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Monday, May 05, 2008

police report

Yesterday around 3.17pm I got a call from stranger. A Chinese guy... I could guess it right since his Chinese's accent was so strong when he spoke Malay with me. It was so hard to understand and very confusing. At that time I was in the office doing overtime with some friends.

The conversation went... [I'd translate the conversation to English since I understand some of you might not understand Malay]

Him : Are you Faisal?
Me : Yes and you?
Him : When are going to pay your debt about RM260?
Me : What?@#$
Him : Do not pretend that you don't know me... we met last night at Relau Workshop...
Me : Me? [astonish]
Him : Are you Faisal? You don't know me?
Me : Yes of course I'm Faisal... I don't know who you are! What's wrong with RM260 and what did you sell for that amount of money?
Him : Last night we met... forgotten?
Me : I won't pay a single cent since I don't know you and I don't owe anyone.
Him : I don't care! You must pay! [shouting]
Me : If you think I was the one who met you last night as you mentioned, lets meet up to prove that I'm not that person... someone might using my name and phone number.
Him : [hang up the phone]

I called him back, but it was a public phone number. I was pissed off, yes. I was worry, yes. So, I continued my work until 5.30pm and went home.

At home I told the whole story to mom and she asked me to make a police report because he threaten me. So, after dinner and shower I went to the nearest police station to make a report. Went there with mom and my niece, the little baby. She just didn't want me to go out alone at this moment. Ok, no argument... I took her with me. Went to Bayan Lepas police station and I had to wait like 15 minutes before my turn [I reached there around 9.15pm]. When done with the report, they told me that I've to go to the Penang Headquarters for another report which will lead for further investigation. I have no idea why they can't just deliver the report to the headquarters instead of me have to drive to town again [remember I just came back home from town and its not that near]. But ok, I followed the order. Drove to the headquarters and I couldn't park the car in the police station area. Ok, I parked outside of the station and left mom and niece in the car since the baby was sleeping. Went in, and met the officer in charge. The officer was lovely [a little crude in the beginning] and lots of smiles. He read my report that I brought from the Bayan Lepas police station. He asked me few question again, some already mentioned in the report and some new questions. He kept mentioning that if I make a false police report, I will be the one who get caught. I smiled. Then he kept asking me whether I owe anyone money include friends, relative or gangster [which we called them Ah Long]. Simple reply I gave him "No". Around 11pm we went home.

Today not a good day for me... But this is life... Life goes on =)
Keep smiling and God bless... Amin.


  1. spooky la.
    d correct name stated and .. ur number. =_="
    hoping ure not facing the worst after the call (wud it be a prank call?).
    cheers :)

  2. errr

    dats scary

    hope it doesnt happen to me...


    so scary!!!!


  3. Fara - That was the scariest part, he knew my name and number correctly. The Relau Workshop isn't far away from my house too. But got a few workshops and hard to guess which one. Hopefully he won't call me anymore.

    Artistic - Yes, it was scary when he started to shout, also boiled me. I couldn't stand with rude people who just simply shouting at me. Hopefully nothing happen since I'm not rich or whatsoever to be robbed. Lol.

  4. Aww, that sucks. I don't know if it's just the police here, but they always seem to just pass you around here and there. Nobody seems to be able to give you a straight answer.

  5. Yes I'd agree with you. At some points I'm confuse... My car windows have been broken, my mom handbag stolen and some cash. It happen in Bukit Mertajam and I went to the nearest police station for a report. End up I made a report there and had to drive with that broken window to Perda which took me about 30 minutes or so to reach there just for another report and they took pictures there. Why we must go to so many station for a report? Just wonder. Maybe there is an answer?

  6. maybe that guy know you or just making fun of you, trying to scare the hell out of you maybe...

    and he surely did..

    but it's still scary.....

    i would freak out if i were you..

  7. Yes if it happen so, I hope he will think again that this isn't funny. Not at all.

    Until now, there is no more call from him. Hopefully I don't receive call like that anymore.

    But at least I learn something about police report in headquarters.

    God bless =)

  8. wow Faisal...that's really scary. I would have had goosebumps there and then. who actually was that person? mest ah long kot? who the hell used your name and number? ya allah, jangan la jumpa cina tu, takut la nanti dia ikut you balik pulak, you know la these people, they can do anything.

    good you lodged a report. anyway, dont entertain such calls anymore. i hope everything is fine Faisal..let us know if that man call you lagi ok?

  9. Yes very scary indeed. As I never got such calls like that before. He even shouted at me rudely.

    Thanks for the concern. I will update in blog instead of see the officers at Penang HQ for more reports. =)

  10. that's really scary ah! It's good that you logged a report at the police but still be careful.

  11. Yes, I will keep myself alert. =)

  12. I think just last night I can view your pictures, when I re-open you blog now, your pictures GONE. What happened?
    Anyway, why don't u took a lot of pictures? sad la I only can view few pictures only :(
    It looks amazing :(
    Awesome man !

  13. Yeah, something wrong with the server I guess as I didn't do anything and the pictures just back in the post.

    Yes, it was awesome. You should come and join this event in 2009 =)

  14. Ntah2 your identity has been stoled? huhu. If he has your phone number, just hope that he don't have your address too! It was a good move to submit a police report

  15. Hopefully he doesn't has my car number and address. Sigh.


Thank you for the comment.

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