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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it :)

Which one should I give to you? Lol.

I wish Malaysia is snowing now ;)


  1. Cahaya sker yang 'NICE' tu. Hehe. Boleh didik jadi NAKAL. :P

  2. cahaya - haha so nak dua² ker?

  3. bleh ke? But I prefer yang NICE tuh. Less 'wording'. Huhu.

  4. Why only merry christmas to those who celebrate it? I don't think those who don't celebrate it will want a miserable and suffering christmas..

    Anyway, merry christmas to all! Joy to the world!

  5. cahaya - haha boleh je. nanti pakaikan dkt you ok? :P

    joseph - merry christmas joseph.

  6. Haha. No thanks. I prefer seeing someone wearing it. :)

  7. could have posted that to me for Xmas. Have a nice time. Going to party away to usher in the New Year?

  8. Haha

    where u get those thing?

    Malaysia = Snowing?
    Yeah that would be great

  9. kat Genting kan ada satu snowland. Cuba buat snowman kat situ. Kat Taman Pertanian Bkt Cahaya, S. Alam tu tak sure plak ada lagi rumah salju tu?

  10. I will be speechless if suddenly Malaysia covered by snow.Subhanallah!

    Happy holiday bro.

  11. salam...snow...only fun for few minutes..then you will regret...sejukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..ahahaha. Still remember all good days masa first time gi UK...sampai september and waiting for snow masa dec tuh...siap check ramalan cuaca bila snow dijangka turun...bila dh turun sibuk main baling salji..lepas few minutes semua lari balik umah duk depan heater...kahkahkah

  12. salaam...

    macam kenal je pic u....

    tak tau pernah jumpa tak...

    u visit me k... we'll see what happens!


    cabai kering...

  13. klau mlaysia snow, kiamat la alamatnya!

  14. Nice hat lah.. Mana mahu dpt ni?
    How's your back? Sampai muar jgn lupa order mee bandung. ok.
    My hse @ Jln Timbalan, Tg Mas. Kalau u free, jalan2 lah kat sana. Tapi my parents je ada kat sana. Anak2 semuanya merantau......

  15. anything could happen at the end of the world.
    so even malaysia could be snowing.
    but that would be nice isn't it??
    i want to see how it'd be like without the fake snow falling in the shopping complex :p
    i'd choose i've been nice since that way i would be getting presents from santa faisal.hahaha.

  16. malaysia snow??? mcm best jer..hehehe..leh wat snowman..hahaha

  17. Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqq :) :)
    Merry Christmas n Happy New year, too !
    Anyway I received a message through ym.
    It's like when a muslim wishing "merry christmas" to a non muslim.
    Consider "HARAM"
    Im not remember the reason, but sort like you're saying something related to Christianity.
    Is this for real? >.<

  18. urghh!!! xmas!!
    all public transport takde today!

    oh well.. it's nice to chill at home harhar

    got lots of xmas present? :D

  19. I so wished it snowed too. :(

  20. I think the last time I had a white Christmas was when I was... 17??? So long ago lah! Sedih....

  21. Ooh... I'm definitely the naughty one ;) i'm pretty sure that you dun hav 2 ask Santa 2 determine this ;p haha!

  22. kalau la malaysia snow sekarang
    konpem semua tak duk rumah
    melepak kat luar aje main snow

  23. Dear, i prefer "I've been NAUGHTY"

    I wish too but i can't stand cold weather la. Rainy days, i will be the first one who fall sick =(

    Merry Xmas to you ya?
    Take care =)

  24. cahaya - haha someone wearing it? who is he/she?

    suituapui - haha post to you? you should tell me earlier :P i will find if they still selling at the mall nearby. give you i've been horny ok ar? lol.

    drsalam - hehe shopping mall nearby. cool eh? snowing is cool. if its in malaysia, i guess no one would complain lol.

    drsam - ada lagi ke tu? mines pun dah takde kan? itu tak best la doc... tak mencabar langsung.

    - then we can snap pic and put it in our blog. aite? hehe.

    arsaili - hehe. salji best. germany ari tu -17. sangat sejuk tapi masih main snow sampai selsema! nak try pecah rekod lah... lari dalam salji bogel sejauh 2km. ok tak?

    - macam kenal? pelakon pepaya yang jahat or xxray kot? haha!

    zamir - ala tak semestinya :) kalau tuhan cakap jadilah, maka jadilah. kalau snow best tak?

    ismail - hehe beli kat mall dekat rumah je.

    dah makan mee bandung! sedap bangat ;)

    kalau you ada leh le melawat. ni nak melawat parent sure dorang pening jap... hehe.

    id - har? santa faisal? alamak! haha. i'm not qualified yet. ask suituapui ok? lol.

    yes it'd be great if we have snowy malaysia :P

    wahidah - hehe snowwoman? lukis sikit. takleh nak bayang :P

    ann - no comment on that. to me, i simply wish without any intention ;)

    adila - no xmas present hehe. by the way, its pretty weird you know when people in other countries stay home and visiting relative but here they went to cinema and malls to shop! weird isn't it?

    rosie - hehe sometimes the snow come down in june? since you love song so much :P

    rosie - 17? hmm white easter i got la... when i was 21 or 22 hehe.

    insomniac - hehe i can guess right. so no prob for santa too!

    zewt - naughty of course! you? :P

    lily - hehe asyik main salji, sedar² ada di kl dari penang. tak rasa pun kan? keke.

    doll - hehe i can guess :P or you prefer i've been wild? lol.

    merry xmas to you too.


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