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Monday, May 12, 2008

special dedication

I want to make this post a special dedication to my dear blogger friend Ej. Its about her pet -- a cat named Nonie who dropped from 25th floor off her house!

Yes, I agree... it was a shock news when I read her blog and at the same time I was sad. I could imagine how bad the injuries and how painful it was. Until now, Nonie is still not in good condition. She needs to do some minor operation on her leg but the operation only can be done when she is back to normal... meaning she is happy, good appetite and drink water. Recent, she didn't eat and worse not even drink water. The latest news I read on Ej blog, Nonie was dehydrated. Sigh. Poor Nonie... she has been admitted for water dripping. Hopefully she will be fine and can go through the minor operation procedure. Lets us pray for her... as a happy cat as before.

These are my cats. I love them so much and I understand what Ej is going through now...




  1. wow nice cats u have.....aku suka yg "EWOK" pasal btul2 mcm EWOK laaa.camneh kita kn wat gathering cats owner neh....hahaha

  2. both ur cats looked so cute! especially multi hugging that toy ^^

  3. Yimster10:46 PM

    Tomelnya kucing2 faisal :)

  4. gaga ! ada latest pic of Ewok.. lagi tomey =)

  5. cybernetics mind - Haha ya mmg muka dia mcm EWOK Starwars! Boleh... boleh.. buat je :O)

    kirsch - Hehe thank you. Yes, she loves that Stitch soft toy a lot.

    Yimster - Terima kasih... kucing Yim pun comel juga :O)

    Nur Hidayah Admar - Hehe upload la dalam blog :O)

  6. dats so cute!!!!!
    love cats!!!!

    but 25th floor?! amazing..

  7. Oh your friends poor cat, that is so sad.

  8. the bond of cats and owners are super strong right.
    if one hurts, the other will bleed. sorta.


  9. OMG! The cat survived the fall?! that is totally a miracle!! Two of my cats died off the balcony of my 12th floor condo.. sigh.. it hurts and the mourning process was horrendous.. Neways, ur kitties are absolutely adorable. Nice to meet a fellow catperson.


  10. Falling from 25th floor still can survive? This is amazing! There is a Chinese saying, "a cat has nine lives". Perhaps it applies to this case.

  11. Teddy - Yes they are adorable. About Nonie dropped from the 25th floor? Yes really amazing.

    Tammy - Yes Tammy. I was so shock when I heard this news. She loves her cat so much. I know its hard for her to take this.

    FarA - Yes Fara, I'd say so. I can't see my cats hurt either. If someone hurts them, I will go Grr..!

    Shereena - Yes Sheena, it hurts when our beloved pet died. And it worse when they die in such tragedy. Thanks Shereena, I love cat a lot.

    Sheng Loong - I'd believe so. But most cases it happen otherwise :O(

  12. huhuuu... tersentuh hati baca semua2 neh... hurmmm...

    terubat gak rindu kt nonie bila tgk ewok n multi.. warna ewok sgt cantik.. nanti kalau nonie dh sihat boleh laa bawa dia pi jumpa ewok n multi kann...

    thanks you so much faisal.. tak tau nk ckp mcm mana... insyaallah nonie ok, jap lg dah nk pi ambik dia kt klinik, hope dia dh boleh balik..

  13. Ej, boleh boleh. Yang penting Nonie cepat sembuh. Semoga Nonie gembira macam dulu. Untung Nonie dapat tuan yang penyayang macam Ej... :O)

  14. oh my... Sian nyer that cat.. 25th floor is high! sian nyer..

    Hope she will be ok :)

    Your cat is so cute too.. siap ade loceng2.. hehe.. my cat die paling tak suke orang letak pape kat leher die.. rantai pun die cabut.. maybe tak macho kot.. hahahaha :D

  15. Lol. They are female. So I guess dia suka la accessories.

    Sama-sama la kita berdoa kucing Ej kembali seperti dulu.

  16. Awww, so gorgeous! I just love animals and I hope Nonie gets better soon. :( I would be so devastated if that happened to my boys. 25 floors is pretty crazy. *cross fingers* Hopefully everything is fine.

  17. Thanks. How many boys do you have? ;)
    Yes, I was so shock when I read her blog. I pray for the same thing, A Happy Nonie return.

  18. comeynya tengok dia tido ...

  19. Hehe ya semua kucing-kucing tu suka sangat tido. Tu le pasal semuanya gemuk-gemuk belaka. :)


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