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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

I know its late for me to write about this since everybody wrote about this on 15th. I guess its ok for me to write about it after 2 days?

Now, I'm going to write about blogger's right. Nowadays, blogger writes with caution and afraid if the post touches any politic matter, they will be jailed. Why is it so? Blogger now has no freedom of speech and no freedom of blogging. We suppose to have freedom to write anything about what we see, hear and think. This is our blog, not others. Blogger have been cursed and pointed out as sources that tells malicious stories. But where did we get the stories? Thats the point. Government is protecting themselves from the truth sometimes. So, they block blogger from saying anything other than supporting them. If it is so, why don't they ban all the opposition's newspapers and websites? As we all know, newspapers and tv by government have been filtered. Yes, they control the media. Its very sad that we blogger have no right to share any opinion and say what we think of our country. If its good then its ok, but if its bad? Sigh. Looks what happen to Raja Petra Kamarudin well known as RPK. He was jailed on sedition accuse. He wrote about Altantuya's murder and I don't see anything wrong with this. If you follow the case, you will know Altantuya's father has been asking for further investigation and willing to give more evidence. But he was not entertained by Malaysia's government. Even no reply when Mongolia's Prime Minister sent a letter. The only media they depend on is CNN. I wonder how if we in his father's shoes, has a daughter and been killed tragically -- bombed!

Ok, I guess that is all I want to say. No freedom of speech anymore. I need to open the dictionary and learn what is democracy once again.

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