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Sunday, April 27, 2008

bush speechless?

I wonder if you have seen this video before. I got it via email from a friend. He said it happen when Bush wanted to comment about terrorism and Fitna. How true? I have no idea.

No offense to anyone who reads my blog. God bless...


  1. when u wanna fart but u cant...heheeee

  2. lol, i was just laugh out loud. i read a post before on patrick teoh's blog about pak lah bad english when he spoke with cnn on air... but this is worse.

  3. LOL I ..I ....I wonder if it's real? Good one if it's not.

  4. yea, can't be sure about the originality. but if you watch some other videos on youtube, you'll get an answer i suppose.

  5. ohoh. i love the introduction - the khat's writing.

    n i just realised, this is the vid whereby my drama mate had trimmed a lil for d intro of our drama presentation!

  6. yea the khat's writing is cool. can you read them?

    whoa, your friend trim this film? and your drama presentation was about what? ^_^

  7. issit real or someone's who is really genius edited it and it became a worst mr bush videos ever haha ! "I.. aa... I.. aa.."

  8. ahaaa! it was sooo freakinnn funny! =DD but izzit the original one or sumone has video edit it ? kurang pasti. =/

  9. ann,

    lol. no idea too. but if it was edited but some computer expertise, why we can hear bush said "... cause I just don't know" in the end of the speech. still i have no gut to say its real =P

  10. ili,

    yeah its funny and i can't imagine if it happen to me. imagine... me giving speech like that. i'd probably stay home for few days~

  11. hahahahaa, bengong betulla bush tu,hehe..:) thanks sudi share benda ni bro..:)

  12. i think its not true

    if its true surely itll be head news


  13. same as artistic..i think its no true..

    takkan bush leh tergagap² camtu kan

  14. faisal, no problem. hehe. memang lawak.

  15. artistic1412,

    do you think they put on news about this thing? remember news on tv and newspaper have been filtered ;)

  16. mummyshafie,

    hehe, tu le... saya pun tak pasti kesahihan info tersebut.

  17. Su Sheng Loong8:27 AM

    I laughed all the way watching this video. Bush makes him looked so silly in front of so many people. Haha. Nice video!


  18. Haven't seen this yet and totally on my way to see it now!

    p.s: Faisal, I am quite close to MRSM, but not on that road stretch. :) WHat do you do?

  19. ok, I must admit I watched the video half way only. The sound of him gapping for words are quite annoying when you heard it while you're wearing a headphone.

    But it's like, duh.. Like he never being like this. I mean, I read a statement from Bush which sound like this, "More and more our imports are coming from oversea". Haha. Did you got it? He thought "import" are something that came from inside the country. there were several more funny statements but I couldn't recalled it right now

    English may not be my mother tongue language, but if I am THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATE, I am pretty sure I will think twice before speak (and check with my text writer, of course :)

    sory lambat datang blog ni. and sory sbb kene delete comment2 atas nih. terpost banyak kali. My strymix is still not functioning well yet. My dad marah gler. dah bape kali kol Telekom dah. Dia nak buat keje dia tak bley. hehe

  20. Su Sheng Loong,

    yeah, if this really happen... i wonder what was his reaction after the incident. hows your new blog? in making? ^_^

  21. farah deen,

    owh, not so familiar with balik pulau roads =P

    i work as a clerk at irb.

    you should watch the video... pretty funny ^_^

  22. bluecrystaldude,

    still have problem with streamyx? hmm yea i had same problem with the streamyx operators too last time. i had like twice... problems with my port. maybe you should ask them about your port as well? i know how sucks life could be when your internet connection slow like a snail =P

    lol, about the video... i got it from an email so i could download it and kept in my laptop. no problem with buffing like on youtube ^_^

  23. lawak gila...mcm nak bersin tapi tak jadi! muahahahahah

    somehow, it looks like edited, doesn't look quite real to me. Macam editing segments of clips and putting it into one. entahla...this is my opinion...

  24. farah,

    yea pretty confuse to say edited or a real one. only computer expertise could tell i suppose hehe.

    tapi memang lawak la ^_^

  25. Haha, its freaking funny~ ^_^

  26. Quite surprising, Bush kept on" ---I, I are, I are--
    but I really do not know true, as you know image and video all can be added---
    Have a nice day, see you soon.

  27. hehe yes, i agree with you. video can be edited.


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