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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prawn Mee

Ahhh... nothing beats the prawn mee (read: noodle) in Teluk Kumbar. Instead of typical prawn mee which usually it comes with soupy-like, they also have fried mee and fried rice (also with gigantic prawns - A Grade). I tried the typical one before so this time I tried fried mee.

Mom has been craving for this prawn mee for so long and I just couldn't manage to take her there because of my hectic timetable.

So, today I used all the energy left just to make her happy! (oh please don't give me compliment as the one gives critic is my friend and the one gives compliment is my enemy haha). Instead of mom, daddy, dayah and dy joined the dinner too.

To those who live in Penang if you know where is Perikanan bla bla located then make sure you turn right as soon as you reach the front gate of that Perikanan. Yes, the restaurant is a living house. Don't be surprise ok?

P/s: Cahaya don't tell me you are craving for this as you pushed your luck away few days ago! Haha.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Suddenly I feel so hungry :( :( :(
    U know admar
    I really wanted to eat any kind of foods with PRAWN. But I can't.
    Since I am an Adventist, prawn is forbidden to eat.
    Huhuh =( =(
    Seriously those "mee udang" pictures really2 makes me feel so hungry right now :(
    (didn't take my dinner because in diet mode hahaha)
    Uwaa ! :( So lapar !

  3. ann - hehe you should eat something light rather than starve yourself like this :P

    the prawn mee really delicious i tell you... haha!

  4. wah! wahh! wahhh!
    i just met my friend for dinner and we're planning for our Penang trip soon, xmas and new year party already. so Dear, please take us to this place ya? *wink*

    we were talking about strolling at the beach, char kueh teow, penang asam laksa by the beach, shpping at tanjung bungah and all. and now, you post the photos of the gigantic prawn!

  5. porcelain doll - dear when is that? let you know in advance i will be in muar from 26th till 31st.

    the prawn mee is yummy! you should try ;)

  6. *asyik merenung kt gambar mee udang*
    the "kuah" looks sooooo yummy :(
    err but does mee udang is spicy?

  7. ann - no... not spicy at all :) i don't eat spicy foods too... haha!

  8. oh no! in that case, i'll move it to after new year then... definitely before my umrah =)

  9. mee udang!!!!! *drools*

    i'll ask for the direction when i'm going to penang xD

  10. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Ooo...looks super delicious!!! Such nice photos (not like mine! Hehehehehehe!!!)! U turning into a flogger too! LOL!!!

  11. huh?? aku rase lapar plak tibe2...

  12. I am so jealous! Next time kot. Skang ni driving from KL-Penang dah macam gi Seremban je. Huhu. :)

  13. Mee udang rulez!!! ;)

  14. hi there... now im craving!! ;)

  15. Wow! The prawn mee looks so delicious. I'm a big fan of prawn so definitely this will be nice! Oh, but the prawn must be fresh or I won't eat it! : )

  16. ahhhhhh i hate you for this faisal!! hehe you make me feel sooooo hungry
    th pictures are so tempting
    and they look so yummy
    by the way since you make me feel hungry you have to send us one hahaha
    have a great holiday and thanks for dropping by at my site

  17. eh Faisal, is that you yang warn me about the BORIC ACID findings?

  18. been so long since we last went to teluk kumbar for mee udang. nampak sedap gambar tu. where is this place actually? last time we went to TK was a few years back and tried salwa mee udang- it was TOTALLY HORRIBLE. tak sedap langsung!

  19. besar nya udang tu..or camera trick je ni..

    terus buat akak lapar la faisal

  20. yummy...ermmmm, mntakkk...=)

  21. Alamak, nampak sedapnya... Almost 10 pm dah ni. No time to find one for me. wrong timing again...

  22. porcelain doll - sure thing dear ;) next year is good. let me know the dates in advance yeah.

    adila - haha when would it be? you are so far away :P

    suituapui - flogger? hehe not really pal. i purposely put this because i know someone is craving for it but push away her luck lol. the pic taken by my sis using her sony erickson w810i and i edit a bit with photoshop :P

    jard - haha! mari makan!

    cahaya - semakin best drive ek? adoi le nape ek girl sekarang suka drive dari lelaki? haha! naik bas tido lg best :P

    insomniac - udang make you horny you know? lol.

    nurulhuda - then come to penang! ;)

    foong - daddy was so fussy. he said the prawns were not that fresh. haha!

    blue - get air asia flight and come to penang ;) the treat is on me haha.

    cahaya - but then i asked you the time right? huhu. pushed away your luck lol.

    farah - this one is ayu mee udang. give you any hint? ;)

    mummy - hehe akak udang tu grade A memang besar gile. mula² ingat anak gajah! haha

    ala akak, kl - penang = 3 - 4 jam jek :P

    ixora - meh meh datang penang!

    ismail - haha come to penang ler... just reach home from badminton ;)

  23. wow it does look good... of course yr photography also good! :)

  24. quachee - hehe thanks mate ;) and yes it taste good too!

  25. alamak dear!
    my fwens plan to go after xmas and before new year la =(

  26. wow..looks kan this month byk sgt makan seafood..takut uric acid tingggi....wuarghhhh

  27. naik bas nanti nak jalan² camne? Silap² duduk kat hotel je, x best!

  28. uitt... x ajak cek pun...:( membawa ati yang lara....

  29. Faisal: oh yeah, I know this place. tapi dah lama sangat tak pi.

  30. Hehe...gambar yang bisa membantutkan diet me!

    wah...u're such a good son!

  31. map plsss!!

  32. porcelain doll - sad thing is i cannot take you around since i will be away from 26th - 30th to muar :(

    wahidah - ye. kena pulak yang besar gajah macam tu kan :)

    cahaya - betul gak kan haha. nasib i ada keta nak pinjam di muar nanti. school holiday nak drive ke muar malas gile. confirm jam!

    nurul - chek tu dok tidoq :P

    farah - was it good or bad? hehe.

    mangosteenskin - haha jom makan! lupakan diet! rugi wo diet.

    me, good son? hehe thanks.

    nazr - nanti email office nye k? or ym ke leh pass map haha.

  33. remember ur promise

  34. nazr - my promise? er?

  35. ahhh.i've never try eat prawn mee at teluk kumbar..

    but sure it taste so Delicious ryt?

    i managed to get Mee Udang at Sg.Dua recently..:)

  36. axim - you should try. you'll be surprise with the prawn size :) btw, mee udang in sg dua... is it pak ngah mee udang?

  37. thanks for d treat bro (:
    the 'mee udang' is SUPERB !

    nyum nyum !

  38. dayah - sure kakak makan hati :P

  39. ni bukan dekat lembaga perikanan dekat pen mutiara tu kan??

  40. ko tahu tak jalan nak ke tangjong asam?
    kalau tahu sure senang nak cari.
    dekat teluk kumbar.
    nama kedai - mee udang ayu.
    kedai ni buat dekat rumah orang.


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