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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Till death do they part

TAIPEI: A Taiwan couple who were happily married for 66 years died on the same day, becoming the envy of friends and neighbours who thought it was the perfect ending to an ideal marriage.

Wang Wei-chen, 97, and his wife Wang Lin-hsueh, 87, lived in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan, and had been married for 66 years, the Merit Times said.

Recently, Wang Lin-hsueh fell ill and was hospitalised. At 4.30pm onMay 7, she died in the hospital, the paper quoted her son Tung-hsin as saying.

“We transported my mother’s remains to a funeral parlour to prepare for her funeral. As soon as we arrived at the funeral parlour, I received a phone call from family members saying my father, who had also been ill, had died in his sleep at home,” he said.

“We were shocked because we had not told my father that mom had died. But during my mother’s last days, dad seemed to know that she was dying and insisted on going to hospital to visit mom, but we did not allow him because of his health. “We would rather think that father died because he did not want mother to go alone, but wanted to keep her company.”

Wang Ling-ying, the couple’s daughter, said her parents were deeply in love with each other.
“They were always together, tending flowers in the garden or listening to classical music at home. Father liked to go mountain climbing and sometimes took mother along or took her on overseas sightseeing trips. When father was 90, he was still taking mom on motorbike joy rides,”
she said. – dpa

Source : TheSun

I know all of us want to have a happy marriage. Its depend on how you maintain your relationship -- based on trust and loyalty. People are tend to cheat or lie but if your love is pure, nothing could beat it. You won't meet any other woman/man, worst you sleep with that other woman/man.

The equation is simple I suppose.

Love + Loyal = Long lasting marriage
Love + Lust = A short term marriage [does this one sounds like one night stand?]

Yes, simple.

I have some friends who are married but end up with divorce. Let say 2 out of 5 face a failure in their marriage. Is it the people nowadays don't appreciate the marriage and love the love one like oldies? Or its just a trend?

Yes, I have read somewhere about gender equivalent. I agree none of the gender should be discriminated. Some how, I got a point that against the gender equivalent. My opinion is : When a woman works, they will get or buy whatever they wants or needs. So, nothing special on man about money. Worse case, woman has better job than man. When this happen, every time they quarrel even on little problem, woman intend to ask for a divorce rather than have a sit and solve the problem. Woman thinks she has everything and she does not need to worry about her man even if he goes away forever. Oldies were different. Most of the women during that time were housewives. So, woman really depended on man. That is just an opinion.

Second thing is about the balance. I have posted an article about this before -- click here. People nowadays don't think about balance anymore. They tend to focus on building wealth more than love. Yes, wealth is important but at the same time love is important too. So, most people work like there is no tomorrow, 7 days a week and until midnight. Overtime count. So, when will you have time for your love one? Worse you don't even have time for yourself. This is also a reason why marriage cannot last for long.

Ok, that's all for this time. Cheers!


  1. 66 years ?? WOW ! that's amazing !

    eh, I saw the picture on your laptop's wallpaper =)

  2. its really a sad but sweet departure for their family.. i think it's really impressive for them to be able to stay in love for than 50 years. ^^

    meanwhile i don't quite agree on your first opinion about gender equality. its probably my streak of feminism that i felt marriage is not about women depending on men, but both of them depending on each other and helping each other; and about women having better job than men, it sounded like men having hard time adjusting to women getting better paid and took away their feeling of dominance in family building, and their ego got a bit squashed? ^^;; imho, marriage is about tolerance to each others and the motivation to start a family and stick it to the end with care and love.

    i agree fully on ur opinion about balance though. in fact, i think balance applied to many other aspect of life, and that of course included love and marriage.

  3. 66 years is great ... i mean who could survive into a marriage that long nowadays....

    your right.. LOVE above all must be the HIGHEST among everything... because without it?

    that chaos that we are experiencing now? would be worst..

    thanks for dropping by.. and for sharing this article.. really gives me a goosebumps while reading their story...

  4. What a beautiful story about the husband and wife!

  5. It sounds mysterious and romantic too. Their love bond is so strong. Your equation of marriage does make sense. But I think there are some other factors that can affect a relationship.

  6. ehm..sehidup semati kan..can imagine betapa bahagia nya mereka melayari bahtera rumahtangga.

  7. i want to get married.......
    i want to marry Maya Karin...
    but she's taken..
    so i've decided to ask Lisa Surihani to marry me..
    hope our marriage lasting for 67 years..

  8. fuhhhh 66thn?? pastu mati pun kebetulan sama hari... amazingkan..

  9. dayah - Yes it was amazing. How I wish I will have a happy long lasting marriage, like them. The picture is one of my favorites :O)

    kirsch - Agree with your points. Not that I'm afraid with the gender equality but when they are equal, less respect to the male. I suppose? I know world revolves. But it was just my wild opinion on why some marriage don't last long. Also based on my friends experience.

    jeff&nova - I hope you and your fiancee will get marry soon and have a happy long lasting marriage, forever. God bless.

    tammy - Yes tammy, when I read this news on the newspaper I smiled. What a wonderful death. I guess there were smiles on both faces even when they died. There is nothing better than a happy relationship which last till your last breath.

    sheng loong - Yes, their love bond was strong and yes so many other factors that can affect a relationship of course. Each couple have their own remedy in their relationship. :O)

    mummysyafie - Ya, mummy. Seronok kan? Semoga berkekalan le hendaknya kepada mummy dan semua rakan blogger yang dah mendirikan rumah tangga.

    abir - Dream on =P Stay on the reality world. I hope you will marry the right girl and happy ever after :O)

    ej - Ya ej, memang amazing. Bukan senang wo nak maintain perkahwinan sampai mati. Kalau berjaya tu memang hebat lah. Harap-harap ej punya perkahwinan pun berkekalan sampai mati ye...

  10. Wow, 66 years is a long time. I hope I meet someone that I want to spend that long a time with :)


  12. 66yrs is a long time..
    wat are their secrets..?? i believe honesty, sacrifies n love are vital part in marriage..

    well, thanks for sharing this.. i love this entry..

    and i love the picture too..

  13. ............

    i wonder...

    would i be able to be someone like them?

    i mean? i got rejected by every girls i like, i lost count and hope!

    single, and frenz.. thats my life, it has always been!


  14. rozella - I pray for you. I'm sure you will get Mr Right soon :O)

    ad rifza - Ya, sehidup semati. Bahagia selamanya. Bukan senang nak maintain perkahwinan ni.

    nikli - I guess both of them needed each other. When both husband and wife need each other, the relationship will stay :O)

    artistic1412 - The weird thing is, I can't believe until now that you are hardly getting a gf. You are adorable and in fact pretty cute. Don't seek for love because love is in the air :O)

  15. three letter words.

    W-o-W :)

  16. Yeah. Wow a simple word to describe the best :)

  17. I know an old couple (they use to be our landlords) who died the same day too. really it was very touching, considering the lady was very healthy and died the same night the husband died.

  18. Yes, sad for us but I guess happy for them. If they love their spouse so much, it will be a sad thing to accept their spouse is passed away.

  19. wow..
    i hope my marriage will last that long.. 66 yrs...
    i'll be 95 by that time..
    hmmm...still young.. not bad.. hehehe

    nice and touching story..
    inspirational too..
    amidst all the chaos that is happening in the world..such stories makes you stop and think...LOVE still prevails. [am talking nonesense here] wehehehe...

  20. How I wish so. Its depend on us, whether to maintain the relationship or not. Life is about choices. Love will never lose :)

  21. haha.. i think its my bad childish crazy attitude kot..


  22. lol... how bad was it? go go do the tag i wanna read ;)


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