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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bangkok Love Story


Last night, I had watched this movie. Bangkok Love Story was screened at the 34th Brussels International Independent Film Festival, where it won the top prize, the Grand Award in all Categories.

Don’t be judgmental if you hate gays.

I won’t waste my time writing again the plot if I can get it easily on Wikipedia. It kills time that I can use to do other things.

Here the plot (source: Wikipedia):

A loner gunman named Maek is assigned to kidnap a police informant named Iht, but Maek has a change of heart when he takes Iht to the 'hit house'. Maek is ordered to kill Iht, but because he only kills scum and has discovered that Iht isn't bad, he refuses, turning the gun on the enforcers who had hired him to murder Iht. A gun battle ensues during which Maek is wounded, but Iht grabs Maek's gun and shoots their way out of the mobsters' headquarters. The two men then escape on Maek's motorcycle. Maek tells Iht to leave at gun point but he won't and takes Maek back to his rooftop hide-out. There, over a period of time, Iht tends to Maek's wound and finds himself attracted to him.

In fact, Maek is also attracted to Iht, but keeps it hidden, while Iht cares for his former would-be killer with great tenderness.

While giving Maek a bath one day, Iht kisses him on the mouth. Maek reciprocates and the two men engage in a passionate sexual experience. The next day, however, a conflicted Maek demands that Iht go away and leave him alone. Iht returns home to his fiancee, Sai, but is no longer interested in continuing a relationship with her. Iht spends his days pining over Maek, and tracks down Maek's brother, Mhok, and their mother. Mhok is HIV positive, as the result of sexual abuse by his and Maek's stepfather, and their mother is dying of AIDS.

Maek remains elusive, hiding from Iht when he visits the hideout, but leaving signs that he's there so Iht will return.

Though Maek avoids making contact with Iht, eventually he goes to visit his mother and brother, and Iht corners him at the entrance to the building, declaring his love for Maek and stressing how much he misses him. They kiss passionately. They are unfortunately covertly observed by Sai, Iht's live-in fiancee.

Maek's dream is to take his mother and brother away from Bangkok to the mountains of Mae Hong Son Province. But after Maek's mother overhears that Mhok has prostituted himself to survive after contracting AIDS from his stepfather, she commits suicide by hanging herself. The brothers take her down, and as they are rushing her from the apartment, she is killed by a gunshot fired by an unseen sniper. The bullet is presumably intended for Maek.

Maek's former mobster employers are gunning for him and Iht. Maek decides to hunt them down first, and he succeeds in killing them. After Mohk informs Iht what Maek is doing, Iht goes to the capo's house to try and stop Maek, but he is too late and misses Maek by a second. Iht is injured when the capo's wife shoots at a clock that shatters in Iht's face.

Maek, meanwhile meets his brother at the railway station to leave Bangkok for good. But before he can board the train, he is apprehended by the police and taken away. Mhok breaks down. He's the sole witness to his brother being apprehended.

Years pass by. Iht visits Maek in prison and reveals that he was left blind in the final gunbattle with Maek's ex-boss. Mhok commits suicide while at a Hospice of Watphrabahtnamphu in Lopburi because he no longer has the energy to fight his disease. Eventually, Maek is released from prison, and Iht meets him. But before the two men can leave to start their life together, Maek is shot dead by a single bullet fired by an unseen assassin. A bewildered, blind Iht collapses over his lover's corpse, swearing his love for him again and again.

Iht eventually regains his sight, and is finally able to view on his mobile phone a video recorded by Maek himself many years before, admitting that all along, he had loved Iht and that he would love him to his last breath.

End plot.

The ending is very touching. You’d cry if you’re sensitive type of person. I won’t deny, that I, too, cried last night.

The quote I like the most:

“Love doesn't need a reason”

Question: Do you have a reason for loving your love one?


  1. why are the no one commenting in this post ? anyway , I would say that gays are the same as anyone I meet in my daily life , and the movie might be good to watch. However , gays must learn to behave themselves in public ,I remember a guy in college that told everyone he is gay .We were all fine with that . however , he started acting really bad , like fondling other guys in public and touching guys in public .That really gives a bad name to gays

  2. ds - i can't deny that. some will act beyond the boundary as they think when we can accept them, means they can do whatever they want without consideration whether we like it, or not.

    maybe, you can indirectly remind him that gay is not something "common" in society. so, maybe he can stop acting that way.

    shoot him some sense into his brain, like "even straight won't touch pussy in public".


  3. yeah , true .Straight pple dun go around fondling girls in public , so perhaps gays should not do that in public .BTW , im bi

  4. ds - i hope my comment didn't offend you ya?

    agree with you. no matter what sex orientation you are, you gotta behave like a "human being" with brain.

    people won't be bias if it's not overreact :)

  5. bangkok love story? omg, so outdated... it's yesteryear movie.. and quite boring at times...

  6. joseph - suppose it's boring for those who can't understand it message, really.

    ah, no wonder, not many knowing why the awards for film have been invented ;)

  7. LOL! this movie is not really my type.

    ive seen it, among all gay movies i watched, this one is kinda, erm, well, i dont know.

    seems more of sex than the feelings, thats just me.

    like love of siam, or brokeback mountain or no regret and boys love, they have more focus on how they develop the feelings.

    this one is just, the guy likes the other guy, and theres too much hot making out scenes =_=!

    just an opinion haha

  8. art - i heard love of siam is one of the hit movies as well?

    btw, do you realize that almost all of them are sad ending?

    is gay that pathetic?

  9. nope, the one tat brought by Jon and showed at Sean's house was happy ending. 4got its name...

  10. Joseph - 1 out of, er, let say 100?

  11. yeah, love of siam is the best, so pure, not portraying gay love but actually, just real love,

    sweet, not really sad ending la, depends how people think. but then, the ending tergantung la, should be sequel la lol

    oh, i guess gay love is really hard to achieve in our world, still not yet accepted fully, so most end up sad la,

    whats in the movies, are like whats in reality right now.

    its hard if youre gay, you cant go anywhere, if you can, itll be damn hard to get there.

  12. art - i suppose, nowadays, it's more open? if you can cope with my heavy drift.

    if it always sad ending, it might bring some bad impression, directly or indirectly to the world.

    don't you think so?

  13. haha trust me, not open enough

    you cant have gay marriage without people talking

    people will still kutuk and mengumpat and stuffs, well thats in malaysia

    in countries yg approve gay is also the same

    people will still not like them

    full acceptance is not gonna be anytime soon

    haha, even if it gives a bad impression, its kinda of the truth

    heard a lot of gay dilemmas from my friends, pity la

  14. art - it's hard i know. it's exactly as hard as woman try to get gender equality in the world.

  15. now thats interesting, i believe women shouldnt seek gender equality, they have their advantages already, fair la LOL!!

    btw, keji la the poster, showing off bodies T.T

    good looking actors though, usually gay movies dont have actors with good bodies, lol

  16. art - is this as good as bishonen? with so many famous hong kong's actor and actress, such as daniel wu, stefen fong and shu qi?

  17. not good with names, i dont know them except hot shu qi hahahaha

  18. art - you know her from porn or real movie? :P do you know she was a porn actress before a decent one?

  19. she was??? x taw pn!!!!

    woah, damn, shes a damn good actrss la, i didnt know :(

    oh i dont watch porn la :P so immature :P (ceh bajet da besar im only 18 lol)

  20. art - yes. go figure :)

    porn is art, don't you know that?

  21. nooooo, not my kind of art, i mean beautiful naked bodies portraying innocence, beauty and life is my kind of art.

    erotic art gets dirty, no likey

    aww, shu qi is not a virgin, =_=!

  22. art - can't be sure about the virgin part, but it was not a real one. i mean, x-rated? ah, kinda confusing with the porn term. not really into it though.

  23. oh, not that porn, i see hahaha i thought she was a hardcore pornstar or something lol

  24. art - be positive buddy, since you are going to sydney! :)

  25. funny fact, ill be going 1st week of feb, and

    feb is the month of mardi gras

    interesting, hahaha! ill be seeing more of what we see in movies :P

  26. woah~
    not a typical movie.. i suppose?

    gays eh? xD
    come on! leave some guys to girls :P haha

  27. art - whoa! have fun ya :) snap some pictures too for your update.

  28. adila - haha, i suppose there is enough source for straight?

  29. faisal , what are ur views on gays?

  30. so - this is my view:

    1. disloyal
    2. fashionable
    3. sensitive
    4. good career
    5. lust is more important than love
    6. physical attraction is the priority

    i know, not all gays are like the list above. at least, most of them?

  31. totally agree with that bro hahaha!

    i know some gays, well most of the them are kinda desperate. its like if he meets up with a total stranger and learns that the person is gay as well, theyll try to get together, regardless of whatsover

    but i know gays that are respectful too, not looking for lust or anything, just pure love.

    sweet, its kinda the same with normal relationships as well,

    depends on how you view it

    but too many wrong gays are polluting people's mindsets lol

  32. art - straight need to be loyal because there is a bond called marriage. where for gays, there is no marriage. er, i mean a real marriage.

    so, it's hard for them to stick to one person and be loyal. furthermore, guys always possessed by their sex drive more than their brain. who agree with me?

  33. funny, reminds me of ugly truth poster, the love for the girl is at the brain whereas the guy is at the you-know-where :P

    well, there is real approved gay marriages, there's even assets and money split when they get divorced.

    again, not in malaysia. (been studying australia's gay laws LOL)

  34. art - i thought only italy and canada approve that?

  35. australia approves la, u know the mardi gras i told you, its the month of gays and lesbians. main city. sydney

    interesting, i guess ill be seeing lotsa half naked mens parading the city when i arrive there >.<

    weirdmuch haha

    anyway in aussie, theres no marriage, but theres a law approving gay couples, and one must be the dominant sort of male in the couple that has to support his partner

    necessities like house food protection and stuffs apply macam suami istri la :P

  36. very truthful to wat u said , lust over love , and totally not loyal

  37. art - not a legal marriage. canada approves that you know? :)

  38. so - ... but if you are one of them, i hope you don't lose hope ya? trust me, if there is a will, there is a way. need commitment from both party.

  39. oh hey thanx, but im not fully gay , im 50-50, so can control

  40. dillion4:41 PM

    50-50 , what is that ? is anyone else bi?do u know anyone bi faisal?

  41. so - 50-50? means you're bi?

  42. dillion - i don't know how to differentiate bi and gay :)

  43. super easy la

    bi likes both sex

    gay likes same sex?

    duh! :P

  44. interesting blog

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  47. art - i mean by looking at their outlook?

  48. Anonymous12:38 AM

    try watch Shelter. its much believable and i like how they focus on the relationship than exploiting sex..

  49. haahha

    Shelter is nice :D

    super nice,

    my favourite, :D and Latter Days

  50. anonymous - Shelter? what is it about? i'll find it soon :)

  51. shelter is a much better not boring version of brokeback mountain, and its about surfers!

    cool, i wanna learn surfing in sydney tp xde masa la

    its more of family, and its sweet

    latter days lagi hebat, sal religion struggles and being gay lol

  52. art - oh. seems like you are good with movie :)

    i'm going to download them now!

  53. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Faisal, its difficult for me to summarize Shelter, but Art got it right, Shelter is about two surfers that fell for each other, its about family n friends and its a sweet love story.

  54. anonymous - i'm downloading it now. together with latter days :)

  55. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Faisal, do tell us what u think of Shelter once u watched it. :)

  56. anonymous - sure, i will :)

  57. oh i baru baca this comment, ingnore the reply on my blog haha

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  63. thaks for sharing...hope annex will screen it. once heard a quote that says sth like "we love to love" :)Cheers.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  69. anon, they are beautiful places. you should visit :)

  70. Anonymous10:25 AM

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  71. i borrowed from a friend. so, not sure if you can find online :)

  72. Anonymous11:21 AM

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