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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dirty toilet

I hate dirty toilet so much. I mean... so much. To shit or pee at public toilet is really a hard thing to do, and if its dirty... sorry to say, I won't even go in.

Recently, a tax payer [I assume "a" tax payer] shit in my office toilet. Guess what? I bet he got diarrhea and he shit on the floor and made the whole toilet fully occupied. Didn't he knows where was the hole and where was the bowl? And if it was an accident, couldn't he clean the mess? I had upset stomach and when I went in, I was like "WTF???" and I had to run to other floor. My colleague told me maybe that was a revenge, yeah who likes to pay tax? But honey, its not our fault... not at all. We're just working here, and if you feel unpleasant why don't you complain to the ministry department rather than make us your victim?

It happen not only to my office but many other public places as well. I bet you experience the same problem as I do.

Despite I can't say there is no clean toilet at all. To those good shopping mall as example, we can see good condition toilets. They [the workers] clean the toilet often which keep good smell and clean. But this isn't the matter here.

What I want to say here is our hygiene. If you clean your toilet at home after you use, why not with public toilet? Its your responsible. Yes, you pay but is that mean you have to ruin it for the sake of your 20 cents? Most people will think "Ah... they have workers to clean, so why should I bother?". This is what happen... our attitude.

We need to change this "its-ok" attitude for our own good. Always remember, "what goes around, comes around".


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! look at the bowl! and the wall! and the floor! and the everything!

    God. what a "tax payer" =_="

    "one's toilet reflects one's life," fara's saying.

  2. fara,

    Lol. That is only a picture taken from the net. I wanted to snap a picture of the real incident but was too late as the worker there cleaned it up. Maybe someone else complaint.

  3. eww =_=" admar the picture so gross! lol. btw i agree with wat u say in the post #_#

  4. sakura,

    Yeah thats the best picture that I could use to describe how terrible the toilet was! I was nearly puke tho.

  5. Ewwwwwwwwwwww this is so yucky! Hehhe it must be terrible to see something like that. I hate going to public toilets too, I would rather hold it in till I get home;)

    Thanks for passing by my blog.

  6. Lol. Yes terrible. I always do exactly like you unless its an emergency.

  7. Anonymous3:12 PM

    mcm nie pun ada ka?
    org LHDN x reti jaga kebersihan....!!!!!!!!

  8. Bukan orang LHHDN la... tapi tax payer yang kejam T___T

  9. ewww... gross! that picture definitely need some precaution goes along wit it. like, "dun watch this if you're eating like me?" ewwww...

  10. The pic is eeewwwyyy..I don't like stinky and smelly makes me sick.
    We should be considerate about others (the next user) everytime we use the toilet. But I guess some people just can't be bothered at all.

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.. thanks for the comment too.. take care :]

  11. yuk! that toilet is some serious damage!!!

    im kinda bz nowadays but ill update asap!


    guess its like in the advertisement a while ago ada, a guy rela go back home to pee at his own toilet and refused to go at public toilet! haha!

    anyway, at klcc theres a vip toilet! 2 ringgit per entrance! boy! Its a great toilet i tell ya!

  12. Very true Faisal. I've been into scary public toilets before, and by meaning scary, you seriously do not want to know what I mean. This do not just happen in our country, but it is more a global syndrome. Nevertheless, if you have been to Thailand, you would be surprised that most(okay of course if you go to a market toilet this statement doesn't apply) toilets are well maintained. THe situation is totally opposite. I got to stay at a 5-star hotel in Singapore(and they cost a lot, seriously YOU DONT THINK YOU'D EXPECT THIS!), and their toilet is somewhat worser than KOMTAR's. So well, it all comes back to an individual's attitude after his/her business in the toilet.

    Plus, hey, each and everyone of us should go 'what if i come in the toilet and see this'

    Oh well, pity you for the episode in ur office. Better luck next time. perhaps we should have CCTVS inside the cubicles as well huh? LOL

    Take care Faisal.


    Riz F

  13. eiii..cian kt hg..

  14. bluecrystaldude,

    Oh so sorry. Perhaps I should put a warning. Lol. I know it really gross, you should see the real thing. Eww~

  15. twinkletoe,

    Yeah, some people might be old enough but the attitude remain the same. How I wish everybody will think like you =)

  16. artistic1412,

    Whoa RM2 per entry? My goodness. But if its a total clean, I would rather pay RM2 instead of the cheap and dirty one.

  17. riz f,

    CCTV? Oh nooo... That is scary. We try to prevent those bad peoples who aren't civilized but then people can use the video for pornographic purpose. Lol~

  18. esmahhamid,

    Ya kesian kat aku. Dah la sakit perut, kena lari ke tingkat lain pulak tu. Nasib sempat. Hehe

  19. kenshin A4O9:47 PM

    eeewwww...kotor nye..aku rela blk drpd guna toilet ni..tgk pn da tau bau die cmner..

  20. saket perot sgt kot isi e-filing last minit :)

  21. kenshin a40,

    Tu le pasal. Aku tak tahu, buka je toilet terus nak muntah. Bau dah la busuk... tambah dengan keadaan permukaan yang jijik... Uwek~

  22. YUCKS ! that was sooooo scary =s

  23. addrick,

    Hehe parent aku nye belum isi. Aku memang tak buka file pun lagi hehe. Last minute + sakit perut... adus~

  24. nur hidayah admar,

    Lol, yes it gives me a great nightmare~

  25. Su Sheng Loong9:35 AM

    I really hate dirty toilet. Sometimes I really get frustrated with the public toilet which is so disgusting. That's why I love washrooms in high class hotels.


    BUt I really hope every toilet in Malaysia can be as good as, at least as clean as the washroom in high class hotels.

  26. Hi, It is important to treat public toilets as our toilets.
    It is every user's responsibility to keep it clean.
    Nice post, have a nice day.

  27. this picture is a pollution! haha! i dont want to watch it for long. but the truth is, toilet that dirty really exist. i rather poop in the bushes, can fretilize plants some more. haha.

    apologize him, maybe he got bad diarhea. u r lucky to have the chance to say WTF and get the view. some people may have missed, like us. *thank God!*

  28. su sheng loong,

    Yes I agree with you. But if only rich can have a clean toilet, pity the poor then. They can't afford to stay in classy hotel.

    To say only rich is hygiene, I doubt. The ones paying tax aren't poor I suppose. Lol.

  29. coolingstar9,

    Yes I agree with you. If everybody think like you... we sure happily use the clean toilet without a second thought. =)

  30. mangosteenskin,

    Lol. Me lucky? Oh no second chance please. It will haunt you for the rest of your life.

    Fertilize plants? Eww... =P

  31. Etavasi9:59 PM

    Wow so clean your toilet... hehehe.. faisal nice pic ?

  32. etavasi,

    Lol. So clean? Thats sarcastic =P

  33. the toilet, soo....superb!!!

  34. daiz,

    Superb? Will let you go in first. I can wait... of course. Lol.

  35. OMG!! Are you serious?? That person just "shat" on the floor??? Hahahaha.. Tengok! I also dunno whether to laugh or be appalled at the whole thing. I hope you that witnessing it once is enough and that it doesn't happen to you again.

    As for that toilet picture.. There are no words to describe it. LOL!

    Great blog. Keep it up! :)

  36. yeah, i guess he got diarrhea based on how the er... [shit] look like. lol. but he could clean the mess after that right?

    lol... yea i know its disgusting but no better picture to describe.

    thanks for the compliment ^_^

  37. Hi there. Was just passing by :) I have to agree with you. I can't stand drity toilets...I really really try my best not to use any public toilets. In other countries I don't think it's so bad. In Malaysia? Hmmm... It can be a pretty scary place!

  38. Hi... I have been too some Europe countries and as far as I concern, in Europe... toilets there are more clean than Malaysia. Agree with you at this point. =)


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