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Monday, May 12, 2008

lending & borrowing money

I have big problem with this since I was a little kid. Yes, problem of lending and borrowing money. I have problem to do both. Since I don't like to lend people money, I believe people will feel exactly the same, and that is why I don't borrow either. Last resort always my lovely Malaysian banks.

Different case with family. I trust my family with my fully heart. So, as long as I have some saving to help them when they are in need, I surely will help. But if the saving not even enough for my meals, I'd tell them straight. I'm kind of straight forward person sometimes... yes, sometimes.

I intend to write about this when an incident happen. Before I write about this further, I'd like to tell you that this month I have a big financial crisis. Not that I spent over the budget... but I had to help my sister. She has a family and her husband is driving an airport limousine. Bad news was the limousine is broken. Something went wrong with the engine and some other parts too. So, urgently they needed RM*,***.**. I have invested RM*,***.** to a friend which I will get my money back in a year time with some interest. Sort of a business I'd say... I didn't want to see my sister in sorrow begging other people for money, so I use all the saving left [kept some for legal fees payment on Saturday] to help her. Yes... now I'm stuck -- financial crisis.

Ok back to the incident. Last week I plan to go with colleague for fishing, somewhere in Kedah -- a chalet on the water, beautiful scenery, calm water and a lot of fish. A colleague came to me and collect the money. It happen the plan was canceled because the owner of the chalet booked the wrong dates!. Ok fine. The plan canceled so I should get my money back, right? I waited for few days, no response. So, I assumed he has forgotten about the money. I met him and reminded him [did I told you that I was a straight forward person? gulp! I was hardly thinking a reason to ask about the money!] about the money. He said ok. BUT still I didn't get the money. Can you believe this? If you are at his situation, will you just say ok and pretend that nothing need to be done? It was unexpected and I was frustrated. Ok fine. The RM**.** isn't a big amount of money but due to my critical financial crisis, I do need the money to survive until end of the month.

I won't ask him about the money anymore and to lend him even a single cent seem impossible. No... not anymore. A new lesson I've learned.

God bless.


  1. Sometimes I also dislike lending money to people. If I were to lend money to someone, I would be mentally prepared that the money should never be repaid. I just don't like the feeling of asking your friend to pay back the money.

    Personal finance is a very important thing that all of us must be aware of. Without proper financial planning, we will be trapped in the rat race and suffer every month due to insuffcient money. That's why I always pursue financial freedom.

  2. Dear Faisal,
    My heart goes to you after reading this post. I feel so sorry for you for everything you went through, and on top of that, not getting your dues on the chalet you booked for too. I really hope you sis's problem will be settled real soon.

    you are surely a great brother and insyaAllah, everything will be OK soon.

  3. Sheng Loong - Yes I agree with you. I'm seeking for my financial freedom too and I hope it will happen soon. I'm working on it... and I hope my sister will recover her finance as soon as possible.

    Farah - Yes things sometimes don't work as we planned. But I believe in God and I will try my best to solve this problem. There is no problem that can't be solved... I believe. Thanks Farah for the concern... I hope I can be a better brother.

  4. Sometimes niat kita baik tapi org tidak menghargainya..Manusia sering bersikap learn from mistake..U know who u can trust and who dont..hmmm

  5. Ya betul. Setiap hari banyak yang kita pelajari. Sama ada kita dapat menilai dan mempelajari dengan baik atau pun ia hanyalah hari biasa yang berlalu dengan sia-sia :O)

  6. assalamualaikum bro.....nothing much i can say in this kind of situation.bnyk bersabor.....redho & pray to god & seek help from HIM.

    Feel free to read one of my posting titled "Terkezuttttt"....& u'll feel relieved.....Remember u r not alone in this kind of thing.

  7. Ya, dah baca post Tekezuttt tu. Memang terkezut. I will just ask again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get the cash.

  8. Nowadays, it's hard to trust friend even she/he is your bestfriend....

  9. Yes I totally agree with you sis.

  10. I understand you totally. Lending money to friends is very difficult. I had experiences that friends borrow money, promise to pay it right away but never hears about it anymore.

    So i stopped lending money, and one time somebody asked me to lend his mom money, and I said no I can't. Never heard from this friend anymore after that. Isn't that funny? Just because I didn't lend them the money, they just ignore me.

    My latest entry Paparazzi Experience


  11. Yes Jade. Friends sometimes can be weird. They will get close to us when they need and vanish when they don't need us. But not all friends are like that. Even we choose our friend carefully, no guarantee that we won't face this problem anymore.

    I have read your blog about Paparazzi Experience. Posh is cute and you grab the opportunity at the right time :O)

  12. Sorang guru pernah berpesan..janagn berhutang atau beri hutang kepada sesiapa. Kalau nak, berikan saja duit tu sebagai derma. Tp tak yah la cakap kt dia kita bagi free..

  13. hmm, bagus bila ada duit lebih... parah bila kering kontang hehe :P


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