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Sunday, May 25, 2008

aliff aziz

he is Singaporean teen. he is cute and he has good voice. so i have no doubt why he can be a sudden hit. at first when i saw him was on tv -- in melodi program. my sister asked me "bro, do you think he is cute?" and my reply was simple "i think so".

then after a while, his song is a hit in Malaysia. as i said, no doubt. girls will get crazy and craving for his songs, album, pictures and even his signature [what about his undies? lol]. when the song keep playing on radio and peoples sing it everywhere, it becomes a good song to me too. lol.

then tonight, as i can't sleep... i browse about him on youtube. found some songs sang by him, of course he is not the original singer for all songs he sang in the anugerah competition [anugerah is a singing contest in singapore by media corp]. but he delivered them well... i'd say impressive. i did not expect he could sing ballade as good... but he did. unexpected... as i expected him to be a pop teen as some others do. i was wrong.

ok so here i share some of his videos.

this is his famous song :

mungkir bahagia - hazami's song sang by him :

mungkin - anuar zain's song sang by him... not bad :

more than words as i prefer english song than malay :

ok, i won't put the whole youtube here. you can browse some good songs sang by him such as sonata musim salju, mungkin, mungkir bahagia and many more.



  1. is he the one who sang the song 'sayang sayang' I like that song a lot.

  2. hehe yes he is the one. his voice is good ;)

  3. I've never heard of him before.

  4. hehe have you seen him on youtube? good voice :)


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