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Monday, December 08, 2008

Leech project course

Anyone looking for a course for leech project? I know many of you have heard about this handsome income project. You don't need big capital to start. First you need a course on how to start. That is basic :)

I am helping my friend to spread this good news to my fellow bloggers :) If you really need this course you might click here. No harm click on it in case you wonder what is this about.

Ok, now here come the interesting part. If you want a great package, here is the deal:

1 person = RM350
5 persons = RM325 each
10 persons = RM300 each

But not to forget you have to mention my name in order to get this great deal :)


  1. leech project?? ewwwww not for me!!! I think, if I had to carry out this project myself, I would be screaming and probably having nightmares too. LOL

    anyway, if the income is good, then, maybe you should try too. Me and creepy crawling animals- no way! hehehehehehe

    p.s: selamat hari raya to you and family.

  2. salam aidil adha to you and family farah :)

    well, you can just get the cert and handle this project with some help from others. you can do the calculation stuff and site visit without even touch them (even though they are simply adorable lol).

    as long as it makes money, why not? hehe. i am joining one of the projects in kedah in february or march 2009 :) meeting in january with signing agreement stuff.

  3. project nih mmg mendapat perhatian sekarang ..

    sangat2 menguntungkan

  4. ye lily... sangat menguntungkan tapi ada juga pihak yang menipu. jadi kena hati-hati :) yang penting agreement tu seperti mana yang kita harapkan. kalau jadi apa-apa boleh bawa ke court case.

  5. First time I heard of such a project! Are you into it?

  6. yes with a little faith, next year :)

  7. Leeches??? I had to take one of my daughter a few years ago from swimming. ewwww! ;o)

  8. tammy, you will be surprise as leech is a business nowadays. big money coming in ;)

  9. abg tau tak ada maksu shrul gtau dia bt projek lintah kt b.pulau... under TEKUN... okey jgk....

  10. balik pulau? wah lagi dekat. dah kutip hasil ke belum? apa procedure?

  11. lintah??!! biar betui..geli arrr

  12. oh yeah.. i've heard about this from my aunt. It's a really lucrative business it seems.. So you're doing this business too?

  13. mummy - akak... tak nak try ke? hehe.

    shemah - not yet. soon i hope :)

  14. I received flier while I am waiting at supermarket here in Kluang Johor. It said: Kluang, Bandar Lintah. LOL. Truth to be told, I don't see any leech breeding here. But we do have the largest dragon fruits farm in south east asia. Hehe. I hate that fruit - tasteless!

  15. bcd - i like dragon fruit but only the red, pink, purple color (hehe i can't be sure whats the color exactly keke). but the white one sucks!


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