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Friday, May 30, 2008

Avoid chemical in foods

I bought this book at office. We have preach every Friday and different peoples were invited for that purpose. They never sell anything before and today they sell some good books.

This one attracts me :

This book is about how to avoid chemical in foods. How interesting? If you are a health conscious person, then this book is good. This book cost me RM5 only and I haven't read them. If there is anything I can share with you, I will surely post about it here ;)


  1. My daughter has high cholesterol and we all eat healthy because of it, but if you have any good tips or useful information, I would love to hear it.

  2. Ok Tammy, will let you know as soon as possible :)

  3. please let us know the important fact from that book k...will love to hear it soon from you...TQ..

  4. eh org penang yach?

  5. good one ...
    kena gak tau pasal2 nih sume kan
    asik makan je x sudah ..
    ape bubuh x tau

  6. Good!!! Nowadays, most of chronic disease or sickness came from what we eat...Genetics may come second. So be careful of what you guys take... it might not good for body in a long term.

    The most common tips for healthy body...
    1) at least 8 glass of water per day
    2) Eat more fruits...vegies... cereal maybe...
    3) Exercise !!!


  7. This is really good to read this kind of book. Nowadays many food contain " chemicals " So, we can reduce the chemicals in our body, how to select food, how to prepare food.
    Hope you can provide some tips after you have read the book.
    Have a nice day.

  8. axim - Sure I will let you know soon through my post :)

    lindosh - Ya orang Penang :)

    lily - Haha walaupun makanan tu tak bagus tapi William mesti tak dapat dipisahkan. Terlalu tempting! :)

    love-n-hate - Love your comment. Yes those listed by you are good to keep you healthy. Have you read my post regarding excessive water consumption? There was a case where a health conscious woman drank a lot of water to stabilize her blood pressure. When she tried once and it worked, she drank more and more water. We suppose to drink like 8 glass of waters but she drank 7 times more than us. End up she is blind now. You can refer to the article here :

    coolingstar9 - Yes, I will post some tips for all my bloggers and friends. Together we share :)

  9. haaaaaaaaa nanti jgn lupa share2 info ekkk...

  10. I try to avoid processed food and fast food becos of all the bahan pengawet and all. It's so scary lah all the statistics about our generation dying way earlier than our parents because of bad food intake. I want to live until 100 lah! Hehehe

  11. Faisal, i already read about your entry on excessive water consumption. Good article you have there...

    These what I can conclude... in my point of view...
    -It doesn't necessary that you have to take 8 glass of water per day because it differs amongs one another and needs...(..and no evidence to support that..hahah)
    -The kidneys will adjust to varying levels of water intake, for example, if someone drinks a lot of water, the kidneys will produce more urine. If lets say, the person change or happen not to drink alot, the kidneys will takes time to adjust to new water intake level.
    -Someone who drinks a lot of water will become dehydrated more easily than someone who routinely drinks less..(tested!!)

    My doctor's advice: A good guideline is that a normal person should urinate 4 times per day, and the urine should be a light yellow color. And fully clear urine is overdoing it...

  12. Faisal, I am looking forward to reading your review on this blog. Recently I am also very concerned about the food I eat. I am afraid of getting any deadly disease when I am old.

  13. ej - Ok Ej. Kena khatam dulu baru best berkongsi :)

    rozella - Yes some foods are 100% artificial but we never care. The artificial foods lead to cancer and some other diseases. So eat healthy to keep your life longer.

    love-n-hate - Oh, clear urine is not good? Hmm, I heard about light yellow color before too but some old folks will tell you that clear is good which means you drink a lot of water. Urinate 4 times a day? That is impossible as I guess we urinate more than that hehe. Thanks for the good info :)

    sheng loong - Yes, the one we scared the most -- cancer. Do you realize that new born baby will easily get jaundice nowadays? It did not happen long time ago when the artificial foods not so popular. Two of my colleagues got cancer at 3rd level which is very critical and need major operation yet can't be sure they will be ok. Sound scary eh? I guess we need to get back to the basic.

  14. yeah,,,food is the answer of many healthier..rite now too many food thats add up with chemical..oh gosh...when we see our grandparents..they still strong n healthy in their ages..the answer is the food that they take..but the other things is..less stress..:)

  15. Agree with you. Thats why I said back to the basic. By the way, do you realize people who lives in rural area is healthier than people who lives in town? It's because of the foods. They do not eat Mc Donalds and KFC everyday or as often as we do. That's why I prefer to eat at home rather than craps outside. Don't mind if the home cooking is so simple :)


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