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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DVD ROM is fine now

Remember I got DVD ROM problem on Sunday? Good news is I got it fixed up. No no... not me alone. My online game friend (read: Ragnarok Online) has helped me! Thanks to Wan aka Cimox! (read: Lowyatt Forum).

He helped me with the improper signed drivers such as SM Bus, Coprocessor and Unknown device. I'd say he is just the best man I ever know for laptop. Not only for those conflict drivers but he helped me fix the audio driver too! I could hear sound before, just that I couldn't use my mic. Now, the mic is on! Haha I am more than happy and I'm writing this right after I'm done with 4 episodes of Season 2 (read: Prison Break).

Ops! I didn't tell you about the DVD ROM is fine now?

Yes, he simply sent me Power DVD! I guess my codecs for Real and Divx were corrupted. Haha what can I say now? I keep saying thanks to him whenever I see him online on YM or MSN. He just brights up my day...

Anyone who got problem with your Compaq Presario V3713AU drivers, kindly email me alright? I will be more than please to help you. By the way, if you wanna buy a laptop you can let me know as he can give you best price together with the drivers! You know you won't get full set of drivers at some shops (ok ok if you got them, you are just total lucky :P). Plus, he will help you at anytime anywhere (of course via MSN and YM lol).

Thank God for the faith I have and thank Wan for the help. Believe in karma... "what goes around, comes around". Thanks again buddy!


  1. Yayy! enjoy your new player!
    enjoy your Prison Break!
    enjoy your mic! let do videa call on skype!

  2. Faisal Admar: Thats what we call friends. Friendship never end 4ever

  3. here from Books love Me! blog.. congrats in winning the book give-away.. hehe..

    good to know a malaysian who loves reading..keep it up!

    (ps: oppss... sori komen ini takde kena-mengena dgn n3 ini.. hehehe)

  4. porcelain doll - haha video call? i'm a shy guy remember? :P

    umi - yes umi. friendship remains and never ends :) love ya!

    jard - hehe thanks pal. i was just lucky ;) thanks for visiting me here. lets keep in touch.

  5. alahai... =(
    maybe i can help you out in that department? *wink*

  6. I'm writing this right after I'm done with 4 episodes of Season 2
    -ok..mmg more than happy..

  7. I'm still looking for the right laptop for myself.... I'm handicapped now without any laptop at home :(

  8. My compaq doing very fine. Not even single problem. :)

    p/s: if anything I can count on you rite?

  9. lenkali kalau akak nyer compaq rosak..faisal tolong tengok kan bulih?


  10. porcelain doll - in "that department"? i'm puzzled dear.

    teja - i don't know why lately my mood is swinging. sigh.

    tepak sireh - with that bunch of money you got? macbook please!

    cahaya - sure thing. let me know if there's any problem ok?

    mummy - boleh aje akak. tapi kena datang penang le... :P

  11. haiyoh! "SHY' department la...
    what else? what's in your mind?

  12. haha shy department? come and join me dear...

  13. come and join?!
    i don't have that problem i think..
    so, i'm now offering to help you to become someone who's less shy...
    want? free session.

  14. haha. when and where? :P


Thank you for the comment.

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