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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Tagged by Bluecrystaldude.

Age that I wish to go back to? Hmm pretty interesting topic/tag to talk about. Ok, I choose age of 20. Why I choose age 20? Because so many things that happen when I was 20 and how I wish I can change my present just to turn the time backward.

At the age of 20...
I got my 1st car -- Satria GTi. I was so happy to drive around with this new sporty car. I got a lot of compliments from friends and strangers. Yes, at that time this brand new car just made. It was a shiny silverish car with Lotus handling. Meaning, the engine and system were made by Lotus. Just some parts provided by Proton. Yes, I know Proton sucks but for some reasons I'd say Satria GTi, Putra and Perdana were the best cars ever by Proton.

At the age of 20...
I had many lovers. I don't need to elaborate more on this. I know, I was a brat. But trust me, none of them were really get cheated by me. I know, its complicated. I had a relationship that I won't forget till my last breath. So many sweet memories. I erased the bitter ones.

At the age of 20...
I lost my beloved Grandma. She was the one who raised me since I was born. Yes, my parent too but how many hours parent were with me? They had to work. So, grandma was the one who taught me to be discipline, a good boy and always keep me clean and tidy. Oh, I still remember the Brylcream she put on me. It was way too much sometimes, but I never complain. She cooked good foods and always smile whenever I was happy or told her good news. She was kind of aggressive but very loving. Yes, if she didn't act that way, we would be nastier. The saddest day in my life was when she passed away. I got a very good result for my final exam but she didn't manage to see it and to see me jumped and smiled happily. I didn't jump or smile. I was frustrated and heartbroken. Truly, I miss her.

At the age of 20...
I was a playful teen. I started to know many kind of peoples who happen to be my friends. I chose wrong ones most of the time. I started to learn all bad things. Yes, as other teens would say "Once in a life time"? No, it was a bad decision. I didn't focus on my study. So, end up I got a bad result. Frustrated and I felt like I was the only loser in this world. I ruined my grandma and grandpa's hope. I was totally devastated.

At the age of 20...
I went to Europe. I went to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Luxermberg. It was a good time. That was the first time I touched snow, I was speechless. I was amazed by the softness of the snow and its color. Hmm. I learnt some German words like "Ich Spreche Kein Deutsch", "Guten Tag", "Guten Morgen" and "Gute Nacht". Yes, I still remember some other words too.

So, thats all.

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  1. Ok guys, you have been tagged!

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  2. Ok except Bluecrystaldude in the list above. Others please do your job lol.

    Nova, you have been tagged as well! :)

  3. The Iron Masak5:09 PM

    Every age has its charm and beauty...
    provided things in life permit to live it to the fullest...
    going back to change the present, as you mentioned, would it still have the same charm ...?
    look at it from the bright side...

  4. Yes. Agree with your point. But "only if" I could change it, maybe now I'd have a better life. Still God knows whats the best for me. Right?

  5. oh wow!!! i have been tagged for this from you and GP. i really need to get this done soon then. LOL

  6. Yes Farah hopefully you can do it soon so that I can read them :)

  7. thanks for tagging me.. hehehe..
    dang I got a lot of pending tags.. been tagged a lot lately.. hehehe..
    i'll add your link in my list and pls add mine too.. thanks :]

  8. I have done so in case you did not realize. You already in my friend list way before you did :P

    Pending tag? Lol. Get it done babe :)

  9. TAG telah dijawab.. but in a differen version.. LOL..

  10. wahhhhhhhhh kena lagi?? hahahahaha.... ok2, nanti ej buat noooooooo.... :D

  11. nikli - Hehe sangat menarik versi tag anda :)

    ej - Hehe go go Ej... tapi sempat ka asyik busy jumppa blogger saja nih. Ej leh jadi ketua persatuan blogger semalaysia nih keke :)

  12. huhu.. wait aa.. im quite bz now but ill uptade soon!

  13. hehe ok.. no prob ;)

  14. I wish i could turn to 18 again. Fantasy & memories in my life. Strongest feeling, can feel through my blood. My most success ever, in education, got 2 times best student reward, love & relation was very strong… no problem at all, happy with mylove, friends & family.. hahaha… life with flying colors… :p.. but now it just beyond my reach.. it not the same anymore.. hahaha... i have no doubt that is the best memories ever in my life..

    remember 'titanic'.. u jump, i jump.. hahaha

  15. sigh. yes i remember all the sweet memories. never forget...

    i was creative... right?

  16. yes.. sure u the creative man.. maybe i never found someone creative like u after this.. hahaha..

  17. thanks for the compliment :)
    how i wish i could turn back time... but no one could :(


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