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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Its 3.23am now. My eyes still wide awake. My black coffee beside me. Listening to Cook and Archuleta (Archuleta ruins Appologize by Timberland damn it... yet girls screaming? Sucker :P).

How I celebrated my New Year? Lol. Funny way. Around 9.30pm fetched my best friend at Bayan Lepas, then drove to the nearest petrol station. The Bayan Lepas Shell sucks to the max. Why? The credit card machine outside got problem with the pump number 1. Then I went to the cashier counter asked about it and he told me only pump number 1 got problem with the credit card. Ok, fine. Then passed him the card and filled my car. After that, he gave me the card and I signed. Then he didn't pass me the card and kept comparing the card with thhe signature. Then he said I can't use the card as the signature isn't the same. Told him its my dad's card as mine got problem (just supplement card, not entitled to own any card :P). He said he has to call the owner and I have to wait. Great! Grr.

Waited in the car for the owner aka boss. About 15mins the boss reached at the station. Then the same words repeated. I told him he could call my dad for confirmation. Then there goes a story about card, different signature and they didn't get any payment. I asked him whats the diffferent between I use the card at the credit card machine outside and in here? He replied that was why he wanted me to use the credit card machine instead of at the cashier. I told him that his damn machine is not functioning! He asked where I live and where's my dad now. Told him at home and unwell. Then he wanted to continue the old bedtime story and I simply cut it short and put my contact number and name in case he can't get the payment from the bank. He was kinda annoyed but passed the card anyway. He did say sorry... but I was pissed off. I didn't have problem with other stations like in Relau and Sg Ara. Promised to myself I won't go there in the future!

The station was not far from the airport and I reached at the car park around 10pm. Poor friend, he was starving. Walked to the Mc Donalds (in Malaysia we simply called it McD) and since I had already eaten at home, I just ordered fries, coke and choc sundae (I ordered cornetto la Ajil! lol). Thats all.

Ajil told me got wifi so I brought laptop along. Guess what? No wifi :P Luckily my blog already opened and I used save and quit mode. So, he could read my blog... and enjoy the pictures still.

Cit chatting till 12 then off to toilet. Thanks for those who sent sms to me. Very sweet :)

Drove him home and cit chatting again. Mostly we talked bout the December trip and his posting. Around 2.30pm I drove home. Watching some craps on TV for a while and here I am.

Happy New Year to everybody :) I hope we get wealth, health, faith and love altogether this year! Welcome 2009... and I'm a year older.


  1. salam maal hijrah n happy new year 2009..

    smoga hari2 mendatang lebih baik dari hari2 sebelumnya..

  2. teja - salam maal hijrah and happy new year to you too :) fruitful one! :)

  3. haha .
    annoying gila orang tu . :P

    happy new year !
    dah makin tua la ya ? ;)

  4. berrykisses - tu pasal. memang annoying sangat².

    happy new year. yep tua setahun je haha!

  5. itu maknanya anda dah boleh kawen .
    haha . :P

  6. berry - hehe kawin tu sekejap je. mcm org tua2 cakap "king for a day, fool for a lifetime" haha!

  7. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. Read your previous post - good sbb you managed to taste the most celebrated food in my kampung, MEE BANDUNG! Kalau tak makan, kempunan, kawan......

  8. salam Bro.. happy new year, finally 2009 is on and here we go to face the thing that we do not know yet to happen in this 2009. Hope 2009 will be better for you, for all of us too.

    Being one of readers of your blog, it was nice to read a lot of your life experience and I believe with this year 2009, you will must have more great experience to be shared with your readers.

    Good luck bro, happy new year and all the best for you.

  9. ismail - happy new year bro ;) betul. dalam buat list pun boleh terlepas otak². tension².

  10. faizal - happy new year to you too bro. a fruitful one :)

    thanks for being my reader and i hope we can share more thoughts and opinions in the future.

    blog is a great thing that allows us to make friends and at the same time sharing life :)

  11. Lol,
    that man is just annoying
    hey.. FYI,
    your friend's name kan.. same with my ex bf
    Ajil ;)

  12. They doing the job mah...u were using somebody else's card! Can't blame them. If all so vigilant, then no more worries about people using lost credit cards.

    Wah...I see u came back from ur short holiday, more "sihat" looking! Hahahahahaha!!! Nicer like this! Keep it up and have a great New Year!!!

  13. ann - really? haha what a coincident! yes that man really annoying to the max!

    suituapui - if they want to be so secure, then the outside machine shouldn't be existed. the outside machine can be used by anyone without any signature. i asked him to call up my dad so that he can cut the crap and nagging me about credit card which i have wikipedia to check the whole explanation. but he kept nagging. duh!

    hehe "sihat looking"? haha no no. i don't think i have put on some weight. i can still count my 6 packs lol.

  14. Hey dude, Asura got nice voice! Dun tarnish his image /pif

  15. Happy New Year 2009 !!

  16. joseph - yeah right. go listen at zara's page.

    green - happy new year dy! :) study hard tau.

  17. happy new year!
    i did nothing on the day itself LOL

  18. hey! what a nice blog u hv here.
    n i love ur blog title.
    do become 1 of my followers yea.

    and Happy New Year :)


  19. Happy new Year faisal !!

  20. adila - i slept on the 1st day of new year. i couldn't sleep the night before just because of 2 glasses of coffee. lol i didn't use cup :P

    arianna - thanks for the compliment. sure, i will click on your blog now :)

    happy new year to you too.

    lily - happy new year lily! :)

  21. Happy New Year 2009

    Hopefully, azam tahun ni tercapai hendaknya..

  22. selamat tahun baru faizal. bila nak belanjar akak mekdi ni

  23. hussaini - happy new year :) semoga tahun ni lebih baik dari tahun sebelumnya :)

    mummy - selamat tahun baru akak. mekdi? meh penang. hehe anytime :)

  24. Happy New Year 2009 to u too Faisal... Nanti i pi Penang .. hopefully can chat in a wifi- covered area laaaa..ha ha

  25. Happy New Year 2009 to u too Faisal... Nanti i pi Penang .. hopefully can chat in a wifi- covered area laaaa..ha ha

  26. syukur - haha doc. ok ok nanti mai penang saya bawa tempat ada wifi :P happy new year to you too doc.


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