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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 2]

Woke up around 10am. Mom already ordered breakfast to be delivered to our room. Sausage and baked beans with 2 half boiled eggs. Some cucur udang and bilis too! Man, I was totally full!

After breakfast, took shower and went out to meet nenek. Then went to Malacca to meet relative. After the visit we went to Hang Tuah's Well. Took some waters from the well. Drove home. Searched for satay but sadly they had not opened yet. Drove to Kak Ana's house and she took us to hotel. She bought us some johore rojak. We called it pasembor in Penang. Weird thing was its a Penang Nasi Kandar restaurant but selling different thing from Penang. I wonderred if this is a real Penang nasi kandar restaurant or they just selling the name instead of the food?

About to go ;)

Hang Tuah Well

When we put petrol, we found this... yummy you know :P

Drove to the hotel. Got ready for dinner.

Went for dinner around 9pm and we ordered Asam Pedas Pari (stingray) Johore, bean curd and cuttlefish fried with flour. A plate of noodle too. Sad thing was the stingray got smell. We couldn't even finish our small bit of it. Complaint to the hotel and they said this stingray does smell like this. Mom told us that stingray got menstrual like human and thats why sometimes we will be unlucky. Good thing was they only charge half price and we also got 10% discount for the dinner. Not bad then :) Surfing while enjoying coffee. They closed earlier than usual. Around 10.45pm we went to our room.

Asam pedas pari

Coke float

Cuttle fish

And here I am... writing using notepad haha this is so boring as we don't hhave internet connection in the room. Ok, I'm going to wish birthday to my sis!

Nite guys!


  1. You're making me very hungry with all the pictures of the food! LOL

  2. suituapui7:44 AM

    Slurpssss...!!! And this was just the beginning! Pretty soon you will be another sui - tuapui (good-looking fatty) like me! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. e ehh... tayang tetek.... hahahahaha....:p

  4. amboi tunjuk punat ek.... nasi dgn beancurd sodap o0o0.... pasaiapa pic abg dgn dayah sama ja...

  5. woooo...naper amik pic tak pakai pic ni..kui..kui..kui...nanti orang super impose baru tau

  6. So, u have tried rojak petis & asam pedas. Mee Bandung? Nasi berayani gam?

  7. wah faisal in pink...menarik2..hehehe...

  8. tolong!!!
    pornstar beraksi!!!

  9. hey u went to the hang tuah well! the area is quite nice. when im back malacca for longer periods, i do visit that beach area :)

    its around these are:
    haha :)

    oh btw nasi kandar - honestly, i dont know what is nasi kandar pg! here all is nasi kandar pg. need to go penang and try :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Food, again :(

    Why recently everyone loves to upload foods picture? Sudala I read blogs after 12 A.M , terus perut membuat konsert britney spears ;(

    Burp Burp..

    P/S : Hey, your picture damn sexy, the semi-naked pic. Love it Love it ! Hahaha

  12. tammy - haha me too by looking at my own pics!

    suituapui - haha! its hard bro since my metabolism is pretty high :P

    ej - hahahaha lawa tak tetek? :P

    nurul - haha kami pakai dua camera tu ja. mana yang elok tu la kami pakai. dayah ambik dari blog ja. ya bean curd tu memang sodap! tau tak... kami dok godek² tiba² ada wifi dalam bilik! kfc punya haha!

    mummy - saje kasi orang terliur... hahahaha! asyik terliur tengok pic makanan je :P

    ismail - haha mee bandung dan bryani gam akan menyusul sekejap lagik!

    wahidah - alamak! pink panther ke? :P

    abir - hahaha! jangan cubit please!

    quachee - trust me, penang nasi kandar is different. taste better lol. you know, its like you need to go to muar to eat the best mee bandung, you need to go to malacca to eat the best malacca asam pedas, you need to go to perlis for pulut mangga! hehe. gotta check your link out now ;)

    ann - haha sedap kan? actually the taste memang sedap pun!

    p/s: alamak... paiseh ni... /kis

  13. ala..tak jelas..kena focus lagi..eemmm agak seksi gak u ni....berderau darah elle tengok..he hu he

  14. elle - part mana yang tak jelas ni? hehe seksi ke? adoi la hehe.

  15. PJ and KL also have Nasi Kandar Penang, some restaurants call themselves The Original Nasi Kandar Penang. So which one is the real Nasi Kandar from Penang? I'm confused!

    The gula kapas - I've not eaten this since my childhood days!

  16. foong - kl ones are fake :P trust me. eat both. then come to penang. then you can compare :)

    it was way too sweet haha! but soft and light. i missed my childhood ;)


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