perasaan dia? Harap-harap dia tak jadi anti Islam.

  13. dia anti Islam ke tak..kita xtau la pasal tu faisal...
    cuma.mungkin ada dendam n rasa marah..
    ye la..sapa la yg xmrh..ayah dibunuh..siap dipancung lagi..
    kalau teja pun..teja akan rasa marah..
    cuma teja harap kat budak tu..jgn la membenci Islam disebabkan benda ni..
    just mengharap je la.. :)

    ps; pernah tgk video org kena sembelih hidup2?erm..teja pernah tgk...aiyaakk..nak temuntah rasa...

  14. I'm gonna watch the movie !

  15. Dear...
    Thanks for sharing this.

    I'll run to either MPH or Borders today then to Tower Records.
    so sedihhhh =(

  16. That sounds like a must read book!

  17. Don’t lose your smile okay? We’re going to get bald and fat and old, but you can’t lose that smile –Danny Pearl-

    I like this one. And I think I should get a copy too. Nice review by the way. I'm touched. Story like this always give me watery eyes. :(

    p/s: I will not loose my smile, I will grow old with him. :)

  18. Macam tragik jer citer ni faisal..i'll try to get one...

    "Don’t lose your smile okay? We’re going to get bald and fat and old, but you can’t lose that smile –Danny Pearl-"

    p/s: i'll try to smile always...

  19. Menarik. Might check it out my self nanti. Going back to your old post "Ï have Changed" . Ha ha your last few post suggest that you have change a lot. Lebih sentimental lah skrg.

  20. wow mcm best buku ni.. boleh pinjam
    hehehe.. eh kalau ada betuk movie lagi best kan :D

  21. yup..senyuman itu sampai bebila..=)

  22. sounds a good book to read. touching im sure :) let us know how the movie goes! :)

  23. Movie? Hmmm... I don't know. I'm just never satisfied with movies after reading a book. So many things are just left out and well.. I don't know lah. I love Angie, but I just don't see her in that role.

  24. Teja - Faisal pun harap-harap anak dia dapat cari siapa pembunuh tu dan bawa ke pengadilan. Semoga anak dia tidak membenci agama tetapi pembunuh itu sendiri.

    Faisal pernah tengok video sembelih tu tapi sekali je la, kan dalam Islam pun tak digalakkan. Nanti buta hati :)

    Ann - What about the book? Haha.

    Porcelain doll
    - Let me know what you think after reading it ok? :)

    Tammy - Yes Tammy. Trust me, you should get yourself a copy.

    Cahaya - Yes Cahaya when we are depress like now, story like this will add more emotion into it :(

    Neddy - Yep. Sangat tragik Neddy. Nanti review ye lepas baca. Nak tahu apa pandangan orang lain :)

    Senyum itu sedekah. Tak susah kan nak sedekah? :)

    Ismail - Haha lebih sentimental? Maybe kot. Sometimes the mood and the emotion also effect our post ;)

    Etavasi - Nak pinjam? Jauh tu :P Baca buku then tengok movie lagi best :)

    Ixora - Senyum... seindah suria? :)

    - Hopefully I can get a copy of DVD :) I will let you know ok?

    Rosie - Yes like I did with Potter, LOTR and Golden Compass ;)

    Why Angie not Satchi? Lol.

  25. okies, i'll try..hehe

  26. You will do it :) Don't try ok? Hehe.

  27. x ikut perkembangan semasa langsung.. cerita baru ke lama???

  28. Is there a movie about this? I think Angelina Jolie's acting in it. I almost cry watching is. Huhuu

  29. must be a great book, I love good books, and normally I get addicted to finishing one as soon as I can. I am a huge fan of Danielle Steel, I have a lot of her books, I could open up a store!

    the quotes are brilliant, and you did a great job picking out the best!

  30. BCD - Yes BCD there is a movie about this. "...I did not know there is “A Mighty Heart” movie acted by Angelina Jolie as Mariane! I will get a copy of it for sure!..". I haven't watched it yet but soon ;)

    Farah - I love good books too but sometimes our perspective might be different hehe.

    Yes love the quotes a lot. Mom always tease me by talking about the last quote!


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