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Thursday, May 01, 2008

end of bppc and happy labour day

I'm tired physically and mentally, really. To those who didn't read my blog earlier on might wonder what is BPPC? Don't worry, kindly click here.

Last 3 days were the busiest days ever in my life. I worked from 7.30am - 5.30pm on Monday, 7.30am - 10pm on Tuesday and 7.30am - 2.30am yesterday [yes it was Wednesday]. Reached home late about 3am and continued watching soccer semi final between Chelsea and Liverpool until almost 6am. Oh ok, ignore about the soccer thingy as I won't mention or write much in this post [see you Chelsea in the UCL final and lets race for EPL].

As you know I was with logistic bureau this year for this BPPC event. So, what I did was checking the computer whether its functioning well [which most of it handled by system bureau], good condition with furnitures like tables, chairs, keypad lock, banners and so on. Instead of those, we have to make sure everything works smoothly and the place is always clean. Doesn't matter its at our own office or outside. Yes we worked outside of the office as well.

From April 1, I had to make sure water supply was enough for all officers and staff that involved with BPPC at 10th and 11 floor. We had dividend voucher checking at 10th floor and e-filing at 11th floor. I had to make sure that dividend numbering computer works and the e-filing ads working on 2 computers. That was on the 10th floor. Mostly my other friends in the bureau were very helpful.

When I mentioned that I work for this logistic bureau on weekdays, that didn't mean that I only work for BPPC. I had to do my main work as a finance clerk too. You know... like insurance, medical bill, money refund from staff, purchasing, flight fright, medical system, guarantee letter, collector statement and many more... I don't think I will list them all. So yes, I felt like a robot sometimes which I took order, my brain process and I did without giving excuse or mad about it. That doesn't mean I was not under pressure =)

Every weekend like Saturday and Sunday I worked too. I went to malls like Giant, Tesco and Tesco Extra for e-filing counter. I didn't help the tax payer as that wasn't my job, what I did was setup the computer, internet, tables, chairs, banner and prepared some pamphlet and forms too. From 8am - 10pm roughly. Glad to see tax payer smiled when doing the e-filing [even tho some did scold me just because they hate to pay tax -- but that's life... and I was happy as I know what is anger management, mmm take deep breath].

From Monday - Wednesday day time, I've been stationed at the lobby at form submitting box. Which it sounds simpler than the real work. Instead of showing the submitting form box, we had to check the forms, checked the envelope, solved some tax payer problems [not to mention how bad we got scold by them =)] and filtered them before let them go to other floor. We had 3 floors for BPPC event [level 3 - level 11 are our department of course but just some floors involve with this BPPC event] which 4th floor for stamping, taking form, open a tax file, checking status and refund, 10th floor for dividend checking and help on how to fill in the form correctly and 11th floor for e-filing and pin number. Ah those floors toilet, please don't mention. In the evening we sorted all forms based on their case. Yes, they were very tiring days. Food was supplied by the bureau... thats good right? ;)

The form submitting box

Yesterday was the last day and they closed counters quite late. The counters should be closed at 10pm but due to many tax payers that came late, we chose to open till late as well. See how good we are at Inland Revenue Board? We tried to help you guys the best we could.

I got a thank you from the branch director with what I've done for BPPC event. I smiled with proud and satisfaction. I don't need other things but a simple thank you =)

What I wanna show you here is the BPPC shirt ^_^

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you happy Labour Day! I can feel this Labour Day celebration as a big appreciation for us... workers. =)

God bless... Amin...


  1. Happy Labour Day to you! You have been super busy. I hope you get some time to relax soon. :o)

  2. Thanks tammy. Yes I need some rest... and I feel dehydrated and haggard badly.

    I plan to go fishing at a chalet on a water this weekend. If it happen so, I will update blog again =)

    Happy Labour Day~

  3. Labour day is holiday for all the workers. But I realize that many people are still working on that day. Perhaps people do not value this holiday so much.

    By the way, I started a new blog at . Please leave me a comment there and add me to your blogroll. I have added yours already.

    See you there!

    Sheng Loong.

  4. oh oh..i saw the people wearing those shirt at the Income tax dept..the last day. Thanks to d online thingy,not so many people came on the last day ( at least at the branch i was at )

  5. Faisal,

    wow, your schedule looks very scary to me. Really you are working around the clock!!! don't you get Sundays as your off day?

    Anyway, I am sure you love your job too...

    Happy Labour Day to you too, i know this is late, but well...:)

  6. Happy Belated Labor Day!! It sounds like things have been a tad crazy for you. Hope you get some time off soon :)

    Oh ya, I wanted to ask you. Mind exchanging links?

  7. Hi,
    April was your busy month, you needed to deal with " tax " matter.
    I understand your tireness and less time blogging.
    Do take a good rest and have a nice day.

  8. Yahooooo cuti cuti :D

  9. Su Sheng Loong - I think those who still go to work on Labour Day have no option. Some boss really fussy and perfectionist [actually they want thing perfect but they aren't] want all stuff ready like a month before. People like me will always have bunch of works awaiting... and sometimes you will feel like you're the only one working. Lucky my branch director told us not to do overtime on Labour Day as my unit boss wanted [forced] us to come for overtime and finish some works that need to be done. Fuuhh... thanks God. I have changed your link to the latest one. Will go and read them later...

    neomesuff - Yes, pretty weird when last year the most crowded day was the last day but not for this year. I guess people are afraid of the internet/server traffic and also a long queue. Furthermore, people are IT clever now since we can do everything at home and why should we go to the tax office? Unless you got dividend voucher for repayment case and that case you need to go to the tax department for endorsement. Eh I realize you go on the last day eh? Hehe why last minute?

    Farah Deen - I don't think I love my job but I work for the sake of capital needs. Lol. What crap I'm talking about? You will know sooner or later. Let me keep it as a secret first =) Yes I work like its my own company lol. Thanks for the wish... Happy Labour Day to you too~

    Rozella - I hope so... soon. At the moment I need to go to work on Saturday and Sunday too until works which I suppose to finish last week but I couldn't do so caused by BPPC is done. I have put your link in my friend list. Thanks. Happy Labour Day to you too.

    coolingstar9 - Yes, less time for myself tho. I can't read my books, can't go movie and even hardly come here blogging. Lol.

    E-Tavasi - Hehe yahoo~!

  10. call me farah je :) and yes, i would love to know that secret soon! heheheh

  11. Hehe ok Farah. The secret? Tak surprise lah if I tell you now ^_^

  12. accompanying a fren who has to pay extra ;-) due to her increment she had last year, and she just nd some clarification...

  13. Oh ;)
    If its big amount which will burden her, she can ask for monthly payment. She just needs to pay that amount bit by bit ;)


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