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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polls talk ploy to prevent defections, says Guan Eng

Election Commission’s talk
about snap election appears
to be a plan hatched by
certain quarters to prevent
any change of government
by defections or crossovers,
Penang Chief Minister Lim
Guan Eng said yesterday.

“That’s why I think it is
important that this is not
used as a device because
there’s some talk that
to prevent people from
jumping over, they are
using the threat of snap
election to stop them from
doing so,” he said in a
press conference after
announcing a RM115.2
million investment by
Honeywell Aerospace here.

“Is this a device? It looks
like it to me. They are
saying, if you jump over, we
can have snap election and
you will get defeated.
“Is that the real message
they are trying to send out?”
Lim also asked EC
chairman Tan Sri Abdul
Rashid Abdul Rahman to
reveal the identity of the party
who told him there was going
to be a snap election.
“Has he been getting
indications from the cabinet
or the prime minister?”

Lim said it is the
government of the day which
has the power to call for a
snap election and not the EC.

“The EC only conducts
elections. When the term is
up, it has the power to decide
but when the term is not up,
it has no power to decide.

“So who told the EC that
there is going to be snap
election? Does this show that
EC is no longer independent?
If that is so, we will go back
to the same problem that
elections are unfair, not free
and not impartial,” he said.

As for whether the state
government is ready if a snap
election is called, Lim said
the federal government can
call for a snap election but
the state government has a
choice of whether to have the
snap election or not.

Lim was commenting on
a statement by Abdul Rashid
that EC has told its offi cers to
be prepared for snap polls.
On the EC’s proposal to
re-register voters to clean
up the electoral rolls, Lim
was sceptical that the rolls
could be “cleaned up”.

If the organisation is not clean, it does not make any difference,” he said, adding it is more important to reform the EC.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

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  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Clean huh???

    What I can say... Bullshitt!!!... no such thing as clean in Malaysian institutions anymore...

    p/s: bersih2 gitu je kot... LOL

  3. Lol. I believe Lim Guan Eng was right about "cleaning". I have no idea what ECs are doing, some names even appeared as unregistered on the election day but weird thing was they did register. Best example was my sister. Don't you think it's weird? Second case was my colleague who have been staying here for so long and voting in Penang for so long all in sudden her name was in KL? What happen? Like Lim Guang Eng said before, clean the list instead of re-register.

  4. hihi, new fan of Guan Eng eh? Many cases like that da faisal, and I am one of them yang da getting so sick about this. Wah, sakit jiwa..where's the 'clean' Malaysia??

  5. Sigh. I miss the old Malaysia. I said Malaysia not Malaya :P

  6. Just stopping by to say "Hi!". ;o)

  7. You're really into politics huh? I tak berapa faham lah everything that is going on...

  8. tammy - Hi back! :)

    rozella - Not really into politic but if something related to my interest I will take a peek :)

  9. Politics and government in the Ph makes me sick too. I try not to think about it too much.

    Anyway, I am celebrating my 100th post with a bang- I have a contest where you can Win $25 CAsh and More Check it out if you want;)


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